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University of Maryland Commencement ■ December 20 & 21, 200 j 

\Xf<xV:> CB.^.Oo3 


University of Maryland 

Commencement • December 20-21, 2003 

2 Congratulations from 
the President 

3 Message from the Aluimii 

4 Message from the 
Senior Council 

5 Order of Commencement 

6 Schedule of Events 

7 C^ampus Map 

8 The University' of Maryland 

13 Commencement Speaker 
Sergey Brin 

14 Graduatmg Student Speaker 
Robyn EUyn Sanderson 

15 August Graduate Degrees 

26 August Undergraduate 

32 Candidates for December 
Graduate Degrees 

45 Candidates for December 
Undergraduate Degrees 

61 Honors and Scholars 

64 Student Marshals 

65 University Officials 

66 Commencement Officials 

and Staff 


m ongratulations on the completion of your degrees! Earning a university degree 

B is a milestone in your lives, and you and your families should be very proud of 

^^^^_^^ your accomplishment. I predict that in the years to come, you will increasingly 
appreciate the education you have received at Maryland. You have learned not only the facts 
and current theories that underHe your field, but you have also learned how to formulate and 
underpin your ideas. You may have thought that you were coming here to get your questions 
answered, but by now you have learned that you reaUy came here to question your answers. 
The University of Maryland has offered you opportunities to develop your academic interests 
and talents, and extend your intellectual and cultural horizons. These experiences will guide 
you throughout your life. You have also made new friends during your time here and found 
new mentors, and they too will enrich your hfe in many ways that no one can predict today. 

As you leave us, I would hke you to know how much we, the faculty and staff, appreciate 
your accomplishments as scholars, artists, athletes and leaders — as individuals. You have enriched 
our lives and have helped the university reach new levels of distinction and esteem. You are 
now members of the university's alumni family, and we welcome you to this special group. 
I urge you to stay connected with us and take fuU advantage of the benefits of being a 
member of the University of Maryland family. I hope that you wiU return to campus often, 
continue to support us, and help us shape the future of new generations of students. Please 
consider joining us for the campuswide open house, Maryland Day 2004, on Saturday, 
April 24, 2004. 

You have my very best wishes for success in all your endeavors. We are proud of each and 
every one of you! 

Yours sincerely, 
CD. Mote, Jr. 



On behalf of the University of Maryland Alumni Association, congratulations! 
I add our very best wishes to those you have received from your faculty and 
other university friends. 

Your commencement ceremony today includes a special tradition. You will be officially 
inducted as a member of the Maryland Alumni Association by Alan Cason '80, this year's 
association president. Our gift to you on this day is a one-year comphmentary membership. 

Membership in the alumni association gives you an opportunity to stay involved with 
your alma mater, to go places and to continue to learn. Our programs meet many needs and 
interests — whether cultural, educational or recreational. Join us on a trip to Italy where a 
university professor is your guide, at the opera with representatives from the School of Music 
and, of course, at atloletic events. Game watches around the country let you cheer on the Terps 
with tellow Maryland fans. 

Learn more about the benefits and services that membership brings — and how to activate 
your membership online — at 

The alumni association is also very pleased to offer you access to the Terp Alumni Network. 
The network is a free online alumni community, featuring an alumni directory, online class 
notes and e-mail forwarding. Imagine your very own permanent and personal Terp e-mail 

Whether it's virtual or face-to-face, we look forward to connecting with you often in the 
years ahead. Again, congratulations — and welcome to the Maryland family of alumni. 


Danita 1). Nias "81 

Executive Director, Alumni Relations 



The Winter Graduates 

Applicants for degrees 

Most popular master's degrees* 

Doctoral Degrees: 


l.M.B.A. 342 

Master's Degrees: 


2. M. Ed.. Counseling and 

Bachelor's Degrees: 


Personnel Services 7 1 

August graduates 

Doctoral Degrees: 
Masters Degrees: 
Bachelor's Degrees: 


3. M.S., Electrical Engineering 52 

4. M.L.S., Library and 
Information Services 47 

5. M.S., Engineermg 44 

Most popular 

Most popular Ph.D. degrees* 

undergraduate majors* 

Electrical Engineering 25 

1 . Criminal Justice 


Music 21 

2. Computer Science 


Computer Science 15 

3. Psychology 


Mechanical Engineering 15 

4, Government and Politics 


Marine, Estuarine and 

5. Economics 


Environmenul Science 13 
Psychology 13 

Most popular 

English 12 

undergraduate degrees* 

1. Criminal Justice 


* Basfd upon past three graduations: 
Dec '02. May '03, Aug 'O.i 

2. Communication 


3. Government and Politics 


4. Economics 


5. Computer Science 


Today you complete the journey that was under- 
taken several years ago, arriving proudly at the 
threshold of a new hfe.When you look back, 
can you see how this journey has changed you? 
As you sit here today, what events stand out in your inind as 
experiences that showed you which path to travel? 

We have each followed a unique path but have reached a 
common destination. As seniors, it is easier to list the ways in 
which we are different from each other than the ways in which 
we are bound together. 

We are accustomed to describing students in groups - com- 
muters; residents; members of ethnic, rehgious, or professional 
organizations; students in particular departments and colleges. 
These difference should be admired and respected as should 
the many qualities we share. 

From this point, you can reflect on past journeys. Remem- 
ber what you learned along the way about who you are and 
what you are capable of achieving. 

Know that your spent at the University of Maryland will 
help you arrive at you next destination. Finally, always consider 
our campus to be another home, a stop on your life's journey 
to which you can always return. 

The Senior Council 


December 20, 2003 • Comcast Center • 7:00 p.m. 



Dr. CD. Mote, Jr. 

President. University of M.iryland 

Master of Ceremonies 

Mr. James N. Newton 
Undergraduate Studies 


Symphonic Brass Ensemble 
Dr. Milton Stevens, Conductor 


Rev. Jefirey BuSkin 
Baptist Chaplain 

The National Anthem 

Mr. Jason Kaminski, Baritone 

Greetings E. Kirwan 


University System of Maryland 

Mr. Orlan M. Johnson 
University System of Maryland 
Board of Regents 

Senior Class Gift Presentation 

Ms. Sarah Barnhart 
Senior Council 

Remarks to the Graduates 

Ms. Robyn Ellyn Sanderson 
Graduating Senior 

Musical Selection 

"Summon the Heros," 
by Mr. John Williams 
Symphonic Brass Ensemble 


Mr. Sergey Brin '93 

University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Induction 

Mr. Alan Cason '80 

President, University of Maryland 

Alumni Association 

Message to the Graduates 

Dr. Mote 

Conferring of Doctoral, 
Master's and Bachelor's Degrees 

Dr. Mote 

Presentation of Colleges 
and Schools 



Rev. Buffkin 


Symphonic Brass Ensemble 

Alma Mater 

Hail! Alma Mater 

Hail to thee, Maryland! 

Steadfast in loyalty; 

For thee, we stand. 

Love for the Black and Gold 

Deep in our hearts we hold, 

Singing thy praise forever. 

Throughout the land. 



Floor Searing Arrangement 
for (>.>du.ltL-s HI ( (inu.i'.t Cfiiter 



















ndividual graduation exercises for colleges and schools will be held at various campus 
locations on Sunday afternoon. Guests are urged to be seated approximately one 
half-hour prior to the designated time for the ceremonies if they vi'ish to observe the 
student and faculty processional. 

Campuswide Commencement 

7:00 p.m. Comcast Center 

Ceremonies held Sunday, December 21 

A. James Clark School of Engineering 

1:00 p.m. Reckord Armory 

College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 

1:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

College of Arts and Humanities — Department Gatherings 

1:00 p.m. An Hislory/Art Studio 

Art-Sociology Building, Room 2203 
2:00 p.m. Communication 

Ritchie Coliseum 
1:00 p.m. Dance /Tiieatre 

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Kogod Theatre 
1:00 p.m. English /Comparative Literature /American Studies/ 

Women's Studies 

Tawes Theatre 
1:00 p.m. Foreign Languages / Linguistics 

Tydmgs Hall, Room 0130 
1:00 p.m. History /Jewish Studies /Russian 

Skinner Hall, Room 0200 
5:00 p.m. Music 

Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Gildenhorn 

Recital Hall 
1:00 p.m. Pliilosophy 

Nyumburu Center 

College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 

1:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

College of Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

1:00 p.m. Clarice Snuth Performing Arts Center, Dekelboum 

Concert Hall 

College of Education 

4:00 p.m. Cole Student Activities Building 

College of Health and Human Performance 

1 :00 p.m. Health and Human Performance, Room 2240 

College of Information Studies 

2:00 p.m. Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center, Gildenhorn 

Recital Hall 

College of Life Sciences 

4:00 p.m. Memorial Chapel 

Philip Merrill School of Journalism 

1:00 p.m. Hofl'Theater 

Robert H. Smith School of Business 

1:00 p.m. Comcast Center 

School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 

1 :00 p.m. Architecture BuUding Great Space 

Undergraduate Individual Studies 

1 :00 p.m. Prince George's Room, Stamp Student Union 








Paint Branch Drive 



LOT lie LOT9C 


' Campus Drive Entrance 




^ ^ 




r? 1 ri 

SMT'-'fV-- ''filL 




- - - ^fl|BM 




^^^^^Kk:^\-Mixffv..'y. ■ 


A Bold New Era 

From Its pre-Civil War roots as 
the state's first agricultural college 
and one of America's original land 
grant institutions, the University 
of Maryland has emerged as a 
pubhc research university of 
national stature, highly regarded 
for its broad base of excellence in 
teaching and research. Maryland's 
beautifiil 1,200-acre campus is in 
the heart of the 1-270 research 
corridor that is flieUng a burgeon- 
ing information technology and 
biotechnology industry. 

The momentum of recent years 
has poised the university to take 
leadership in shaping the research 
university of the 21st century. By 
virtually every measure of quahty, 
the University of Maryland has 
gained national recognition as one 
of the fastest rising comprehensive 
research institutions in the country. 

According to the latest rankings 
in U.S. News & World Report, 
Maryland is now 17th among 
pubhc universities, and the quahty 
of our faculty — with one Nobel 
Prize winner, six Pulitzer Prize 
winners and scores of Fulbnght 
scholars — is among the finest of 
any research university in the 
United States. 

There are 13 schools and 
colleges within the organizational 
structure of the University of 
Maryland. Seven of these units — 
the Smith School of Business, the 
College of Education, the Clark 
School of Engineering, the Philip 
Merrill College of Journalism, the 
College of Computer. Mathemati- 
cal and Physical Sciences, the 
College of Information Studies 
and the School of Pubhc Affairs — 
have been recognized by their 
peers and in various rankings as 

among the 25 best in the nation. 
Today, there are 68 programs at 
Maryland ranked m the Top 25 
nationally for their academic qual- 
ity and 50 programs in the Top 15. 
The breadth of this excellence is a 
source of pride for students, faculty 
and stafl^ and is endorsement for 
the university's flagship status 
among the state's institutions of 
higher education. 

The university also continues 
to move forward in the quality 
of our students and the support of 
our faithfiil alumni. The average 
high school G.P.A. of entering 
students has soared from 3.5 to 3.9 
in just five years. Once these new 
freshmen complete their academic 
journey, they will jom a rapidly 
increasing family of alumni who 
are proud to be called Terps. 
Maryland Alumm Association 
membership is increasing at a 
record rate, with a 20 percent 
increase in the last four years and 
nearly 4,000 people joining the 
Alumni Association since July 

The university's commitment 
to quahty education in a research 
enviromnent is key to its academic 
reputation and the success of 
its graduates. More than 100 cen- 
ters and institutes are engaged in 
research and outreach. The research 
enterprise infiases the curriculum 
at both the undergraduate and 
graduate levels, exposing students 
to the most pressing issues and 
challenges in their disciphne and 
training them to respond with 



rigor as well as creati\'ity to 
contemporary problems. 

Facult\' at the University of 
Maryland, in all fields of knowl- 
edge, are engaged at the highest 
levels of national and international 
concern. The university's location 
near the center of federal pohcy- 
making and international political 
and economic activity enables it to 
play an active role in research and 
analysis of public policy. Strong 
links to the scientific and techno- 
logical agencies and organizations 
of the federal government drive 
research in the environment, engi- 
neering, physics, computer science, 
life sciences and agriculture. Schol- 
arship in the arts, humanities and 
social sciences is marked by the 
spirit of intellectual diversity and 
interdisciplinary collaboration. 

Maryland is one of the research 
universities in the prestigious 61- 
niember Association of American 
Universities and the only public 
institution in the Maryland-D.C. 
area with membership in the 
nation's most distinguished honor 
society. Phi Beta Kappa. It is classi- 
fied as a Research-I university by 
the Carnegie Foundation by virtue 
of the range of its baccalaureate 
programs, the amount of federal 
support received, and the number 
of doctoral degrees awarded each 
year, sharing that honor with 
the top research universities in 
the country. 

Federally supported research 
revenue rose 61.5 percent fi-om 
$1.4 million in fiscal year 1998 to 

$225 million in fiscal year 2003. 
Total sponsored research and out- 
reach revenue for fiscal year 2003 
was $315 million. These fiinds for 
research, training and outreach 
and other public service activities 
come fi-om a variety of sources, 
including the federal government, 
state government, corporations 
and foundations. 

The Office of Technology 
Commercialization (OTC) at 
the University of Maryland was 
established m 1986 to facilitate 
the transfer of information, life and 
physical science inventions devel- 
oped at the university to business 
and industry. In the past 16 years, 
OTC has recorded more than 
1.115 technologies, secured more 
than 180 patents and licensed more 
than 600 technologies, generating 
more than $2(18 million in tech- 
nology transfer income. Tlirough 
its Maryland Technology Enterprise 
liistiti.ite, the university collaborates 
with more than 280 businesses and 
has spawned 45 new companies — 
including two of Maryland's 20 
pubUc biotech companies. 


The University of Maryland 
was founded in 1807 in Baltimore 
as a faculty-owned College of 
Medicine.The medical school 
was considered one of the top 
schools in the country, attracting 
notable professors and lecturers 
from throughout the world. In 
its beginning, tuition cost $140, 
grades were sent home weekly to 

The University Is On the Move 

A New Place to Celebrate: The Comcast Center is the 
new home for Maryland men and women's basketball and much 
more, including Conunencement ceremonies. Comcast Corp. 
made a $25 million naimng rights gift — the largest single dona- 
tion ever to the flagship campus. 

Our Constellation of Stars: The quality of Maryland faculty 
ranks among the finest of any research university in the United 
States and includes one Nobel Prize winner, six Pulitzer Prize 
winners and scores of Fulbright scholars. 

An Economic Force: The University of Maryland generates 
$5.93 of economic activity for every dollar appropriated by the 
General Assembly, providing a statewide impact of nearly $1.8 
billion annually. 

An Impact of Another Kind: NASA turned to the 
University of Maryland to lead a $279 million mission that 
promises astronomers a first look inside a comet, revealing the 
pristine materials that form the basis of our solar system. The 
projectile is slated to reach Comet Tempel 1 on July 4, 2005. 

Leading the Way: The flagship's rapidly rising quality is com- 
bined with diversity. Students of color represent a third of our 
enrollment, and Maryland is among the nation's top five research 
universities for African American graduates with bachelor's 
degrees and Ph.D.s, according to Bltick Issues in Higher Education. 

Class Act: Si.\ students apphed for every spot in the Fall 2003 
entering class. Applications for freshman admission soared trom 
17,000 in 1998 to 25,000 — ^an amazing 47 percent increase. 

Tech Transfer: More than 25 companies have been formed 
based on technologies developed at the University of Maryland; 
12 of them started since FY '00, and all are located within 
the state. 

Protecting our Communities: In 2002, the Maryland Fire 
and Rescue Institute trained more than 27,000 sorely needed 



parents, and students could obtain 
room and board for $300 aruiually. 

Five years later, the growing 
institution was renamed the 
University of Maryland. Despite 
the name, the university was not 
considered a state institution as 
it was still owned and operated 
by faculty. Baltimore College of 
Dental Surgery, the first dental 
school in the world, became a 
part of the university in 184(.). 
awarding the first Doctor of Dental 
Surgery (D.D.S.) degree m 1841. 

In 1859, the Maryland 
Agricultural College, which 
would evolve into the University 
of Maryland, College Park, was 
opened under a charter secured 
by a group of Maryland planters in 
1856. In addition to spending one 
hour each day hoeing or plowing 
on the college farm, students took 
a broad range of courses in ancient 
and modern languages, natural 
sciences, Enghsh and mathematics. 
After a disastrous fire on campus in 
1912. the state acquired the college 
and rebuilt it. 

In 1920. the state legislature 
combined the College Park 
institution with the professional 
schools in Baltimore to form an 
expanded University of Maryland. 
The entity eventually grew to 
include campuses in Baltimore 
County, the Eastern Shore and 
University College, a continuing 
education institution. 

The following decades saw 
the increasing growth of swdent 
population, excellence in programs 

and curricula, and the burgeoning 
of the University of Maryland, 
College Park, into a nationally 
recognized research institution. 

July 1, 1988, marked the dawn 
of a new era in higher education 
in the state of Maryland, as the 
five components of the university 

were merged wdth six other state 
universities and colleges to form 
the University System of Maryland, 
and College Park secured its 
flagship status with a mandate to 
become one of the pre-eminent 
research universities in the nation. 

The Alumni Association 

With alumni clubs fixjm Miami 
to Taipei. Taiwan, the Maryland 
Alumni Association strives to keep 
and strengthen ties between the 
university and its graduates. 
Member events such as pre-game 
parties, bull roasts, picnics, golf 

tournaments, dinner cruises and a 
subscription to Tcrp, the University 
of Maryland alumni magazine, help 
keep alumni connected to the 
university and to each other. All 
graduating seniors and successfial 
masters and Ph.D. candidates 
receive a one-year free membership 
in the Maryland Alumni 

The Alumni 

The University of Maryland 
Alumni Association Hall of Fame 
recognizes graduates of the univer- 
sity who go on to distinguished 
careers in a variety of fields. The 35 
outstanding individuals below have 
brought, and continue to bring, 
great honor to their alma mater. 

Carmen Balthrop 71 

1 1 orld-clais scpniiic 
Adisai Bodharamik "70 Ph.D. 

Telecommunications trailblazer 
Waldo Burnside "49 

Retail king 
Harry Clifton "Curly" Byrd 08 

Legendary University of 

Maryland president 
Robert F. Chandler '34 Ph.D. 

A founding father of the 

Green Revolution 
A.James Clark '50 

Construction magnate 

and benefactor 
WiUiam P. Cole TO 

L' S. congressman 
Mary Stallings Coletnan '35 

First woman chief justice, 

Michigan Supreme Court 
Ruth Davis '52 M.A., '55 Ph.D. 

Respected scientist 

Leonard Elmore '78 

All-star player and scholar 
Geary Francis "Swede" Eppley 
'20, '26 M.S. 

Administrator, coach and soldier 
Norman "Boomer" Esiason '84 

Football hero 
John Faber '26, '28 M.S., 
'37 Ph.D. 

Legendary coach and 

distinguished professor 
Charles L. Fefferman '66 

I \ inner of Field 's Medal, 

mathematic's highest honor 
Robert E. Fischell '53 M.S., '96 
Honorary Doctorate 

Medical technology pioneer 
Herbert A. Hauptman '55 Ph.D. 

Nobel Lmreatc in Chemistry 
Jim Henson '60 

Beloved Muppets creator 
Steny H. Hoyer "63 

U.S. congressman 
Harry R. Hughes '49 

Popular ^ laryland governor 
Carlisle H. Humelsine '37 

Preservationist and statesman 
Hugh Newell Jacobsen '51, '93 
Honorary Doctorate 

World renowned architect 
Albin O. Kuhn '38. '39 M.S., 
'48 Ph.D. 

Builder of the Baltimore campuses 
George J. Laurer '51 

Inventor of the Universal 

Product Code 
Samuel J. LeFrak '40 

Internationally acclanned urban 

planning leader 
Kathleen Magee '72 M.A. 

Nurse and philanthropist 



Wilbur Monroe (Munro) Leaf 


Creator ofFerdinaitd the Bull" 

Parren J. Mitchell '52 

First African American student. 

f ', .S. coni^ressman 
Jane CahiU Pfeiflfer '54 

First woman to head a major 

network, named (hair oj \BC 

in 1978 
Judith A. Resnik '77 

Astronaut, died tragically in 

Challenger shuttle disaster 
Chun-Shan Shen '61 I'li.O. 

President of Taiwan 's 

Tsing-Hna University 
WiUiam Woolford Skinner 1895 

Nationally prominent 

research chemist 
Adele Hagner Stamp '24 MA. 

Maryland's first dean of iromen 
Reginald Van Trump Truitt ' 1 4 

Naturalist and Chesapeake 

Bay advocate 
Millard E.iydings 10 

Introduced legislation to create the 

University of Maryland in 1920 
Evelyn Pasteur Valentine '67 
M.S., '86 Ed.D. 

Educator and entrepreneur 

The alumni association inducts 
graduates into the Hall ot" Fame 
every five years. The association 
will induct its third group of 
honorees in 2005. 

Customs of Commencement 

Early commencement ceremonies 
at the University of Maryland 
were marked with great fanfare 
and celebration. The faculty gave 

huge banquets for the graduates 
the night before the event. The 
following morning, crowds gath- 
ered to watch the young graduates 
parade. It was a gala social occasion, 
attracting not only fi^iends and rela- 
tives, but the fashionable elite of the 
day. At the ceremony, prayers were 
recited, speeches were made, and 
honorary degrees were awarded to 
distinguished figures fi"om across 
the country. Finally, as the audi- 
ence cheered and threw flowers, 
the graduates came forward to col- 
lect their Latin-inscribed degrees. 

Academic Costume 

The black caps and gowns worn 
by the students and faculty in the 
academic procession have been the 
traditional costume of scholars since 
the Middle Ages. The ordinary 
dress of the scholar, whether student 
or teacher, was similar to that of 
a cleric. Caps and gowns were 
probably worn to keep students 
warm in unheated buildings. Many 
medieval scholars were tonsured, 
like monks, and hoods served to 
cover their shaved heads until the 
skull cap later took its place. 

Even after the Civil War, most 
students at American universities 
wore caps and gowns daily while 

in residence. These varied in design 
until they were standardized by 
the American Intercollegiate 
Commission in 1894. At that time 
it was decided that all robes would 
be black. Colors on the trim of 
the gown were also standardized 
to indicate the scholar's acadennc 

A Ust of department colors follows: 

Agriculture: Maize 

Arts, Letters, Humanities: White 

Business Administration, 
Commercial Science: Drab 

Dentistry: Lilac 

Economics: Copper 

Education: Light Blue 

Engineering: Orange 

Fine Arts, Architecture: Brown 

Forestry: Russet 

Home Economics: Maroon 

Journalism: Crimson 

Law: Purple 

Library Science: Lemon 

Medicine: Green 

Music: Pink 

Nursing: Apricot 

(Oratory, Speech: Silver Gray 

Pharmacy: Olive 

Physical Education: Sage Green 

Philanthropy: Rose 

Philosophy: Dark Blue 

Public Administration, Foreign 
Service: Peacock Blue 

Public Health: Salmon 

Science: Golden Yellow 

Social Work: Citron 

Theology and Divinity: Scarlet 

Veterinary Sciences: Gray 

The tassel may also be colored 
to represent an academic discipline 

or it may be black. Ofllcially, the 
tassel is permitted "to lie where 
It will" on the mortarboard. 
However, numerous institutions 
have adopted the practice of 
having degree candidates wear 
the tassel on the right fi-ont side 
at the start of the commencement 
ceremony and then shift them 
to the left side after degrees are 

Student Marshals 

Elected through a nomination 
process, student marshals arc 
senior leaders who play an 
important role in the graduation 
ceremony. Student marshals assist 
in organizing the thousands of 
graduates, leading them sinootlily 
through the commencement 
procession. They also supply extra 
caps and hoods, and bobby pins to 
keep headwear secure. December 
2003 marshals are listed on page 64 
of this booklet. 

Senior Gift 

The senior gift is a university 
tradition dating back 93 years. 
The first senior gift, the iron gate 
entrance at the Rossborough Inn, given by the Class of 1910 
(although the gate itself was not 
erected until 1941). The 
of 2003 will leave its mark with 
an official University of Maryland 
seal to be placed at the new 
Samuel Riggs IV Alumni Center. 
Construction of the new facility 
began this past June on a parcel of 
land in front of Tyser Tower at 
Byrd Stadium. When completed. 



the Riggs Alumni Center vvdU be 
an inviting place for alumni and 
friends to meet, watch athletic 
games and celebrate the Terrapin 

The purpose of the senior gift 
is twofold. Each year the senior 
class leaves behind a memorable 
legacy for new students and 
visitors, and provides the university 
wdth a gift that enhances the 
campus atmosphere. 

Past senior gifts have included: 
theTestudo statue (Class of 1933), 
the lights around the "M" in the 
traffic circle on Campus Drive 
(Class of 1986), restoration of the 
Chapel chimes and clock face 
(Class of 1992) and the Bronzed 
Seal on North Gate House (Class 
of 1995). 

Academic Degrees 

A degree is awarded for the 
successfiil completion of a course 
of study. There are more than 
1 ,600 different academic degrees 
currendy conferred by colleges 
and universities nationwide. The 
University of Maryland offers 
degrees in 95 undergraduate 
majors, 93 master's programs, 
71 doctoral programs and one 
first professional degree. 

The Doctor's Degree 

The doctor's degree represents 
the most advanced earned degree 
conferred by American institutions. 
There are two distinct types: the 
practitioner's degree and the 
research degree. The first type 
represents advanced training for 

the practice of various professions, 
principally Doctor of Medicine, 
Juris Doctor, Doctor of Pharmacy, 
and Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine. These degrees do not 
involve the completion of original 
research by the student. The 
University of Maryland, at the 
professional school in Baltimore, 
awarded the first two dental 
degrees ever on March 9, 1841, 
and invented the name of the 
degree. Doctor of Dental Surgery 

The University of Maryland 
conveys the Doctor of Veterinary 
Medicine (D.V.M.) to 
approximately 90 students 
each year in a program that was 
instituted in 1980. Graduates 
receive a diploma containing 
the seals of both the University 
of Maryland and its partner 
institution, the Virginia Polytechnic 
Institute and State University. 

The second type is the research 
doctorate representing prolonged 
periods of advanced study. 
A dissertation that usually 
accompanies the study is intended 
to contribute substantially to the 
body of knowledge on the subject. 
The most important of these, the 
Doctor of Philosophy, no longer 
has an imphcation of philosophy 
for its holder, but represents 
advanced research in any of the 
major fields of knowledge. It was 
first awarded in the United States 
in 1861 by Yale Uni versin-. The 
University' of Maryland awarded 
a Ph.D. for the first rime in 1920. 

The Master's Degree 

The master's degree is an academic 
honor bestowed upon students 
who have successfully completed 
work beyond the baccalaureate. 

A thesis and an oral 
examination are usually required. 
In 1920, the University of 
Maryland awarded its first Master 
of Arts (M.A.) and Master of 
Science (M.S.) degrees in fields 
other than agriculture. 

The Bachelor's Degree 

The bachelor's degree represents 
the completion of a four-year 
course of college-level study and 
is the oldest academic degree 
awarded by American institutions 
of higher learning. It was first 
conferred in America in 1 642 on 
the first nine graduates of Harvard 
College. Maryland Agriculture 

College, which later became the 
University' of Maryland, College 
Park, awarded its first Bachelor of 
Arts (B.A.) and Bachelor of 
Science (B.S.) in 1862. 

Fall 2003 Students at a Glance: 

Total enrollment: 35,329 

Graduate Students: 9,883 

Full-time: 6,503 

Part-nme: 3,380 

Undergraduates: 25,446 

Students of color: 32% 

Full-time: 23,016 

Part-time: 2,430 

States represented: 50 
{plus Guam, Puerto Rico 
and the Virgin Islands) 

Countries represented: 171 



Few Internet users surf the World Wide Web without Google, the popular search 
engine recently donated to the university. So it is an especially fitting that its 
co-creator and alumnus, Sergey Brin, president of technology, is the speaker 
for Winter commencement. 

Brin, who graduated in 1993 with a bachelor's degree in math and computer science, 
teamed up in 1998 with fellow Stanford graduate student Larry Page to create Google — hoping 
to make Internet searches easier and quicker. Both took academic leave from the doctoral 
program to launch Google. The rest, as they say, is history. 

Only two years after its creation, Google claimed an index of more than one billion 
pages. It now searches more than three billion pages and Nielsen/Net ratings last February 
counted 73.5 million unique global users per month. More than half of Google's traffic comes 
fi'om outside of the United States. A privately held company, Google currently has more than 
1 ,000 employees worldwide, including 60 with doctoral degrees. 

Now 30, Brin was named Maryland's Outstanding Young Alumnus in May. Brin's ties 
to the university remain close. His father, Michael, is a math professor at Maryland. Brin, who 
brought the family to the United States fi'om Russia when Sergey was 6, says he is "extremely 
proud and happy" to have his son speak during the commencement ceremonies. 

For his part, Sergey Brin praises the education he got at Maryland:"! got a lot of 
attention, a lot of one on one. 1 was better prepared than peers fi-om MIT and Harvard." 

His undergraduate education here got an early start. Brin dropped out of high school 
after his junior year to enroll as a fiall-time student in the university's College of Computer, 
Mathematical, and Physical Sciences to study math, graduating in just three years. 

Currently, Brin serves on the college's board of visitors. This past summer, he donated 
a special version of Google to the university as part of a company donation program aimed at 
selected institutions. The rsvo-vear donation is valued at $28,000. 

Sergey Brin 



Robyn Ellyii Sanderson 

If ever the properties of a left brain and a right brain harmonized in one person, they 
did so in Robyn Ellyn Sanderson, an 'A' student who is as passionate about science as 
she is about music. Just a credit or two shy of a citation in French, this double astron- 
omy and physics major says she can't imagine choosing between scientific study or 
singing. Besides Maryland's prestigious Chamber Singers, Sanderson sings in a Virginia-based 
choral group and was the music director of a student singing group. Voices of Truth, at Mary- 
land for most of her college career. 

In addition to the requirements for her two intense academic majors, Sanderson loaded her 
course schedule with classes such as ancient Greek and scuba, just because they interested her. 
During her junior year she earned A's in French gastronomy, hterature, music and cinema while 
studying abroad for a semester at the University of Burgundy in France. At Maryland she also 
had what she calls the greatest job you can have on campus as an undergrad — working as a 
teacher's assistant — Sanderson taught six classes and now aspires to become a physics professor. 

"I love being around an academic environment. I think that working at a university would 
be good for me. I like the idea of taking classes for free," she says adding that she would hke to 
have a chance to take more history, literature and language courses. 

With the plan of beginning graduate school next faU to work towards a physics doctorate, 
Sanderson says she is looking forward to a break. She will be visiting a friend in Spain for a 
few weeks after graduation and then wants to do something "fun" for a while before going 
back to school, Uke work in a physics lab. 

According to physics professor Thomas Cohen, despite the tendency for men to dominate 
physics in terms of numbers and classroom dynamics, Sanderson held her own in class. "A 
refi-eshing exception . . . Robyn fiinctioned as the intellectual leader in class discussion, often 
asking probing questions about derivations," he says. 

Edward Maclary, associate professor of music, is equally impressed with Sanderson. "She 
brings an unrivalled work ethic, a contagious enthusiasm and a genuine talent for singing to 
every rehearsal," he says. 



Doctor of Philosophy 

Ahmed A. Abdelhafez • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

Scale-up of Growth and Algimse Productkm by Marine Baiterium 240 

Sachiko Aoshima • Linguistics 

Perjormaiuc ami Compelcmr of 1 1 'H-dependcncies 

Christine M. Arnold-Lourie • American Studies 

"A Punishment For My Pride" -.Vie Hamiltons of Port Tabacco. Maryland 
1860 to 1900 

Victor H. Asal • Government and Politics 

The International and Domcsth Impact of Democracy :Tlie Minimal Political 
Inclusion of Minorities at Risk 

Nancy S. Bae • Molecular and Cell Biology 

TTie Functional Analysis of the Human Histone Deacelylase SIRT2 

Suman Bancijee • Computer Science 

A Cooperative Framework to Scale Multi Parly Applications 

Charles A. Barnett • Electrical Engineering 

Efficient Reliable and Secure Source Authentication Schemes for 
Real-Time Multicast 

Adolphus G. Belk • Government and Politics 

Making It Plain: Deconstructing; the Politics of the Prison-Industrial Complex 

Lois A. Berdaus • Art History 

Forging a New Iconography: Tlie French Revolutionary Festivals in Paris, 

Frederick B. Bercndse • Astronomy 

Cosmic Ray Acceleration in Cassiopeia A and Cra;in^- Incidence Multilayer 
X-Ray Mirrors 

Andrew J. Berkley • Physics 

Tlie Josephson Junction QVBJT 

Kimberly A. Bethea • Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Effects of a Standards- Based Ciirriciilimi on Middle School Malliemalics 
Teachers' Understanding of Proportioned Reasoning 

Zhigang Bian • Electrical Engineering 

Intense Laser Pulse Propagation in Ionizing Cases 

Anthony B. Boemio • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Tlie Perceptual Representation of Sound 

Yevgeny A. Borovikov • Computer Science 

Hii;/i Performance Computing in Muhi-Sensor Environment 

Romulus Breban • Physics 

Low Dimensional Chaos: Phase Synchronization and Indeterminate Bifurcations. 

Julia A. Bryan • Counseling and Personnel Services 

An Investigation of School Counselors' Involvement in School-Family- 
Communily Partnerships: Exploring the Gap Between Current and 
Prescribed Practice 

Elizabeth A. Caron • Special Education 

Newborn Hearing Screening Programs and the Connecion to Part C of IDEA: 
A Policy Implementation Analysis 

Wook Chang • Chemical Engineering 

Anaerobic Biodegradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons 

Allison M. Chatrchyan • Government and Politics 

Democratic Transition. Stagnation and its Environmental Consequences: 
Water and Forestry Policy in Post-Soviet Armenia 

Chao-Hwa Chen • Electrical Engineering 

Novel Receivers for Ultra \['ideband Communications 

Chen-Su Chen • CounseUng and Personnel Services 

The Rclalionshifis Between Cuhural Identification, Social Relationships, and 
School Adjustment Among Immigrant Adolescents 

Chicn-Yu Chen • Business and Management 

Optimization-Based Available To Promise (.-ITP) 

Tzyy-Woei Chu • Biological Resources Engineering 

Modehng Hydrologic and Water Quality Response of a Mixed Land Use 
Watershed in Piedmont Physiographic Region 

Katherine A. Clancy • Geology 

Spatial and .Size Distribution if Large Particles in Natural Streams. 

Jamila N. Codrington • Psychology 

Managing and Surviving Neighborhood Disadvantage: A Qualitative Exploration 
of the Coping Strategies of Intwr-City Youth 

Rockya R. CouHbaly • Electrical Engineering 

A Matrix Inequalities Approach to H_ Control in a Behavioral Framework 



AUGUST 2003 

Douglas T. Crane • Mechanical Engineering 

Optimizing Tlicrmoelectrii: Waste Heal Recovery from an Automotive 
Cooling System 

Joan R. Crawford • Curriculum and Instruction 

Children and Television: A Case Study oj How Elementary Students Responded 
to the Teaching of Critical Television Viewing 

Geoflfrey D. Dabelko • Government and Politics 

The Transnational Evolution of Environmental Security 

Yan Deng • Engineering Materials 

Failure Modes and Materials Design for Biomechanical Layer Structures 

Mona T. Diab • Linguistics 

Automated Approaches Toirard Exploiting Multilingual Evidence for the 
Identification of Meaning Elements in Natural Language 

Colin M. Doyle • Economics 

Discrimination in the Matching Labor Market: Tluvry and Evidertce 

Xiaojiang Du • Electrical Engineering 

Fault and Security Management for IP Networks 

Fay E. Ellis Jones • Human Development 

Gender as a Factor in the Decision-Making Process of Expert and Novice Managers 

Jason Faberman • Economics 

Employment and Establishment Dynamics in Metropolitan Areas 

Hsu-Wei Fang • Chemical Engineering 

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene IVear Particle Effects on Bioactivity 

Amir Farbin • Physics 

Measurement of CP Asymmetries and Branching Ratios in Neutral B Meson 
Decays to Charged Pions and Kaons with the BaBar Detector. 

Ali Farbangmehr • Mechanical Engineering 

Entropy Approach to Meta-ModeUng Muhi-Ohjective Genetic Algorithm and 
Quahty Assessment of Solution Sets for Design Optimization 

Matthew P. Fasnacht • Chemistry 

Aqueous Photodegradalion of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon 

Gregory Foltz • Meteorology 

Tropical Atlantic Seasonal Variability 

Jennifer R. Foster • Economics 

Theory and Evidence of Social Effects on College Achievement 

Xiaoqin Fu • Animal Science 

The Effects of Steroid Hormones on Prolactin Expression in Rat Pituitary Cell 
Lines and Chicken Embryonic Pituitary Cells 

Veronica Galindo Cuspinera • Food Science 

Volatile Composition and Antimicrobial Properties of Commercial Atmatio 
(Bixa Orellana L.) Extracts, a Natural Food Colorant 

Rajiv C. Gandhi • Computer Science 

Approximation Algorithms for Broadcast Scheduling 

Patricia T. Garrett-Peters • Hutnan Development 

Cross-Cultural Differences in Display Rules:Tlie Influence of Parenting, 
Temperament, and Acculturation 

Jackie L. Gartner-Schmidt • Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Effects of Auditory Masking on Acoustical Measures of Phonatory Offset- 
Onset in Tradneoesohgageal Speakers 

Sheetal Golem • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Tobacco Alosaic Virus Induced Alterations in the Transcriptional Profile of 
Arabisopsis Tlialiana: Effects on Symptom Development 

Ana C. Gouvea • Linguistics 

Processing Syntactic Complexity: Cross-Linguistic Di-Frererues and ERP Evideme 

Henry D. Gregory • Art History 

Tabletop Still Life in Haarlem, c. 1610-1660: A Study- of the Relationships 
Between Form and Meaning 

Andrea Gualmini • Linguistics 

Quatniflcation, Negation and Beyond 

Sumeet S. Gulati • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Tlie Relationship Between International Trade and Environmental Regulation 
Under Special Interest Politics 

Levent Guntay • Business and Management 

Pricing Defaultable Callable Coupon Bonds 

David E. Habecker • History 

"Ruling the East": Russian Urban Administration and the Chinese, Koreans 
and Japanese in Vladivostok, 1884—1922 

Alicia B. Harvey-Smith • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Adoption oj the Learning Paradigm in Student Affairs Divisions of Vanguard 
Community Colleges: A Case Analysis 



Paul G. Harwood • Government and Politics 

(_^yhcr Interaction .\Uitttrs:Tltc W-t Impact oti Civil Society 

Shuyang He • Animal Science 

Cryopreservation of Striped Bass (Morone Saxatilis) Spermatozoa 

Katherine C. Holman • Special Education 

Sociocommiinicatiiv and Play Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum 
Disorders (ASD) 

Chia-Hua Hsu • Food Science 

Characlerizalioti of a Centrifugal Packed-hed Reactor for Xantham Cum 

Yufei Hu • Engineering Materials 

Study of ilie Interfacial Structures and Behavior of Smectic Liquid Crystals Using 
Synchrotron Light Source 

Hans-Joachim HufT • Mechanical Engineering 

Research in the Design of Integrated Compressor-Expander Devices in Vapor 
Compression Cycles 

Scott A. Ickes • History 

Salvador's Hegemonic Compromise: Elites, Popular Classes, and Afro-Brazilian 
Culture in Salvador. Bahia. Brazil. 1930-1954 

Haobo Jiang • Mechanical Engineering 

Development of a Sinnilation ami Optimization Tool for Heat 
Exchanger Design 

Christopher Y. Johnson • Molecular and Cell Biology 

Functional Analysis of Plant TGA Transcription Factors 

Catherine A. Jones • Mathematics 

Pyramids ot Properiuss 

Christina L. Jordan • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

.Mesoscale Patterns of Pkytoplankton Size Structure, Primary Productivity, and 
Implications for Trophic Transfer in Chesapeake Bay Planktonic Communities 

Patricia A. Julien • Music 

The Siruclural Function of Harmonic Relations in Wayne Shorter's Early 
Compositions: 1959-1963 

Rahul W. Kale • Business and Management 

Tlie Impact of Internet Logistics Exchanges on the I'ciformance of Shippers 
and Carriers 

Nikolaos Kanlis • Electrical Engineering 

Analysis of Evoked Potentials Along the Surface and in Depth Primary 
Auditory Cortex 

Judith A. Koenig • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Examination of the Accuracy cif Characteristic Curve Linking Methods For Link- 
ing Parameters Estimated With Tlie GGUM 

Misty R. Kolchakian • Psychology 

Tlurapisl Predictors of Ability to Learn to Perform Helping Skills 

Catherine R. Kramer • Human Development 

Influence of Collaboration on Children 's Source .Monitoring Judgments 

Richard Kraus • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Biology of Natal Dispersal in IMiite Perch 

Pongpan Laksanalamai • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

Structural and Functional Analysis of the Pyrococcus furiosus Small Heat 
Shock Protein 

Wing-Shun Lain • Physics 

Nonlinear Dynamics of Semiconductor Lasers with Optical Feedback 

Jun-Pyo Lee • Mechanical Engineering 

Experimental and Tlieoretical Investigations of Oil Retention in Carbon Dioxide 
Air-conditioning Systems 

Xuejun Li • Mechanical Engineering 

Geometric Algorithms for Automated Design of Multi-Stage Mold for 
Manufacturing Multi-Material Objects 

Yixin Li • Reliability Engineering 

Semiconductor Manufacturing Yield and Rehabitity Modeling 

Beng C. Lim • Psychology 

Team Compositions: Its Effects on Team Processes and Team Performance 

Rebecca R Lippmann • Physics 

Students Understanding of Measurement and Uncertainty in the Physics 
Laboratory: Social Construction Underlying Concepts, and Quantitative Analysis 

Haiying Liu • Computer Science 

Optical Flow Computing and Applications to Hierarchical Structure from Motion 
and 3-D Markerless Monocular High DOF Articulated .Motion Tracking 



Lixin Liu • Animal Science 

TItyroid Hormones Interact with Glucocorticoids to Affect Sonuitotroph 
Abundance During Chicken Embryonic Development 

Jef&ey A. Livingston • Economics 

Tlie Rote of Trust and Reputation in the Success of the Internet Auction Market 

Park A. Lockwood • Kinesiology 

Aerobic Exercise Hemispheric Asymetry and Affective Stale Dose 30 Minutes of 
CycUng Differentially Impact Approach Versus Withdrawal Oriented Individuals 

Valerie R. Louis • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

Ecological Modeling of the Bacterial Pathogens, V cholerae and C. jejuni 

Cynthia M. Lum • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

The Spatial Relationsliip Between Street-Level Drug Activity and I'iotence 

Stephen J. Lynton • Geology 

An Experimental Study of the Isotopic Fractionation and Elemental Partitioning 
qfUthjum in a Felsic System 

Christopher M. Mairs • Aerospace Engineering 

Aerodynamic-Structural Model of Offwind Yacht Sails 

Susan G. Malka • History 

Daring To Care: American Nursing and the Second Wave of Feminism, 1945 
to the Present 

Mark A. Mann • Psychology 

EEC Correlates oj Familial and Personality Predispositions Toward AlcohoUsm 
in Women 

Tanya M. Marushak • Plant Biology 

Testing Models for the Evolution of Hcteroslyly with Cryptantha 

Amy L. Masciola • History 

"/ Can See by This Women's Features Tliat She is Capable of Any Wickedness": 
Representations of Criminal Women in Eighteenth Century England 

Kaleb G. McDowell • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

A Dynamic View of Movement Planning 

Bin Ming • Electrical Engineering 

Fabrication Of Sapphire- Based High Performance Step-Edge HTSJosephson 
functions and Squids and Tlieir Application to Scanning Squid Microscopy 

Jaime Montemayor • Cotnputer Science 

Physical Programming: Tools for Kindergarten Children to Author Physical 
Interactive Envirormients 

David K. Moore • Government and Politics 

Tlie Global Economy and Democratic Theory 

Roberto E. Munoz • Econotnics 

Tlie Role of Private Benefits on the Efficient Transfer of Control in a Firm and 
Equilibrium Selection in a Link Formation Game 

Deborah D. Nelson • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Relationsliips Among the Reading, Writing, and Comprehension Skills of 
Intermediate Elementary School Students 

Kei Nomaguchi • Sociology 

Determinants of Haviiig a First and a Second Child Among fapanese Married 
Adults in Recent Cohorts 

Nuala A. O'Leary • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

Characterization ofAgdecha from the Protochordatc clavclina picta and its Role 
in Innate Immunity 

Hernan Ortiz MoUna • Economics 

Essays on Empirical Corporate Finance 

Laura K. Osteen • CounseUng and Personnel Services 

A Grounded Tlieory of Undergraduate Change Agents 

Xing Pan • Business and Management 

Price Dispersion and Price Competition in OnUne Retail Markets 

Hojeong Park • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Uncertainty and Irreversible Environmental Investment 

Hun Park • Aerospace Engineering 

A Nonlinear Solid Shell Element Formulation for Analysis of Composite Panels 
Under Blast Wave Pressure Loading 

SeungY. Park • Chemical Engineering 

A Study on the Kinetics if Ethylene- Norbornene Copolymerization Over 
Homogeneouse Metallocene Catalysts 

Lisa M. Parsons • Molecular and Cell Biology 

NMR Spectroscopy of Hypothetical Proteins from Haemophilus Influence 



Malaquias Pena Mendez • Meteorology 

Tlic /jv.i/ Pliiisf Rfl^itioiishiji III ( )aiiH-Atoiiiosphcru Coupled Anomalies and 
In Impact on Tlieir DiiriUion and Prediction 

Monvika Phadoongsitthi • Business and Management 

77if Role of Manat^erial Accountiiii; in nniergini^ Economics: An Empirical Study 

Wiwat Puntai • Library and Information Services 

Evaluating Web-based Instructional Messages According to Principles of 
Instructional Design: A Content Analysis 

Serap D. Rada • Government and Politics 

Iiisiiiiilional Aipccts of Industrial Policy: Coniparalife Case Studies of Incentive 
Regimes in Turkey and South Korea 

John Ramcharitar • Biology 

Sciaenids: Model Species for Investigating Audition in Teleosts 

Paul C. Reber • American Studies 

Consumerism in the RetailTradc in Fairfax County, i'irginia 1759-1769 

Kristy J. Reynolds • Chemistry 

Development of the Proteolytic IS/o Labeling Method and Application to 
Acquired Drug-Resistance 

Michael Roberts • Computer Science 

A Pregrocessor for Shotgun Assembly of Large Genomes 

Todd F. Roberts • Psychology 

NeuTomodulatory Systems Related to Vocal Learning in Parrots 

Claudia B. Romano • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Sor7 Conservation And Rural Market lmpersecttous:Tlie Case of Small Farmers 
in El Salvador 

Robert B. Ross • Computer Science 

Managing Imperfect Information in Relational and Temporal Databases 

Lee R. Rothman • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Temperament Dimensions oj Emotionahty: Concepts and Measures 

Zoltan Safar • Electrical Engineering 

Efficient (Coding and Decoding Methods for Multi-Antenna Wireless 
Communication Systems 

Amy N. Salvaggio • Psychology 

Nai' Predictors of Organi::ational Cjli:enship and Turnover: Tlie Rote of 

Aggregate Fit Perceptions and Fit Strength 

Paul D. Samuel • Aerospace Engineering 

Helicopter 'Iransniission Diagnostics thing Constrained Adaptive Lifting 

Montien Saubhayana • Electrical Engineering 

An In-Situ Photoresist Thickness and Ash Rate Measurements and 
Endpoint Prediction 

Lewis Z. Schlosser • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Tlie Advisory llbrking AMiance Inventor)': Further Scale Development and Validation 

Joseph R. Schultz • Aerospace Engineering 

Stability of Flexible Spacecraft During Shallow Aeromaneuvers 

Anita G. Sherman • English Language and Literature 

Tlie Art of Skepticism in Shakespeare and Donne 

Hai Shi • Mechanical Engineering 

Strategies For Generative Configuration Designs: Aa Knowledge Foundation and 
Generative Designer Assistance Tool Architecture 

Qingmin Shi • Electrical Engineering 

Efficient Date Management Techniques for Temporal and Spatial Data 

Sangsun Shim • Government and Politics 

The Causes of South Korea's Nuclear Profileration and Forbearance 

Adam C. Simon • Geology 

Experiments to Elucidate the Physico-Chemical Behavior of Magnetite in 
Magnamtic-Hydro Tlicrmal Systems 

Scott A. Sirchio • Chemistry 

Synthesis, Structure, and Properties ofTernary Transition Metal Sulfides, 
Chloridesulfides and Nitrides 

Kobi Snitz • Mathematics 

Tlieta (Correspondence of Quadratic Characters of o (3, A) 

Zhexuan Song • Computer Science 

Indexing Conlinuoulsy Moving Objects 

Tolga Sonmez • Electrical Engineering 

Sensor Scheduling Target Detection and Estimation in Sonar Applications 

Christopher Spera • Human Development 

An Empirical Assessment of a Contextual Model oj Parenting: Relations of 
Parental SociaUzation Coals, Practices, and Styles to Adolescent Motivation 
and Achievement 



Thomas J. Stadterman • Reliability Engineering 

Praakal Assessment Methodologies for Examining Circuit Card Reliability 
Under Mechanical Shock Loading 

Heather M. Stapleton • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

Assimilation and Metabolism of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers by the 
Common Carp 

Jennifer L. Strychasz • Art History 

"Jesus is Black!": Race and Christianity in African American Church Art, 

Martin Suster • Economics 

Search and Matching in Imperfect Labor Markets 

Christopher M. Swan • Biology 

Tlie Consequences of Resource Heterogeneity for Stream Ecosystems 

Reynold Tan • Biochemistry 

Pisatin Acliwation of a Fungal Transcription Factor Inuohed in Detoxification 
Response and Fungal Spore Germination 

Amanuel G. Tekleab • Business and Management 

Tlie Role of Realistic Job Previeu's and Organizational Sociahzation on 
Neu'comers ' Psychological Contract Development 

Timothy S. Thomas • Agricultural and Resource Economics 

Avanca Brasil and Deforestation in the Amazon 

Jeffrey D. Triblehorn • Psychology 

Multisensory Integration of Wind And Sound in Tlie Ultra- Sound Triggered 
Escape Response of Tlie Praying Mantis, Parasphcndale Agrioniana 

Mika Q. Troutman • Curriculum and Instruction 

Finding Our "Own Words": Teaching and Learning Summarizing in a 
First-Year College Composition Course 

loannis Tsoukalas • Economics 

Essays on Inventories, Credit Constraints and Business Cycles 

Valentin Tudor • Mechanical Engineering 

Control of Frost Groivth in Refrigeration Systems Using the EHD Technique 

Alexandre Y. Ukhorskiy • Physics 

Global and Multi- Scale Aspects of Magnestospheric Dynamics: From 
Modeling Forecasting 

Ricky Valentin • Mechanical Engineering 

A Rapid Failure Assessment Approach for Insertion Mount Solder Interconnects 
Under Thermo-Mechanical Cycling 

Joerg D. Walter • Reliability Engineering 

Methods to Account for Accelerated Semiconductor Device Wearout in Longlife 
Aerospace Apphcations 

William C. Walton • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Mitigation ofPredation by the Green Crab (Carcinus maenas) Upon Publicly 
Seeded Hard Shell Clams 

Xianying Wei • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics 

Peptide Biosynthetases in Trichodema virens 

Carola Weil • Government and PoUtics 

People vs. Borders: Competing International Norms of Protection in Complex 
Humanitarian Emergencies 

Ten-Tsao Wong • Marine, Estuarine, and Environmental Sciences 

Endocrine Mechanism Regulate Sex Reversal in a Hermaphroditic Fish Model. 
Spams amata 

Susan S. Woodhouse • Psychology 

Adult Attachment, Memory for In-Session Emotion, and Client Session 
Evahiation : An Affect Regulation Perspective 

Ji Wu • Mechanical Engineering 

Electrical Characterization of Lead-Free Solder Coated Separable Contact 

Jodelle S. Wuertzer Magner • Curriculum and Instruction 

Prospective Elementary Teachers' Interpretation of Children's Maitiematical 

Yingjiu Xu • Electrical Engineering 

Joint Detection and Decoding of High-Order Modulation Schemes for 
Wireless Communications 

HyunminYi • Chemical Engineering 

Critosan ASA Novel Platform For Biomolecule Assembly and Biosensing 

Chi-HsiaoYih • Electrical Engineering 

Analysis and Design Of Efficient Transmission Techniques for Wireless 
CDMA and OFOM Systems 



Xiaoyi Zhang • Chemical Physics 

Investigation of Surface Mediated Solvation at the Solid / Liquid Interface by 
SHG Spectroscopy 

Tong Zhao * Civil Engineering 

laluing Flexibility of Facility Expansion and LMyout:A Real 
Options Approach 

Shijun Zheng • Mathematics 

Besov Spaces for the Schrodinger Operator wlVilh Barrier Potential 


Rebecca M. McAndrew • Education Policy, Planning, 
and Administration 

Tlie Politics of For-Projil Privatization in the Baltimore City Public Schools 


David H. Bernard * Music 

Formant Frequencies in Covered and Uncovered Xlale Voice Production of 
Perceptual Study 

Yung-Ying Gan • Music 

Examination oj the Repertoire for the International Competition ofARD in 
Munich For Oboe: A Selection of 20th Century Pieces 

William C. Heim • Music 

Performance Studies in Solo Vocal and Operatic Repertoire 

Joo-Eun Oh • Music 

77if French Tradition and Innovation Transmitted Tlirough Gabriel Faure 

Ji-Yeon Park • Music 

Mid-20lh Century British and American Song Compositions Written for the 
Soprano Voice. 

Richard Roper • Music 

I ocal Music lor Vnim/uT 

Ying-Dan Wang • Music 

Paris Conservatoire Concours Pieces - Tlieir Importance to the Solo 
Bassoon Literature 

Scott M. Williamson • Music 

Benjamin Britten and His Sphereo Influence: Repertoire for the Tenor Voice 

Kuo-Hsuan Wu • Music 

An Overview oJ Selected Repertoire from the Percussive Arts Society's Annual 
Contests (1994-2002) 



Master of 

Applied Anthropology 

Thembi Dalila Finch 

Master of Architecture 

Anne Michelle Dutton 

Banu YUmaz 

Steven Chrisrian Boyle 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Rachel Catherine Luria 

Art History 

Marina Lorle Galvani 
Eve M.H. Lucas 
Ehzabeth Ann Nogrady 
Valerie Plaskett Ortiz 
Jennifer Lyn Patterson 


Brent M.W. Hernandez 


David Ross Youngmeyer 

Comparative Literature 

Melissa Arm Henry 
Michelle Prime 
Cathleen Mary Tefit 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Andrew Lee Adelnian 
Laura Ann Cobb 
Lauren Tracy Costas 
Darcene Rose Dowhng 
Jennifer M3r\' Dudeck 
Katherine Finn Felgenhauer 

Vivian De Jesus Garay 

Carl Gray 

James Jack 

Irene Wen- Yen Kao 

Shave Ehzabeth Molendyke 

Ashley Renee Mouberry 

Dharma Pramodkumar Naik 

Amanda Suniti Niskode 

Nancy Kathleen Bate Reszetar 

Annette G. Richards 

Nicole Adriane Schuessler 

Maria Teresita Shier 

Shannon Cathleen Sieve 

Daniel BrowTie Singley 

Kristi A. Weaver 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Sarah N. Bacon 

Dawn-Marie Ehzabeth Campos 

Lindsey Maureen Chme 

Karohne R. Hay 

Brook Wraight Kearley 

Dana Rae Miller 

June Patricia Moore 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Gretchen Hope Walker 

Omer FariJt Baykal 
Emine Boz 
YeonJu Lee 
Andres Eugenio Lopez 
Alexander Perjessy 
Whitney B. Schott 
Adrian Deshaun Wilson 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

John Hilnu Eniekli 
Derek Takimu Furukawa 

Ivan H. Luong 
Courtney Taryn Swain 
Yukako Tatsunu 
Anjale' DeVawn Welton 
Patricia J. WiUiams 

Education Policy, 

Planning and Administration 

Lmda Marie Campbell 

English Language 
and Literature 

Erika Lothlorian Ban 
Elyse Marie Beauheu-Lucey 
Kathleen Mar)' Comiors 
Joseph Pettis Isbell 
Gilhan Beth Knoll 
Ryna Marie May 
Samuel Ryan McColl 
Nirmala Menon 

French Language 
and Literature 

Sandhya Mohan 


Rachel Leah Coutts 
Chunying Liu 
James Lynn Tedrick 

Government and Politics 

Ashley McGinn Del Sole 
Carrie Lynn Kulp-Hanna 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Amta Shukla McGmty 


Heidi Hemming 
Jacqueline S.Johnson 
Jennifer Lesar 

Jennifer MaJia McAndrew 
Andrew Timothy Stockinger 


Juan Fernando Jaramillo 


Jefirey Douglas Brown 
Anish Meerasahib 
Kristin A. Scrabis 

Mathematical Statistics 

Tippawan Santiwipanont 
Jinhee Yang 


Ashv\in Subodh Pande 

Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Weihua Fan 

Huina Gao 

Maria Papapolydorou 


Christina Taylor Gibson 
Randi Lea Trzesinski 


Lindsay McDonald CoUins 

Second Language 
Acquisition and Application 

Luciana Eva Donato 
Susan M. Gardiner 


Timothy Recuber 
Jianying Wang 



Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Diego Nelson Remussi 

Master of Arts/ 
Master of Library 
L Science Combined 

History /Library 

and Information Services 

Joanne Archer 

Jeannette Marie Smith 

Master of Business 

Yelena Andrianova 
Oluwatoyin Aderonke Ani 
Stephanie Ehzabeth Bauer 
Sanjeev Satyanarayan Bhawsinka 
Andrea Louise Bishop 
Marc WiUiani Brooks 
Mark Anthony Cavallaro 
Amit ChaudhaPi' 
Bradley James Clark 
Lisa Susan Clark 
Daniel C. Crowe 
Peter Edward Cunniffe 
Timothy James DeGroot 
Jonathan Harald Elkind 
Clelia Evans 
Tracijean Frederick 
Muiiish Kumar Garg 
Kathleen Ehzabeth Havey 
Anthony Nicholas leronimo 
Christopher Lee Jahn 
Vladimir Jirinec 
Jacqueline Diane Jordan 
Marina Valentin Kisunko 
Zhongwen Lai 
Megan Hayes Lavin 
Gregory John Mentel 

Michael James Miller 
Ramgopaldutt Nadimpalli 
Dileep Vasavan Nair 
Allyson Murphy Norfleet 
Paul Robert Ouellette 
Josepli Bryan Pendr)' 
Richard Weldon Ridley 
Lesh Marlyn Romain 
Patricia Willice Selcher 
James Nicholas Szymalak 
Kiran Lakshmi Uppuluri 
Farook A.Wadia 
Brian William Wallace 
Philip Francis Welter 
Ashley Namindra Wickrema 
Michael Allen Wood 
Wilham Anthony Wudski 
MengHao Zhao 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

Business and Management 

Justin Aquinas Gaul 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Janine Michelle Benjamin 
Jeff C.Davis 

Marianne Patricia Di Fatta 
William E.Jeffi-ies III 
Aimee P. McHale 
Monica Jones Meade 
Robert Scott Saxman 
Donna Michelle Walker 

Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Celestia Kaie Bouckaert 
Ming-yi Cho 
Bessie Chuang 
Rashida Hiba Govan 
Desira Brooke Holman 
Jessica Claire Kovalski 
Marie Lafleur 
Kelly Ann Napua Leahey 
Amanda M. MacGregor 
Mark Douglas Mason 
Bradford Charles McAdam 
Yasuko Miyagi 
Sarah S. Ranck 
Kim M. Sagendorf 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Lucia HoUiday Buie 
Nancy Alice Freednian 
Jeanine Suarme ICiec 
Karen Marie Moody 
Nancy Elizabeth Niss 
Yesim Yilmazel-Sahin 
(uha Whitney Zahra 

Education Leadership 
and Policy Studies 

Marianna C^hristine Previti 

Human Development 

Susan Colleen Alverson 
AUisonJaynes Colvin 
Juhyun Lee 
Tom O'Neill Wills 

Special Education 

Manju Chundrigar 
Bracha Segula Fleischmann 

Amy Tetteh Griffin 
Anna Marie LawTence 
Michelle Lee McCracken-Stites 
Jennifer Ann Ramella 
Erin Beth Rappaport 
Maureen Jane Ryan 
Cheryl Anne vom Saal 
Lisa Michelle Warno 
Suzanne E.Young 

Master of Engineering 

Linda Marie Ames 
Jennifer Lynn Bossier 
Arun Chaudhary 
Cheng-Hsin Hsu 
Jeffrey Chul Kim 
David Peter Kotsifakis 
Nidhi Nayyar 
Eric Thompson Prince, Jr. 
Saumil Rajendra Shah 
Brian Todd Stanley 
Kenneth Lang Willis 
Ra Yoeun 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Alexander Martin Booth 
Robert Kenneth Gardner 
Kenyatta Dorey Graves 

Master of Journalism 

Fanen Chiahemen 
Kelli Diorme Esters 
Jef&ey Taylor Harvey 
Sarah Lauren Schaffer 
Kristin Ann Sette 



Master of 
Library Science 

Library and 
Information Services 

David Armand Baldwin 
Kathi^'ii Bronwen Calzini 
Sabrina Marie Carroll 
Marie Riordan Kaplan 
Krista Marie Lindhard 
Carol Lee Mason 
Mary Martin Smith Menk 
Jefirey Alan Mewbourn 
Ethel Drennan Nickerson 
Nancy Beatrice Patterson 
KLmberly Kent Santoro 
Karen Schneider 
Jenny Pihonak Shanker 
Sachiko Tanaka 

Master of Life Sciences 

Curtis Lynn Cloaninger 

Michel Etoile Justus 
Holly Marie Thomas 

Master of Music 

Kavanis W. Caudle 

Stephen Wilham Lynierd 
Theresa Woo 

Master of 
Public Health 

Community Health Education 

Monique Devsn Cohen 

Yue Qm 

Emily Christine Schultz 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Philippe Jeremy Johnson 
Melanie Dean LaCount 
Carol\Ti Mackenzie Emery MoUer 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Mustapha Chehab 

Pascal Francois De Marmier 

Walter Robert Eppler II 

Shaju John 

Chiawei Kuo 

Jacob S. Park 

juUen Trihan 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Shawn J. Bucholtz 
Martin Lucas Debaig 
Ricardo Smith-Ranurez 


Stacey Marie WiUiams 

Animal Sciences 

Sharmistha Acharya 

Stefanie A. Malkiewicz 

Mary Jennifer Woodward-Greene 

Applied Math and 
Scientific Computation 

Samvit Prakash 
David Daniel Saranchak 
Eun-Ju Seo 
Ying SanYeung 


Nicholas Lane Chapman 
Matthew Manning Knight 

Business and Management 

Ching-yen Chang 
Chintal Ajitbhai Desai 
Rhujuta D. Kene 
Kwang Ryul Kim 
Unjung Kim 
Franky Lengkong 
Hsin-Ping Serene Wu 
Hsin-Ying Wu 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Anandkumar Surendrarao 

Chemical Physics 

Jenmfer Blake Hall 


Christopher Aquila Burnett 

Civil Engineering 

Suml Arora 

Robert John Balhster.Jr. 

Micah Shalom Cear\' 

Paul Robert Faneuf 

Haralabos-Aris Havakis 

Chao-jui Huang 

Lincy Lazar 

Ke Liu 

Joshua Benjamin Malkin 

Isaac H. Mason 

Nicolas Alexander McMorris 

Alain Patrick Kamtchop Nono 

Jason Matthew North 

Javier Fabian Ordonez 

Mohammed Adil Raza Rizvi 

Sean Michael Robbins 

Luis Rafael Valdez 

Kenneth Leroy Wilhams, Jr. 

Computer Science 

Thomas Baby 

Bin Can 

Kexue Liu 

Vinay Damodar Shet 

WiUiam Paul Woessner 

Electrical Engineering 

Gun Akkor 

Yun Bai 

Sasan Bakhtiari 

Michael David Black 

Vasileios P. Botopoulos 

Yassir Boukhnss 

Jack Paul Craig 

Junhua Ding 

Sachin Goel 

Victor Grau Serrat 

Adarsh Kumar Jam 

James Calvin Jones, Jr. 

Deepika Krishnaswamy 

Jaime Llorca 

Amit Kumar Mukherjee 

Behnam Neekzad 

Negin Nejati 

Sumitkumar N. Panmani 

Tarun Pruthi 

Prabha Ramachandran 

Rera Salem 

Amirali Sharifi 

Yan Sun 

Nuengwong Tuaycharoen 

Chunxuan Ye 

Hsiu-huei Yen 

Ningwei Zhang 

Hong Zhao 


Ethan Carlson Kane 



Family Studies 


Andrew S. Quach 

Valencia Estell Latting 

Paul David Sigafus 

Kathryn Pamela Wilder 


Michele Mane Winter 

David Robert Fiske 

Paul W. Gresser 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Tanja Horn 

Jennifer Marie Logue 

Daniel R. Sisan 

Yunyong Utiskul 


Food Science 

Hong Jiang 

lirenda Cayabyab Fernun 

Fei Lin 

Reliability Engineering 

Kuan-Jung Chung 


Paula Suzanne Simon 

Agnes Joanna Demianski 

Yuan Wei 

Huijun Shang 

Survey Methodology 

Marine, Estuarine and 

Ana Liza C. Rodriguez 

Environmental Sciences 

Maureen Therese Brooks 

Sustainable Development 

MadhuraVinayak Kulkarni 

and Conservation Biology 

Ann C. Mountz 

Nathaniel McLean Anderson 

Michael Todd Potthoff 

Jenmfer Anne Bachus 

Jeremiah Tripp Sawma 

Karen Joanne Douthwaite 

Kristin Elizabeth Schulte 

Anna Lauretta Ott 

Mindy Beth Selman 

Mechanical Engineering 

Peter Paul Uimonen 

Sungyeol Cho 

Erica N.Wagenhals 

Anthony Tyler Ferguson 

Thomas Peter McGrath II 

Systems Engineering 

Deborah Rachel Pollack 

Vimal Mayank 

Alok Kumar Pnyadarshi 

Mahendra Gul Ramani 

Anoop Rawat 

Akhil Singh 

Roxanna Sai 

Aastha Verma 

Niranjan Vijayaragavan 

Yunqi Zheng 


Adenbigbe Olanrewaju Adeoye 


Hasan Zafar Khan 

Pedro J. Mulero Andujar 

Ayeshwarya Baliram Mahajan 

Suresh Kumar Santhana Vannan 

Mima Mekic 

Axel Sunil Persaud 

Graduate Certificates 


Walter Paul Hanchakjr. 

Advanced Graduate Specialist 

Anna Marie Lawrence 
Rosslvn DeTurck Kooser 



A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Charity Etim Asuquo 
Joseph Kim Conroy 
Drew Evan Hykin 

Biological Resources 

Emily Munoz Bautista 
Alicia Rose Douglas 

Chemical Engineering 

Sean (Oluwaseun) Oladapo Ayem 
Liliana Maria DiAngelo 
Ananta Islam 

Civil Engineering 

Michael LuisViscarra 

Computer Engineering 

Priya Ahuja 

Roy Katz 

Rooshi Rajendrababu Purohit 

Farid Samir Tawasha 

Electrical Engineering 

Andrew Lee Adams 
Ibrahim Olumide Balogun 
Carl Kenneth Buch 
Charles Henry Camp, Jr. 
Truong Xuan Dang 
Mamdou Moustapha Fall 
KeshaYvette Frisby 
Ian Lee Gebert 
Ariel Greenberg 
Neeraj Kumar Kaushal 
Annette Marie Keller 

Benjamin Adam Kleber 

2iid Degree: Physics 
Todd Andrew Lankford 
Tak Kei Lee 
Alvm Otieno Okello 
Harsimran Singh 
Yayehyirad Tesema 
Brian Andrew Vetter 


Zia Allen Faiz-Tompkins 

2iid Degree: Malliematics 
Charles Casey Wood 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Heather Lynn Heath 
Darrv'l Scott Nemeth 
Joseph Robert Whitt 

Mechanical Engineering 

Christopher John Anders 
Scott Edwin Heatwole 
Scott McCoy Holland 
Jason Michael LeBlanc 
Mario Valente Oliveira 
Robert James Pannebaker.Jr. 
Michele M. Robinson 
Lev Rodovskiy 
Patrick Moakler Schmahl 
Marc Henry Sherman 
Rebecca Jean Vincent 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of 
Landscape Architecture 

Devin Stewart Kinmiel 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Rajinder Kumar Boveja.Jr. 

Animal Sciences 

Stephamejane Brice 
Christine Song Sil Lee 

Samuel Martinez 
Jarrard Norman Mitchell 
Bradley T. Simon 
Miranda Lee Stoecker 
Katerina Vlckova 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Matthew Bernard Fagan 
Carla E. Rohde 
Kristen M.Thiel 

Food Science 

Orchid Yan Lee 

General Agriculture 

Shelley Marie Armour 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Allison Anne Arnold 

College of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Jonathan Young Soo Bubb 
Keir Kimball Johnson 
Kevin William Jones 
Michael Gordon Lipson 
Loree Beth Rider 
Sarah Beth Rubin 

Art History 

Jessica Jean Batschelet 
TifFaiu Ingrid Corley 
Jahanvi Upendra Desai 

2nd Degree: Chemistry 
Kathleen Alice Fargo 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Dominique Ann Morrone 
Sara Jane Quinton 

2nd Major: Studio Art 
Chris Alan Walker 


LienThi Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Marketing 


Patricia Therese Ahrens 
Jennifer Caroline Alvarez 
Marcus Colby Anderson 
Christopher Adam Baker 
Carla Ashley Barr\-Austin 
Kimberly Terrado Bugayong 
Ardandia Rain Campbell 
SeungYeon Cha 
Fredderick Harold Chandler 
Nahee Cho 
Samuel Yoimg Choi 
Noelle Jenne Davis 
Michael Ray Dorsey.Jr. 
Jessica Suzanne Durso 
Haleh Farshi 
Gislaine FertuUien 
Erin Ehzabeth Frager 
LucUa Garford 
Jesse Ware Giddings 
Adam Geoffrey Glod 
Melanie Kay Godin 
Kathenne Ehzabeth Han 
Pamela AUison Hint 
Jessica Holtzer 


j Summa aim Laude f Magtia mm Lltidc * cum Laudc 


Hun W. Monroe 
Jonathan Marc Kadoch 
Yeneneh Ketema 
Lucas Yeong-Chang Kim 
Jennifer Lynn King 
Christopher John Landara 
Timothy Patrick Lyden 
Jocelyn Rebecca Maldonado 
Daniel Scott Mandelbaum 
Rosita Melbourne 
Shannon Elesa Miller 
Stephanie Angela Mills 
Brandi Elizabeth Moore 
Jefirey Stewart Murphy 
William Garrett Passavia 
Christopher T. Pierro 
Nichole P Pitts 
Jonelle Marie Ransom 
Mahreen B. Rashid III 
Hayden Matthew Rich 
Joshua Michael BjvHn 
Daniel A. Rosso 
Ajaka Calliste Roth 
Tamka Marie Salmon 
Clarice H. L. Santiago 
Lindsay Blake Schraub 
Mohammed Yusuf SiUah 
Paul W. Sleman 
Randi Leeanne Smith 
Esther Chungjin Song 
Cynthia Patricia Soriano 
Winston A. Sterling 
Jonathan Aaron Tippets 
Kira Rose Tullio 
Brian Tulloch 
Lauren Sandra Vance 
Alexis Nicole Venechanos 
Dana-Marie Williams 
Raynette LaShawn Williams 
Renec Michele Williams 
Elizabeth Ann Withers 


Ashley Marie Robinson 

English Language 
and Literature 

Brook Ashley Breighner 
Joshua E. Casson 
Samantha Brook Chaney 
Pascale Shaina Compere 
Jayson Eric Ford 
Kewanna Lee Hayward 
Amr Helnu 
Erika Britt Johnson 
John Paul Kastroms III 
Jenmfer Michelle Kramer 
Jeffrey Michael Law\'er 
Betty Lee 

Andrew Harrison Lewis 
Karen Campbell Maurer 
Ian Scott Mellor 
Katherine Maura NoveUo 
Tia Clarissa Pickeral 
Nicole Takima Sims 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Evan Matthew Stephens 
Natalie RosaYao 
Tal Jacob Zlotnitsky 

German Language 
and Literature 

Richard Christian Naylor 


Nabil Maxwell Bashirelahi 
Robin Woodrow Beach 
Michael John DeCicco 
Thomas Desmond Fitzgerald 
Jennifer Kelly FitzGibbon 
Michael Fromel 
Philip Edward Jackson 
Jocelyn Catherine Jobe 

Steven Marshall Oursler 
Joseph W. Powell 
Kirk William Reynolds 
Christie Ann Shahan 
John RossWelton 
Matthew Alan Wray 
Catherine Victoria Darling Young 
Jared Noah Zeide 


Marshall David Greenhut 
Matthew Todd Hempstead 
Mike Trenary 

Romance Languages 

Annick Akou Adjogah 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
Foreign Languages 

Cinzia Gilio 

Hoon Han 

2nd Degree: Economics 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Patricia Del Carmen Barreto 
Natasha Lane Bruchey 
Yessenia Elizabeth Escobar 
MelvynVanroy Mahon II 
Kimberly Gail Pillsbury 
Victor Ivan Priego 
MiUaray Salvatierra-Sinn 

Studio Art 

Jenmfer Maria Benitez 
Lauren Leigh Boyer 
Tamrajeanel Campbell 
Kathleen Alice Fargo 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Roya Frances Gharavi 
Helene Alice Gomez 
Derrick Ardreen Jordan Hill 

Timothy Michael Hoover 
Corey Samuel Jenkins 
Heather Mandy Levy 
Samuel Wade Levy 
Kimmary Ileen MacLean 
2nd Degree: Aaoimting 
Linda Nguyen 
Paul Pathomvanich 
Corey Michelle Reiter 
Leah Jean Shifflett 
Crystal Marie Soveroski 
§Jennifer Diane Treat 


Natalie Roots 
Stephanie Joan Smith 
Vancito Alton Wallace, Jr. 

Women's Studies 

Elke Kee Chen 
Arleen K. Lamba 

Bachelor of Music 

Robin Fay Massie 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Oluseto Oludolapo Akinjiola 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Dorothy Noel 


Natahe Anne Cooper 
fLaura Maria Figueroa 

2nd Major: Women's Studies 
Jennifer Lynn Friend 
Erin Alexandra Green 

§ Summa aim Laude f A/dij/ij aim Lattiie * aim Latide 



Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Andrea Lee Abell 
Chenequa Zaniah Adams 
Michelle Aguirre 
Janice Kimberly An 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Peter Michael Barbernitz III 
Anastasia Bazemore 
Kim L. Berney 
Matthew WUliam Bigoss 
Keith Eugene Booth II 
Kenneth Roy Cheng 
Jeremy Scott Clancy 
h'an Christopher Clemente 
Jason Scott Eichmiller 
Evan Smart Elan 
Paul Matthew Folstein 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Dana Jynene Ford 
Joseph Lee Fugitt 
Shannon Marie Funkhouser 
Otto Raul Gonzalez 
Jenny Laine Hasty 
Priscilya Marie Hawkes 
Adam Zachary Hirsch 
Nicholas Edward Hogwood 
Kevin Thoreau Hornbeak 
Joni Lynn Hudock 
Janene Marcia Jackson 
Michelle NataUe Jackson 
Brandon Hamilton Johnson 
Charles Chan Kim 
Christiane Marie Kittka 
Matthew Jordan Klieger 
Jacqueline Alexis Kluchin 
John Ryan Knutsen 
Brian Scott Leventhal 
Donato Antonio Marcantonio 
Michael Stephen McGovern.Jr. 
Alvin Antonio Meads 

Michael Kirk Micioni 
•Angela Katter Minahan 
Darren Michael NLxon 
Jennifer Nicole O'Donnell 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Michelle Mane Offijtt 
James Park 
Tashica Nicole Price 
Andrew Emile Queral 
Jamie Marie Sauer 
Layne Christine Savage 
Eric David Small 
Mehssa Paula SterUng 
Dennis Joseph Sullivan 
Kevin Marquis Taylor 
Clark K.Tung 
Justin Michael Valdisera 
Jonathan Christopher Ward 
Sean Robert Warren 
Jonathan Henry WilHams 
Patrick Michael Wilson 
Farzam Yazdanseta 


Jeffi-ey M. BeH 
James Francis Butler 

Yun H. Choi 

Eileen Catherine Cortese 
Jimmie Curtis II 

Garin Sevan Derian 
Jason Lee Durm 

Peter Kenneth Eldridge EUiott 

George Robert Fischer 

Asia D. Forte" 

Erin Deborah GammiU 

Alexander Anssor Granado 

Hoon Han 

2nd Degree: Romance Languages 

Kenneth Paul Hanscomb 

Joie LaKeisha Hayes 

Larry Y. Huang 

Scarlett Su Huang 
Shih-Hao Huang 
Stephen Joseph Itahano 
Christine Ka 
Allen Jin-Kee Kim 
Chi Kit Kong 
Sang Un Lee 
Chad Evan Lemko 
Kevin Lee Marchbanks 
Constantine Adam Mavridis 
Raul R. Meira 
Mark MuUoon Moser 
Muteba Desacre Mukendi 
Neal Mundra 
Anas George Nasra 
Michael F. NatoU 
Kristine Tanya Newsome 
Gina Ni 
Sabastian Vivek NUes 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Brendan Michael O'Brien 
Staveley Oluwatosin Odesola 
Darren Ross Ogoff, Sr. 
Tao Pang 

Kyle Brent Pmkalla 
Tjeebing Po 
Mitchell Ray Randall 
William Michael Rappolt 
Sina Rastin 

Benjamin Scott Rippey 
Randolph Nicolo Rochino 
Steven A. Rowell 
Rebekah C. Ruse 
JeSrey Stuart Salvo 
Daniel L. Sangria 
Joseph Andrew Saulen 
Lance Aaron Schwarz 
YongWook Shin 
Yu-Jie Tam 
Jahnavi Bharteshkumar Tripathi 

Christin Adele Washington 
Ian Casswell Weiland 
Yuanjian Wen 
Lars Eric Wensel 
Jordan Best Wheeler IV 
Garry Shou-Kit Wu 
Jinjie Yuan 

Government and Politics 

Rolando Julio Aleman 
Ian Boyd Allen 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Emily Tracey Ascherl 
Troy Anthony Bataille 
Ayaan Aneje Carter 
Kimberly Ann Carter 
Richard Lee Cleland 
Kevin Patrick Cleveland 
Christopher Michael Conwell 
Njock Ayuk Eyong 
Carrie Anne Geldart 
Margaret Murdoch Hagerty 
Sofia Masuma Haque 
Sarah Ehzabeth Hensley 
ShUpa Jagadeesh 
Luther C.Jones 
Amien Kacou 
Emily B. Kaplowitz 
Christopher Young Kim 
Davnth Momquetharo Kuch 
Surobhi Naz Mansur 
Jef&ey Douglas Martin 
Sean Patrick McQuillen 
James D. Miller 
Jonathan Brian Ostroff 
Veris Prasarntree 
Stephen Frederick Simmons 
Kenneth LawTence Sonnenberg 
Henry HoUingsworth Startzman IV 
Brian Christopher Stotler 


§ Summa mm Laude j" Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Norma D.Trejo 
Jared Clay Wasder 
Christopher Charles White 

2nd Major: Chinese 
Sepydeh Shireen Yousefi 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Meka Sandra Hammond 
Lindsay Rae Johnson 
Melissa Renee Rmggold 


Masiki May Nyamkoton Akwei 

2nd Degree: Sociology 
Ricky Brooks II 
Charles Andrew Chadwick 
Sumant Chakravarthi 
Phillip Chang 
Derek Monson LaBoo 
Jeffrey Neal Levine 
Mary SunYoung Park 
Solaris Ahn Power 
Bushra Naseem Queraishi 
§Mary R. Schor 
Grant L. Sebastiano 
Joshua Howard Stevens 
Cristina LidiaTripodi 
Julia Veronica Vazquez 

2nd Major: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 


Masiki May Nyamkoton Akwei 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Anaflor Gonzalez-Hart 
Sallie Jean Granato 
Gayle Kathleen Juenemann 
Evelyn Rose Moloney 
Camille Antonina Norris 
Angela lone Perine 
Roman Strakovsky 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Timothy Arthur Klein 
Judith Ann Robertson 


Nathan Maurice Ball 

Joshua James Courts 

Ronald Lincoln Hess 

Jin Hyung Kini 

Scott Michael Sherman 

Robert Michael Whigham Simon 


Beena Elizabeth Alex 
Mark Andrew Custer 
Oluwaflimnilayo M. Obiri 
Amy Rachel Ross 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Computer Science 

Maks Agamir 

Alessandro Marco BagUone 
Rerisson Coutinho Carvalho 
Jason Thomas Castonguay 
Dong Ho Cheung 
Young Ho Choi 
Yongsub Chung 
Glenn Edwin DLxon III 
Robert Watson Pagan 
Austin H. Farslu 
Paul Matthew Folstein 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 

Jason Wayne Frankel 
Edwin T. Fung 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Nekoro Kofi Gloster 
Scott Andrew Heller 
Raymond John Hoflman III 
•William Russell Horst 
Charles Edwin Huband 
Heejung Kim 
Brian Thomas Klug 
Hung La 

Kieron Patrick Mc Nelis 
Jose Gonzalo Ohvieri 

Shirin Parsee 
Boris M. Pesin 

Daniel Chanju Ra 

Adam J. Rowe 

Christopher Matthew Santos 

Adam Jasbir Singh 

Gurpreet Singh 

Michael Douglas Smit 

Pyi Soe 

Mackenzie Norell Stevens 

Dmitri Tsveitel 

Edward Michael Wakid 

Michael Andrew Webster 

Manjitha Nilkama Weerasinghe 
2nd Major: Economics 

Nishantha Priyanjith Weerasinghe 
2nd Major: Mathematics 

Milton Yang 

Yu Zhai 

Grace Xinmei Zhang 

Aaron Nan Zheng 


Amy Gelinas 


Jennifer EUzabeth Deering 

Nicole Lytm Earp 

Zia AUen Faiz-Tompkins 

2nd Degree: Engineering 
Evan MacAlpin Fistere 
Edwin T. Fung 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Irin Daniel Innerfield 
ChingTung Ip 
James Arthur Lusby, Jr. 
Aesha Rashidah Minter 

Physical Sciences 

Souvanic Suvo Sur 


Benjamin Adam Kleber 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Secondary Education- 
English Language Arts 

Tonya Turrell Wells 

2nd Major: English Language 
and Literature 

Secondary Education- 
Foreign Languages 

Anmck Akou Adjogah 

2nd Degree: Romance Languages 
Annamaria Teresa Pace 
MeUssa Mae Roosen 

Secondary Education- 

Cynthia Anne Bucks 
Shan Susan Hsiung 

2nd Major: Mathematia 

§ Sumtiui aim Laudc f A/'i?"'' ^"'" Ltiiide * aim Laudc 



Bachelor of Science 

Early Childhood Education 

Amv Elizabeth Hatcher 

Elementary Education 

Dana Bridget Feldmeier 
Samantha Jean Humphreys 

Secondary Education- 

Melissa Ann Moreno 

Secondary Education-Science 

Philippa Sydney Durham 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

Kristen Marie Smith 

Jamie Lynn Zellers 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Community Health 

Makeda Hannah Clement 

Family Studies 

Karen Elizabeth Brown 
Lauryn PhyUis Casalena 
Nevena Athea Das 
Julie Megan Ignasias 
Melvin Tavoris Jordan 
Heidi Lynn Kramer 
Reginald Kareem Lewis 
Christy Lee Marino 
Calvin Demar McCall 
Aaron Tinch 
Kriscina MariamWihl 
*Solmaz Zabiheian 

Kinesiological Science 

Katrina Lynn Beegle 
Jason Eblon Bell 
JacqueUne Nicole Harper 
Damion Calvin King 
Rashad Robert Mclver 
Tiffany Michele Rynders 
James David White 

College of 
Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 

Zainab Ameri 
Nicole T. Lim 

Biological Sciences 

Olubunmi Ojuolape Akinpelumi 
Radliika Rani Akkapeddi 
Olubunmi Olusevi Bakare 
Meghan Mae Dinneen 
Phihppa Sydney Durham 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Education- Science 
Catherine Page Gardner 
Kevin Patrick Hieber 
Lilian Cha-Chung Kim 
Mariana Leone 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Bonita Gaby Levy 
♦Daniel James McGown.Jr. 
Karolina Maria Michniewicz 
Azuka Iwegbunem Mogekwu 
Ayodele Akinola Osilesi 
John Eduards Asa Powe 
Amy Rachel Ross 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Melika Shaterghoh 
Matthew McArthur Stokes 
Diana Cristel Tonoukouin 

Shaneil AUa TurnbuU 
Gregory Keeshawn Vick 
Jamie Lynn Zellers 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Education- Science 


Jahanvi Upendra Desai 

2nd Degree: Art History 
Majdi Salah Hamouda 
Sandrine Tchinda 


Sadia Abbasi 

Victoria Ann Rozanski 

Philip Merrill 
College of JournaUsm 

Bachelor of Arts 


Kathn,'n C. Calautti 
Andrea Frances Crimi 
Maureen Marie Hartshorn 
Brennan Joseph Thomas Kuhns 
Diana Laura Moon 
Jeremy Milam Oliver 
Jessica Lauren Stepman 
Melissa A. Thompson 
Mehssa Ann Wimbrow 

School of Architecture, 
Planning, and Preservation 

Bachelor of Science 


Orion HoUandt-Koziolkiewicz 
David Anthony Kelley 
Jeanette Antonieta Paucar 
Joseph Robert Ruck 

J. Michael Talbott, Jr. 
Stacy Lynn White 
Jamis Ying Xiao 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Saeed Ashrafzadeh 
Susan Gay Bowie 
Jennifer Lynn Clements 
Brian Vincent Gannon 
WUliamJohn Gibbs 
John H. Gray 
Andrea Maria Hernandez 
Kunal Jain 

Kimmary Ueen MacLean 
2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Priti Vinodrai Mehta 
Sonalee Suresh Naik 
Gary L. Simpson 
Joel H. Sung 
fjason Adam Volk 


Heather Ki Alexander 

SDaniel Lee Barnes 

T. Nathan Brentzel 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

William A. Dempsey 111 

Thomas David Ekelman 

Gavin Fig 

Vishal Gupta 

Erin Marissa Howard 

Omokolapo Akande Joseph 
2nd Major: Marketing 

Anil Kumar Kapoor 


§ Summa nun Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Armelia Meliala 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Lam Giang Ngoc Nguyen 
Sabasrian Vivek Niles 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Brent Lloyd Roberts 

2nd Major: Accoi4nting 
Tamar Loucine Sakian 

2nd Major: Aaoiinting 
Michael L. Schiffiiian 
Craig Michael Taflin 

2nd Major: Economics 
Stephen Kihan Vargas 
Kevin David Vigneault 

2nd Major: Econoniia 
Chris R.Wolohan 

2nd Major: French Language 

and Literature 

General Business 

Hans Alic 

Damtsagdorj Amarmend 
Geri Janelle Averytt 
Oeniita Ayana Burkett 
Steven Doron Daskal 
Nathan David Dillingham 
CorneUa Ferrari 
Stacy Meaghan Garity 
Gregory Robert Hainer 
Bouy Sally Lim 
Paul Allen Markowich 
Phuong Nu My Nguyen 
Sampad Arnold Pereira 
Karen Maria Raymond 
Matthew Sean Scott 
Matthew Temple Shell 
Jorge Enrique Uquillas 
2nd Major: Economia 

Duna Gondim Uribe 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Luis EduardoVillalobosTello 

Rahewa Yemane 

Ilya Zusin 

Human Resource 

Jessica Blaire Ray 

2nd Major: Psychohgy 
Kelly Suzanne Hayeslip 
Brian Joseph Hosmer 

Logistics, Transportation and 
Supply Chain Management 

David Raymond Kroc II 
Christopher Michael Mooney 
Kathleen P. Santangelo 

Managetnent Science 
and Statistics 

Usman Khan Alizai 
Pin-Yun Chou 

2nd Major: General Business 
Revital Darmon 

2nd Major: General Business 
Amilcar Machel Davy 
Mark Louie Delos Reyes Del 

Yuan Yuan Linda Ge 
Faisal S. Khan 
Sweta Matta 
Lan Ngoc Nguyen 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Sabastian Vivek Niles 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Eon Rambharan 
Karen Salomon 

2nd Major: Finance 

Guanzong Sha 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Jesse Lee Strickland 


Patrick Michael Carroll 
Richard Michael Hankins 
Mary Theresa Hartnett 
Michael Gerard Jones 
Scott H. Krass 
Gerald Samuel Levine 
Ha Thi Mai 
Arman Moazzez 

2nd Major: General Business 
Maria Regina Nehman 
Lien Thi Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Chinese 
Prenal Patel 

2nd Major: General Business 
Brad Alien Rickard 
Kelly Ann Robertson-Slagle 
Brian Michael Savarese 
Amanda Marie Sawyer 
Ali Shahin Mohanmied Shahin 
HyeUn Sue 

Elizabeth Anne Torregrossa 
Christopher Yuan Wang 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Tiffany Renee Foxworth 
Mary Elizabeth Kirkwood 
Joi LaRue Stanley 
Jason MehYang III 

Bachelor of Science 

Combined Program-Dentistry 

Taraneh Zandpour Khakzadch 

Individual Studies 

Jarrett Seth Fischer 

Thomas Christopher Pettit II 

Gregory Pressoir 

Certificate Programs 

African American Studies 

Michael Kirk Micioni 

Asian American Studies 

Esther Chungjin Song 

Latin American Studies 

Duna Gondim Uribe 

Women's Studies 

Jessica Lauren Stepman 

$ Summa cum Laudc f A/j^fiu njrn Laude * cum Laude 



Keith D. Alexander • History 

Froiri Red to Green in the Island City:'nieAL Berlin and the Evaluation 
of the West German Lefi. 1995 - 1990 

Frances D. Allen • Health Education 

Psychological Distress in Adolescents: Tlie Role of Coping Responses and Social 

Sean B. Andersson • Electrical Engineering 

Geometric Phases in Sensing and Control 

Ehab S. Awad • Electrical Engineering 

Ultra-Fast Optical Signal Processing for Digital Communication Using 
Ah-Optical Sonlinear Interactions in Semiconductor Optical Waveguides 

Hamza Balci • Physics 

Specific Heat and Nernst Effect on Electron-Doped Cuprates 

Christopher S. Baldwin • Mechanical Engineering 

Distributed Sensing for Flexible Structures Using a Fiber Optic Sensor System 

Felipe Barrera-Osorio • Economics 

Decentralization and Education: An Empirical Ini'estigation 

Eric L. Berlatsky • English Language & Literature 

Fact, Fiction, and Fabrication: History, Narrative, and the Postmodern RealFrom 
Woolfto Rushdie 

Matias E. Berthelon Idro • Economics 

Essays on Regional Integration and Development Economics 

Scott F. Beveridge • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Vocational Rehabilitation Outcomes: A Study on the Relationship Between 
Rehabilitation Goals, Training Methods, and Employment Outcomes 

Julie Z. Blackburn • Kinesiology 

A Cross- Sectional Comparison of College Athletes and Non-Athletes on Factors 
of Career Exploration, Identity Status, and Academic Motivation: Implications for 
Sport Retirement Research 

Bradley R. Brenner • Counseling and Personnel Services 

A Longitudinal Study oj Self-Awareness, Sclf-Efficacy, and Sojourner Adjustment 

Anna M. Brettell • Government and Politics 

The Politics of Public Participation in Environmental Policy Processes and the 
Emergence of Environmental Movements in China 

Laura G. Bright • Cotnputer Science 

Improving Data Delivery in Hide Area and Mobile Environments 

Jesse S. Buch • Chemistry 

A Two-Dimensional Microfluidic Separation Platform for Genetic 
Mutational Analysis 

Michelle M. Buehl • Human Development 

At the Crossroads of Cognition and Motivation: Modeling the Relationships 
Between Students' Domain-Specific Epistemological 
Beliefs, Achievement Motivation and Task Performance 

Steven E. Bullock III • Engineering Materials 

Polymeric Nandscalc Bluer Cupclynier Batteries 

Robert Chastain • Marine, Estuarine, & Enviroiunental Sciences 

Distribution and Dynamics of the Evergreen Understory Layer in Central 
Appalachian Highland Forests 

Alessandra R. Chaves • Entomology 

Studies on the Phylogcnetic Rctionships oJ the Siiperfamily Opomyzoidea with 
an Assessment of the Phylenlaic Utility of the Internal Female Reproductive 
Tract and a ogneric Revision of Aulacigaster Macquart (Diptera, Cyclorrhapa) 

Chun-Hung Chen • Civil Engineering 

Integrated Management of Highway Maintenance and Traffic 

Jian Chen • Business and Management 

Three Essays on Mortgage Backed Securities: Hedging Interest and Credit Risks 

Xin Chen • Biological Resources Engineering 

Detection of Physical Hazards in Boneless Pouhr^' Product Using Combined 
X-Ray and Laser Range Imaging Technologies 

Rendy P. Cheng • Aerospace Engineering 

A High-Order, Linear Time-Invariant Model for Application to Higher Harmonic 
Control and Flight Control System Interaction 

Sean P. Corcoran • Economics 

Essays in the Economics of Education: Changes in Teacher Quality Over Time 
and Population Hetereo and the Support for Public Education 

Rogerio C. De Sousa • Physics 

Spin Relaxation and Manipulation of LocaUzed States in Semiconductors: 
Considerations for Sohd State Quantum Computer Architectures 



Ricardo H. Diaz • Aerospace Engineering 

A Critical HvMimlioii oj Onc-Eqiuuioti \'i\ir- 1 1 lill Turbulence Models and 
Devehpmenl of a Netv Model 

Philip N. Edmondson • English Language & Literature 

77i<' Si. Dominique Lei<aCY in Black Aclivisl and Anlislapery Wrilini;s in the 
I -nitcd States. 1971-1862 

Hongliang Fang • Geography 

Improving the Estimation of Leaf Area Index from Multispectral Remotely 
Sensed Data witlt a Hybrid Method 

Helenrose Fives • Human Development 

Hxplorni^ the Relationships ofTeachers' Efficacy, Knoivledge, and Pedagogical 
Beliefs: A Multi-method Study 

Marc Gcrvais • Aerospace Engineering 

Tillrotor Soise Reduction T/ircni;/! Fli'^ht Path Management & Aircraft 
Configuration Control 

Mimi M. Ghim • Psychology 

Contrast Sensitivity of Birds 

Lance E. Good • Computer Science 

Zoomable User Interfaces for the Authoring and Delivery of Presentations 

John P. Grason • Biocheinistry 

Allostery in CroHl: Its Role in the I'nfolding of Protein Substrates 

Revenda A. Greene • Public and Community Health 

End Stage Renal Disease Patient's Perceptions Regarding Pre And Post Dialysis 
Education and Treatment 

Christopher S. Grenda • History 

Debating Liberal \alucs:Tlie Heritage of Church and State from 
Early America 

Zhu Han • Electrical Engineering 

Resoi4re Allocation and Management tor Proven Controlled Wireless 

Richmond T. Hand • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 

Ecological Economic Modeling for Food Security and Sustainable Development 

Munther A. Hassouneh • Electrical Engineering 

Feedback Control of Border CoUiswn Bifuraciions in Pieceu'ise Smooth Systems 

Chun-Wei Huang • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Psychoinelric Analyses Based on Evidence-Centered Design and Cognitive 
Science of Learning to Explore Students' Problem-Solving in Physics 

Gregory S.Jenkins • Physics 

FIR Hall Angle Response in Single Crystal BSCCO 

Hansong Jing • Biological Resources Engineering 

Dynainic ^-D Ltser Range Imaging for Poultry Products 

Jia-Shiang Jou • Electrical Engineering 

Multifractal Internet Traffic Model and Active Queue Management 

Amit A. Kale • Electrical Engineering 

Algorithms for Cait-Based Human Identification from a Monocular Video 

Telesphor Kamgaing • Electrical Engineering 

High-Impedance Electromagnetic Surfaces for Mitigation of Switching Noise in 
High-Speed Circuits 

Masaaki Kamiya • Linguistics 

Event Nouns and Hierarchy 

Hyunmo Kang • Computer Science 

Personal Media Explanation with Semantic Regions (A Spatial Interface 
Supporting User-defined Mental Models) 

Mudit Kapoor • Economics 

Panel Data Models with Spatial Correlation: Estimation Tlieory and an 
Empirical Investigation of the U.S. IVliolesale Gasoline Industry 

David Katz • History 

Tlie Road to Authority: Education and Early Career of Rabbi Ezckicl Laudau, 

Anne L. Kaufman • English Language & Literature 

Shaping Infinity: American and Canadian Women Write a North American West 

Richard J. Keaton • Chemistry 

Amidinale Based Catalysts for the Stereospecific and Living Ziegler-Notta 
Polymeri::ation of OUfnis 

Bhaskar Khubchandani • Physics 

Nonlinear Pulse Propagation Through Optical Fibers.Tlteory and Experiment 



Ki-Yong Kim • Physics 

Mcitsiiremctit of Vlthitlist Dyihiniics iti llic Interaction of Intense Laser Pulses 
with Gases, Atomic Clusters, and Plasmas 

Christopher R. Kimball • Mechanical Engineering 

Integrated Temperature Measurement Control in Polymer Microjhiid Systems 

Karl M. Kippola • Theatre and Performance Studies 

Out of the Forrest and Into the Booth: Performance of Masculiinly on the 
American Stage, 1827-1865 

Julia A. Kish • Public and Community Health 

Tlie Development of Maternal Confidence for Labor Among Niilliparous 
Pregnant Women 

Frank W. Kotch • Chemistry 

Ion Binding and Transport by Synthetic Molecular Assemblies 

Diana I. Kruger • Economics 

Tlie Effects of Economic Opportunity on Child Labor and Schooling 

John R. Lamkin • Curriculum and Instruction 

Beyond the Podium: A Phcnomenological Investigation oj the Lifeworlds of 
Experienced High School Band Directors 

David Lefkowitz • Philosophy 

A Moral Conlractiialist Defense of Political Obligation 

JeflS-ey T. Lewis • Economics 

Essays on Welfare Reform 

Anne G. Liversidge • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Perceptions of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students Regarding Academic and 
Social Integration in a Mainstream University 

Lisa B. Looney • Human Development 

Understanding Teachers' Efficacy Beliefs: Tlie Role of Professional Community 

Heather Z. Lyons • Psychology 

Tlieory of Work Adjustment in African American Employees 

Paul S. Madachy • English Language & Literature 

The Xightmare oj the Sation: Sam Shcpard and the Paradox oJ the American 

Amy S. Manoso • Chemistry 

Synthesis and Application of Hypervalcnt Silicon Compwunds 

Carrie E. Markovitz • Measurement, Statistics and Evaluation 

Assessing Fit of Litent Class Models to Complex Survey Data: Implications for 
Drug Use Research 

Facundo S. Martin • Economics 

Explaining Reform Reversals: Tlie Role of External Constraints in Transition 
and Litin American Countries 

David M. Mattingly • Physics 

Constraints on Lorentz Violation from High Energy Astrophysics: A Window on 
Quantum Gravity 

Stephen C. Meersman • Sociology 

Neighborhoods: Objective Properties and Perceived Problems 

Michael C. Menoes • Civil Engineering 

Estimating the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Snow Water Equivalent 
]\'itliin a Watershed 

Elaine M. Miller • Spanish Language & Literature 

Migrating Texts: Cross-Cuttural Readings oj Costa Rican Plays 

Ojmarrh F. Mitchell • Criminology and Criminal Justice 

Race and Sentencing: Making Sense of the Inconsistencies 

Sarvin Moghaddam • Chemical Engineering 

Finely-Discretized Lattice Models For Thermodynamic Properties of Fluids 

Peter N. Murray • Mass Communication 

Marqiicritc Higgins:An Examination oj Dgacy and Gender Bias 

Kristine A. Nichols • Agronomy 

Characterization ofGlomalin:A Unique Soil Organic Matter Constituent 

Lisa H. Nishii • Psychology 

Tlie Psychology ofSHRM:Tlie Effect of Employee Attributions for HR Practices 
on Unit Performance in a Services Firm 

Nicolai Nygaard • Chemical Physics 

Superfluidity in a Degenerate Atomic Fermi Gas 

Shelly A. O'Foran • English Language & Literature 

Baptized by Fire: Collected Memories of Little Zion Baptist Church 

Michael P. Oczkowski • Physics 

Scenarios J'or the Development of Dxally Dnv Dimensional Atmospheric 



Phares O. Okelo • Biological Resources Engineering 

Relaiiiiii Spore Popuhilwit of Acid Produdin; Tlicriiwplulk Or\;ciiii.<ms (ind 
Arlifuully liioailjicd BiUilhis Slearotlu-rmophilns to Processing I liriMcs 
During Extmsioti of a Standardised Feed Formulation 

Masoud Olfat • Electrical Engineering 

Spatial Processing, Power (Control, and 1 101 Channel Allocation for OFDM 
Wireless Communications 

Benjamin S. Palmer • Physics 

Applications of Scanning Probe Techniques: Scanning Eddy Currant 
Dyna-wometer and Photoconductivity Studies of Underdoped YBCO 

Sylvia B. Patton • Psychology 

Employment and IVelfarc-to-Work Training Initiatives :Tlie Effects oj Pre-Training 
Attitudes on Job-Search Behavior, job Procurement, and Job Search Intention 

Michael Perlitz • Applied Mathematics and Scientific 

Explaining the Emergence of Coopertion: An Axiomatic Tlwory of Accumulation 

Steven T. Poole • Biochemistry 

Benzoyl-CoA Reductase: A Biological Birch Reduction 

Stephen K. Powell • Electrical Engineering 

Surface Physics Modeling and Evaluation of 6H-Silicon Carbide Metal 
Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors with Experimental Corroboration 

Narda R. Quigley • Business and Management 

The Relationship Between Leader Core Self-evaluations, Team Feedback, 
Leader Efficacy, Transformational Leadership, Team Efficacy, Team 
Goals, Team Action and Transition Processes, and Team Performance 

Wendy K. Richardson • Human Development 

Connecting Political Discussion to Civic Engagement: 77j(' Role of Civic 
Knowledge, Efficacy and Context for Adolescents 

Luisa F. Robles-Diaz-De-Leon • Marine, Estuarine, and 
Environmental Sciences 

A Amemetic/ Participatory Approach for Changing Social Behaviors and 
Promoting Enmronmental Stewardship in Jalisco Mexico 

Pedro C. Rodriguez Martinez • Economics 

Currency Mismatches in Emerging Markets: Causes and Implications for 
Firms Investment During Currency Crises 

Matthew J. Rubin • Geography 

A i\'egotiated Landscape: Planning, Regulation, and the Transformation 
of San Francisco's Waterfront 1950 to the Present 

Bican Sahin • Government and Politics 

An Investigation of the Contributions of Plato and Aristotle to the Concept of 

Emilija A. Sakadolskis • Curriculuin and Instruction 

Ttie Use of Figurative Language in the Construction of Musical Meaning: 
An Etnographic Analysis ofTtiree Sixth-Grade General ,Music Classes 

Susan E. Savage-Stevens • Human Development 

Meaning in the Lives of Older Women: An Analysis with Hardiness, Health, 
and Personal Projects 

Nikolai Sawinov • Physics 

Charge Form Factor of the Neutron Tlirough i/vec{d}(/vec{e},e'n)$at 
$Q''2=1.0 $(CeV/c)''2$. 

Barbara A. Schaefer • Education Policy, Planning, and 

Sailing Mid-Ufe Seas :Tlie Journeys of Voyaging Women 

Matthew A. Schrager • Kinesiology 

Tlie Influence of Insulin-like Growth Factor 2 (ICF2) Genotype on Muscle 
Mass and Strength Across the Adult Age Span 

Jill M. Schultz • Education Policy, Plantiing, and Administration 

Schooling, Structured Inequality, and Individual Experience: A Qualitative Study 

April A. Shemak • English Language & Literature 

Textual Trespassing: Tracking the Native Informant in Literatures of the Americas 

Gerald M. Shockley • Education Policy, Planning, and 

When Culture and Education Meet: An Ethnographic Investigation of an 
Africentric Private School 

Felice S. Shore • Curriculum and Instruction 

Tlie Alignment of Eighth-grade Mathematics Instruction Across Academic Tracks 
with Statewide High Stakes Tests: Implications for Test Performance 



Sanjiv Shresta • Physics 

Coherent Dyiiitiiiici in Alom Field hueractious 

Bujor D. Silaghi • Computer Science 

Replication Techniques for Peer-to-Peer Networks 

Jayanarayanan Sitaraman • Aerospace Engineering 

CFD Based Unsteady Aerodynanties for Rotor Aeroltatic Analysis 

Nathan J. Sniadecki • Mechanical Engineering 

Field Effect Flow Control in Microjiuidics 

Haichen Song • Animal Science 

Functional Studies of infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus Proteins and 
Mechanism ofl'irus-Induced Apoptosis 

Beth A. Stevens • Neurosciences and Cognitive Sciences 

Activity-Dependent Regulation of Schwaini Cell Development By 
Extracellular ATP 

Lisa Swanson • Kinesiology 

Soccer Fields Of Cultural (RE)- Production: An Ethnographic Explication 
of the Soccer Mom 

Vahid Tabatabaee • Electrical Engineering 

Sheduling and Rate Provisioning For Input-Biffered Cell Based Switch Fabrics 

Ana M.Taboada • Human Development 

Tlie Association of Student Questioning and Reading Comprehension 

Riki Takeuchi • Business and Management 

How Do We Get Tliere Frotn Here? Understanding the Black Box in Strategic 
HRM Research from Resource-based and Social Exchange Perspectives 

Zhihui Tang • Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computation 

Fail Transforms Based on Structured Matrices with Applications to the Fast 
Multiple Method 

Peerapol Tinnakornsrisuphap • Electrical Engineering 

Dynamics of Active Queue Management Schemes Under a Large Number of 
TCP Flows 

Primrose P. Tishman • Government and Politics 

Tlic Role of Religion in Tocqiwvillc's Political Philosophy 

ZhongY. Tong • Policy Studies 

Tlte Impact of Targeted Homeownership Tax Credit Programs on Housing 
Markets: Evidence from Washington DC. 

Juan P. Trevino • Economics 

Does the Exchange Rate Matter for Monetary Policy Under Inflation Targeting? 
Evidence from Mexico, New Zealand and Canada 

Dusan Turcan • Physics 

Solar Neutrino Oscillatiions at Super- Kamiokande 

Patience L.Vail • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Email Coaching of Instructional Consultation Skills:Tlirough the Eyes of 
Coaches and Consultant-trainees 

John S. Wah • Natural Resource Sciences 

Origin and Pedogenic History Of Quaternary Silts On Tlic Delmarva 
Peninsula. Maryland 

Danna L.Walker • Mass Communication 

Donna Allen andTlie History of Women's Activism in Communication 

Zhaoyang Wang • Mechanical Engineering 

Development and Application of Computer-Aided Fringe Analysis 

Dorothy C. Whitehead • Counseling and Personnel Services 

Rehabilitation Counselors' Perceived Competence: Working 

Chin-Tien Wu • Applied Mathematics and Scientific 

On the implementation of an Accurate and Efficient Solver for Convection 
Diffusion Equations 

YubingYang • Mechanical Engineering 

Rcliabihty Assessment of Optical Fibers under Tension and Bending Loads 

Xiaodong Yao • Electrical Engineering 

Optimal Preventive Maintenance Policies for Unreliable Queueing and 
Production Systems 

Larry T. Younklns • Electrical Engineering 

Applications of Array Antennas to Wireless Systems Comnmnication 

Sahru Yuksel • Biochemistry 

Transfer of Nisin Gene Cluster from Lactococcus lactis into the Chromosome of 
Bacillus subtilis 168 

Iriana L. Zuria Jordan • Marine, Estuarine, & Environmental 

Birds and Field Margins in an Agricultural Landscape of Guanajuato, Mexico 



Doctor of Education 

Bernadette A. Sandruck • Curriculum and Instruction 

Effects of Interactive Computer- Based Instruction in Elementary Algebra on 
Communiry College Achievement in Inlcrwediale Algebra 

Doctor of Musical Arts 

Michael I. Forbes • Music 

The European Tuba 

Yi-Shien Lien • Music 

A Selection of Compositions for I'ioloncello ofVilla-Lobos 

Dmitri Nazarenko • Music 

Johannes Brahms: Piano texture in Solo Piano Works and Works for 
Two Pianos 

Robert W. Robinson • Music 

The Character Baritone in Opera 

Kenneth G. Schweitzer • Music 

Aesthetics oj (^nbon Batg 

Yeon-Jee Sohn • Music 

A Diversified Selection of 20th Ccnliir)' Oboe and English Horn Concertos 

Elizabeth S. Su • Music 

Innovative Techniques in Benjamin Britten's Cello Works: Tlie Inflnencc of 
Mslislav Roslropovich 

Robert Tudor • Music 

The Use of Multimedia in the Classical Peiformance Setting 

Yu-Chi Wang • Music 

A Survey of Unaccompanied Violin Repertoire: Tlie Evolution of 

Qing Zhang • Music 

All-Chopin Recitals (Performance Option) 



Master of Applied 

Matthew Tadashi Hora 

Master of Architecture 

Edmund Barry Ault III 
Cecily Claire Channell 
Evan Leonard Currey 
Roberto M. De los Rios 
Alistair James Campbell Dearie 
Vanessa Tracy Eng 
Lisa Firstenberg 
EUzabeth Kramer Golumbeck 
Joseph Russell Harris 
Tanya Faye Karamian 
Ryan David Kautz 
Cynthia Denise Leibman 
Jill Cathleen McClure 
Milan Virendra Mehta 
Sara Salazar Rellihan 
Framindhany Elvie Dewandrie 

Lynn Riley Stokes 
Lingbo Sun 
Kyra Tallon 
Gretchen Ehzabeth Wagner 

Master of Arts 

American Studies 

Laura J. Lee 

Alexander Joseph Lourie 
Lisa Elaine Plumley 
Susan Frances Strange 

Art History 

Heather Turnbow Awan 
Phoebe Isabelle Esmon 
Ozge Gencay 
Tang Li 

Elizabeth Nash 
Carol Carpenter Baggies 
Stephanie Lee Tadlock 
Jonathan Frederick Walz 


Saihanzhuola He 
Owen D. Kulemeka 
Jennifer Lynn Munro 

Comparative Literature 

Rachel Leah Jablon 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Julie Anne Allen 
Allison Lynette Buder 
Jody Lynn Byrd 
Jacqueline P. CLUizza 
Sayaka Eto 

Susanna Maria Gallor 
Aimee M. Kandelman 
Warren Latt Kelley 
Lisa Michelle Ladd-Moe 
Kenneth Lee Longerbeam 
Elisabeth Madayag 
Shannon Lee Moseley 
Leslie Jeanne Nettleton 
Angela J. Neuman 
JefBrey D. Newbern 
Angela Marie Poison 
Johanna Frances 

Thor Rayward II 
Je'Neen Pierre Russell 
Shadi Shakjbai 

Nathaniel Thomas Sla^ton.Jr. 
Shogo Yanagida 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Karen Anne Beckman 
Sean LeVan Bryner 
David R. Foster 
Michelle L. Howe 
Gary Mitcheal Locust, Jr. 
Heidi Monica Powell 
Melissa Kate Reimer 
Lee Ann Slocum 
Daniel James Woods 


Irani Arraiz 

Tuvshintugs Batdelger 

Julian P. Cristia 

Valentina Petrova Dimitrova-Grajzl 

Theodora B. Galabova 

Jeremy Tyler Harris 

Beom Soo Kim 

Lisa L. Kolovich 

Hanbin Liu 

Mill Ouyang 

Ana Maria Oviedo 

Radu Adrian Paun 

Helena Schweiger 

Yevgeniy A.Yuzefovich 

Education Leadership 
and PoUcy Studies 

Katharine Ann Brewer 
Tara Ellen Brown 
Jelena Jane 

Education Policy, Planning 
and Administration 

Cynthia Ann Breitenlohner 
Liza Estelle Briggs 
Theresa Mary Kirsch 

English Language 
and Literature 

Erica Ann Carrado 
Brian James Eskridge 
Paige EUzabeth Franklin 
Heidi Rebecca Herr 
Dresden Marie Koons 
Elizabeth Anne Martin 
Heather Moreland McHale 
Megan Alysse Swartz 
Juha Nicole Vincent 
Laura Camille Williams 
Silvia Xavier 

French Language 
and Literature 

Wenjin X. He 


Eric F. Armijo 
Inbal Becker-Reshef 
Sonia R. Coronado 
Keisha Lashaun Harrison 
Alice Katharine McDonald 
Lynn C. Thorp 

Government and Politics 

Nathan Simons Bigelow 

Kelly Siobhan Boyce 
Colette R. Chichester 
Ronald Andrew Drake 
James Samuel Fletcher 
Lome Ann Frasure 
Juliana Menasce Horowitz 
Bethany Sara Lapointe 
Marcus Schaper 
Birhan Sener 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

Alexandra Catherine Dowdal 
Kristin Kav Slawson 




Andrew Richard Bernstein 
Herbert Brewer 
Kelly Melinda Courtney 
James Luke De Angelis 
Beth A. Emmerhng 
Francisco Manuel Gonzalez 
Trisha Ann Laski 
Kenneth Arthur Olson 
Rrishi Raote 
Sunah Sandy Ro 
Paul Daniel Schniitt 

Human Developtnentment 

Margro Anne Purple 


KeUy Renee Harvey 

Mara Anialia Schiavo-Campo 


Carl Robert Bencal 
Tzu-Yun Chang 
Rakesh Gopinathannair 
Stephen June Kim 
Aimejohn Kouame 
Michael Morley Lockard 
Tricia Dwyer Santopietro 
Holly Sue Stover 
David Vizcaino 
Tamara Tashiko Walden 

Mathematical Statistics 

Lina Kurmasih Himawan 
Olga B. Karles 
Hantao Mai 
Chon Sam 
Xin Song 
Zhjhui Yang 


Sarah Ann Brown 
Maria-Victona Del Carmen 

Monica Grace Madero-Craven 
Peter Andrew Rankel 
Kathryn Elizabeth Rendall 


Measurement, Statistics 
and Evaluation 

Marcia H. Davis 


Vashti Diane Gray 
Kristin E. Maloney 
Alexis Lynne Mickna 
Jason Paul 
Anastasia Natasha Pike 


Sotirios Konstantinos Kotsanis 
Peter J. Motzenbecker, Jr. 
Andrew Douglas Robinson 


Knnberly A. Adams 

Archie Lee Bates III 

Matthew Jason Dykas 

Hilary Joyce Gettman 

Nancy Felicity Hensler-Mcginnis 

Mina T. Huang 

Jarrod Dustin Hyman 

Julie Stella Lyon 

Alison Ottenbreit 

Lisa M. Sanchez 

Robin Yeganeh 

Secondary Language 
Acquisition and Application 

Ana Acedo Ciarcia 
Richard Bryan Christensen 
Millie Frances Tansill 
Karen Louise Vatz 


Anthony Steven Alvarez 
CrecillaV. Cohen 
Cecily Davina Darden 
Karolyn P. Eworo-Enfumo 
Alexa Kjestine Kennedy-Puthoft' 
Megan Lynn Klein 
lulia Oana Patriciu 
John Calvin Scott 
Candice Andrea Sergeant 
Michael D Shaffer 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Angela Nicole Delutis 
Gustavo Fierros 
Dolores Lima- Vales 
Rebeca Moreno 
Esteban Ponce-Ortiz 
Ruth Roman 


Jeffrey Douglas Jacoby 

Women's Studies 

Laura Ann Logie 

Luh Ayu Saraswati Prasetyaningsih 
Heather Emily Rellihan 
Joyleen Valero Sapinoso 

Master of Arts/ 
Master of Library 
Science Combined 

Geography /Library 

and Information Services 

Kathleen P. Stroud 


and Information Services 

Ahda Clyde Fnedrich 
Jeremy Ryan Linden 
Ariel Jacob Segal 

Master of Business 

Veronica Annette Aldstadt 
Deborah Elizabeth Anselm 
Laura Anne Bachurski 
Pooja Baheti 
Srinivas Balla 
Carlos H. Basto 
Lia Beauvais 
Laura Heinz Beck 
Hillary Shenk Berman 
Kevin Francis Bravo-Ferrer 
Lindsay Michael Carpen 
Dmitri Alexandrovich Chernov 
David Walter Choate 
Tapio Lars Christiansen 
Teresa Nguyen Clark 
Amy Beth Cohen 
Eun-Kyung Cohen 
Joseph R. Crayton 
Carlos Fernando CueUar 

Natalia Culiuc 

Gangavarapu Satya Gita Dasika 
Tracie Parker Dobbins 
Daniel Halton Doherty 



Jennifer Michele Edwards 

Maureen Frances Fern,' 

Mark Charles Field 

Brandon John Fields 

James Martin Fitzmaurice 

Eric Brian Forseter 

Elias Gabriel 

Federico Garcia-Lopez 

Bett>' Duyen Gerald 

Shane Thomas Gleason 

Ryan Clifford Guthrie 

Soo Jung Han 

Emane Haque 

Louise EUsabeth Hayden 

Randheeva P. Hemantha 

Diane J. Hendel 

Matthew Christopher Hussey 

Matthew Eric Irwin 

Yann Jodoin 

Cara Christian Juhano 

Victoria Talley Kelly 

Jason B. Kidd 

Brian Michael Kilgallon 

Cathryn Jungeun Kim 

Erich Francis Gerard Klein 

Jiyoung Lee 

Matthew John Lenihan 

Reeba Sahay Magulick 

Sergey L. Malkov 

Brooke Manrique 

Michael Robert Marcellino 

James Donald McAlpin 

Blene Mekbeb 

Nicole Lynne Natalie Mitchell 

Ellen Lee Morse 

John Robert Napoh 

Lyndsay Paige Nelson 

Abhijit Paht 

Lisa M. Pecora 

Charles Bicknell Pekor III 

Michael James Piotrowski 

Daniel C. Pohlner 
Chia-Huei Nikki Pong 
Anthony G. Porter 
Jennifer Lynne Regelman 
Jie Ruan 

Jason Michael Ruggiero 
Angela Marie Sanders 
Rob Mark Ray Schacter 
C. Eric Scott 

Nana Beatrice Serr>'-Kamal 
Joseph Edward Shashaty 
Stephanie Kaye Shum 
Joshua Silverman 
Maninder Singh 
Oscar Frederick Somerlock III 
Brian Scott Southard 
Neil Spiegel 
SatyaMohan Srireddy 
Tammy Sherrel Rena Stevens 
Nathan Randall Strickler 
Robert Lee Thibodeau 
Lanoria Marie Toms 
Nikolai Utochkin 
Susan Yager Velasco 
Katherine Tremper Walser 
Joey R.Weedon 
Scott Reese Wilson 
Yue Zhang 

Master of Business 
of Science Combined 

Business and Management 

Hsm-I Chen 
Rebecca Erin Kerr 
John Thomas Myers 
Caryn Lyrm Shriner 

Master of 
Community Planning 

Joshua Lee Bokee 
Samantha Beth Brown 
GabneUe Marie Collard 
Peter WiUiam Fogec 
Jennie Marie Gallardy 
NeUy V. Guerra 
Clifton J. Hogan 
Ehzabeth Margaret KeUey 
Aim E. Piesen 
Monica Murphy Robyns 
Monica Sagebiel 
Ping Sung 
Bindu Cerue Taylor 
Ann Margaret Wallas 
Kristen Nicole Ward 
Tevya Tywaima Williams 

Master of Education 

Counseling and 
Personnel Services 

Kimberly Marie Kruse Broussard 

Keith D. Bryant 

Cesar Figueroa 

Jennifer Arm Jimenez 

Makiko Kishaba 

Martha Sample Loftis 

Reiko Maeara 

Sherniece Renay McGregor 

Eric Pohte II 

Teri I. Rohne 

Laura S. Rubinstein 

Michael Tyrone Solomon 

Tsuguo Toma 

Rodolfo Torres 

Miyuki Tsuha 

Cynthia D.Vahle 

David W.Young 

Curriculum and Instruction 

Susan Lynn Alexander 

Bridget Ami Ash 

Stacy Philice Catlett-Muhammad 

Michael Robert Conti 

Hank Fang 

Kara Ehzabeth Figueredo 

Sandra D. Fox 

L)iin Marie Gould 

Catherine Denise Green 

Jessica Salome Guida 

Susan Becker HiUman 

Patricia Anne Hoath 

Rena Johanna Hull 

ZiUah Lise Ingram 

Kimberly Jean Ketchen 

Meaghen Juhet McConnell 

Jennifer A. McCormac 

Kristine Nicole Means 

Jamie Nicole Mikeska 

Tiffany Ambrogi Miles 

Mamiko Nakata 

Tenley Baker Newcomb 

Beth Ann Novick 

Jennifer Kay Pett 

Panchitta T. Robinson 

Shira Esther Rosenstein 

Linda San Gabriel 

Thomas Arthur Siegrist 

Sarah Ann Toth 

Christine M.Van Schaick 

Jason G.Vestuto 

Human Development 

Danyka Elene WolflciU-Hoffiiian 

Special Education 

Joanne Elizabeth BrowTi 
Kristine Marie Dooley 
Sarah Lourie Galena 



Maureen DcHiher Kehoe 
Kristin Marvin Marvni 
Saundra Gabrielle Peterson 
Tanya Russell Shuy 
Heather Amy White 
Jeniufer Renee Zito 

Master of Engineering 

Louis Vilantin Abena-Ondoa 

Mark Ahlskog 

Nahid G. Araghi 

Jatinder Pal Singh Bains 

Neeta Markan Basile 

Alireza Bekri 

Daniel Taylor Berkoski 

Renei S. Bouwkanip 

Amanda Djojosubroto 

Shinobu Doi 

Alfredo Echeverri 

Tarun Gaba 

Daniel Paul Gaither 

Louis Anthony Guy 

Joseph Webster Hotfinann 

Jeong-Ki Hong 

Brad larossi 

Erica Nicole Jackson 

Saurabh G. Khandelwal 

Wen-Chun Lin 

Charles Stephen McLendon 

Allen Joseph Morris 

Adithya Nagarajan 

Kartik Chandra Parija 

Kenneth J. Powell 

Sujay Sudhir Shah 

Rajiv Sharma 

Ryan Andrew Sinunons 

Leslie K. Smith 

Michael A. Strejcek 

Steven S. Sullivan 

Master of Fine Arts 

Creative Writing 

Kara Anne Candito 
Rita B. Chin 
Maria Halovanic 
Brian James Moylan 
Carisa Coburn Peneda 
AUison Rae Quam 


Daniel Phoenix Singh 

Studio Art 

Jeffrey Andrew Pinder 


Harold F. Burgess II 
Alexander Sprague Cooper 
Yi-Hui Lee 

Renate S. Maile-Moskowitz 
Peggy Christina Marshall- 

Master of Journalism 

Diana Michelle Alvear 

Kristina Denise Bigby 

Jeremy Daniel Bond 

Bethany Merrill Broida 

Carla J. Correa 

Michael Christopher Duck 

Tifiany Lynettc Francis 

Charlisa A. Gordon 

Makeba Dorothea Scott Hunter 

Cheryl Alison Johnston 

Alyson Renee Klein 

Sofia Kosmetatos 

Laura Jane Lewis 

Luciana Fonseca Lopez 

Angela Lynn Mason 

Stephen Eric Mather 

Lydia X. McCoy 

Shigeki Alejandro Meneses 

Marisa Navarro 
David Marshall Pittman 
Allen Joseph Powell 11 
Ravinder Mohan Rai, Jr. 
Debra George Siedt 
Katherine Eleanor Springle 
William Suen-Yan Wan 
Jamie RacheUe Welhngton 
Daniel Carrington Wilcock 

Master of 
Library Science 

Library and 
Information Services 

Edward John Brock 
Susan Fitch Brown 
Rebekah Irene Cerame 
Yu-Jie Chen 
Ammie Nicole Feijoo 
Lisa Marie Gaddy 
Kathleen Elizabeth Grant 
Brenda Annette Hager 
Erica Leah Hassler 
Jennifer May Hinton 
Mariane Soroka Hopkins 
Brittany Paige Horn 
Sarah Elizabeth Jones 
Marlene Justsen 
Christian James Miller 
Laura Ehzabeth Morrison 
Michael Gene Munson 
Mary Lynne Nelson 
George D. Oberle III 
Daniel Scott Onstad 
Jermifer Noelle Parker 
Juliet Ann Riley 

Daniel Louis Shiffner 
Julie E. Silverman 
Kathleen A. Spiro 
Tupper Stevens 
Martha Patricia 
Terri R.Winston 

Master of Life Sciences 

Christine A. Fredrich 
Shelley Mane Martineau 
Catherine Clark Miller 
Nancy Ann Aedes Scheer 
Deanna Marie Swartzfager 
Solomon Aseged Teklai 

Master of Music 

Jill Michele Brandenburg 

Samuel Brian Buccigrossi 

William Edward Culverhouse.Jr. 

Erin Dean Gittelsohn 

Induk Lee 

Virginia F Leigh 

Seong W. Nam 

Juan Carlos Pena 

John Stephen Reef 

Kristian Mark Twombly 

Rachelle L. Williams 

Master of 
Public Health 

Community Health Education 

Margaret Weiss Behrns 
Ying-Shan Lo 
Lisa Ann McGlinchy 
Yewande Arinola Oguntoyinbo 
Yue Qiu 



Master of 

Public Management 

Douglas Belling 
Jessica Lee Gowen 
N. Edward KaW 
Theresa Irene Rearing 
Denise L.Wales 

Master of Public 
Master of Business 

Anian Theodore Boyd 

Master of 
Public Policy 

Reena Bharia 

Maureen PhUomena Blassou 
Jan Maureen Bryant 
Richard Andrew Forrest 
George Francis GrifEn 
Wayne Chauncey Howard 
Fariba Kassiri 
Susannah Proper 
Rod William Rivard 
Pearl Walker 

Master of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

Jayasimha Atulasimha 
Jef&ey Richard Braden 
Kevni Andrew Bradley 
Daniel Chavez Clemente 
Jung Ung Cho 
WiUiam Brown Facey III 
Vinit Gupta 

Dongwook Lee 
Prasobchok Poonsong 

Scott Edward Reedy 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Ekaterina Krivonos 
Xiaoyu Tang 


Katherine K. Bahk 
Carol Sue Gordon 

Animal Sciences 

Daniel Anthony Castranova 
Debbie Charles 
Juhe Louise Hazelton 
Isha Raineshbhai Patel 
Sarah Ellen Wood 

Applied Math and 
Scientific Computation 

Daniel Michael Dunlavy 
Hainiing Guo 
Stacey Oneeta Nicholls 
Bryan Russell Osborn 
Calandra RUette Tate 
Mariam Zarrabi 


Rachel Kuzio De Naray 
John C.Vernaleo 

Behavior, Ecology, 
Evolution, and Systematics 

Aaron A. Moore 


Faiza Haleein Malik 
Monika S. Sharnia 

Biological Resources 

David Michael Blersch 

Yingh Fu 

Franklin ChongSuk Koh 

Ling Ma 

Carey Michelle Nagoda 

Nischom Karl Silverman 

Xiaoniin Su 

Ellen Rebecca Turner 


Katherine J. Dryer 

Nicole Angele Guimond 

Business and Management 

Garrett L. Cooper 

Robert Thomas Sereno Enrico 

Nan Fang 

James T. Gibney IV 

Wadia Ben Salem Haddaji 

Xiaoyun Liu 

Juan Bernardo Mendez 

Magdalena Marta Pasztaleniec 

Pallavi Ravindra Pawaskar 

Kara M. Satra 

Rajesh Shetty 

Wei Song 

Hui Zhan 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

James Carl Charity 
Robert Christopher Holder 
Summer Danyse Valenrine 

Chemical Engineering 

Karen Kimberly Carter 
Jermey Norman Augustus 

Chemical Physics 

Kun Zhao 
Tong Zhao 


Alfred Kwesi Addo-Mensah 
D'Anne Emmett Spence 
Andrea Elise Young 

Civil Engineering 

Leon Ffloyd Anderson 

John Koiirad Baker 

Ming-yu Chien 

Gilbert Marc Chlewicki 

Patrick T. Connor, Jr. 

Kelly Renee Fhnt 

Kamal Mohamoud Hamud 

Yiquan Hu 

Mark Adam Johnson 

Haejin Kim 

Yunseuk Kim 

Kevin Michael Kingston 

Chun-Fu Lin 

Jeffrey Donald Maurer II 

William Demetrio Medina 

Lotti Mheni 
Erin Mane Morrow 
Raghu Bangalore Narayan 
Amirali Nasserian 
Shaugn Eric Ostrowski 
Kiran K. Panchamgam 
Kyung H. Park 
Gopinath S. Penati 
Michael Clayton Peterson 
Jothsna Rao 
Jitiii Darshan Sahni 
Aditya Saini 
J. Michael Sawyers 
Koii Adanzan Schulterbrandt 
Jedsada Sirivansant 



Mark David SuL-nncn 

Gcrvas Kehengu Wanibura 

William Walter Wheaton 

Philip Curris Wheeler 

Hua Xiang 


Nan Zou 

Computer Science 

Ishan Baneijee 

Sasan Dashtinezhad 

Asta Gindulyte 

Gutemberg Bezer Guerra Filho 

Annie Hui 

Duy Huynh 

Chunyuan Liao 

Arunesh Mishra 

Alexander Mosolov 

Ed Garrett Parris 

Feng Peng 

Ransom Kershaw Winder 

Zhongchao Yu 

Electrical Engineering 

Sanaz Adl 

Bijan Afsari 

Amit K. Agrawal 

Jaume Andreu-Pascual 

Omri Bahat 

Zubair Ahmed Baig 

Aniruddha Raniesh Bhalekar 

Rakesh Babu Bobba 

TejasV. Chitnis 

Arnaud Dubreiiil 

Thorvaldur Einarsson 

Mounya Elhilali 

Bomono Appolinaire Silvain 

Todd M. Firestone 
Harish Naga Sarya Gadde 

John Paul Glancy 

Sathin Goel 

Aniol Vishwas Gole 

Himaanshu Gupta 

Bharath C. Iyer 

Kanes Kaceeyarn 

Himabindu Kakaraparthi 

Vida Kianzad 

Dongkeun Kim 

Christopher Reddy Konimareddy 

Patrick Thomas Laughhn 

CUnton Thomas Lawler 

Sheng Li 

Fang Liu 

Makeswaran Loganathan 

Nitin Madnani 

Suvarcha Malhotra 

Roopa Mogih 

Joseph Ferrel Nuzman 

Nathan William Panike 

Pavlos Papageorgiou 

Pushkin Raj Pari 

Anusha Parisutham 

SumodWaman Pawgi 

Venkatachalam Venkateswaran 

Harini Raghunathan 
Srinivasa G. Rao 
Vikas Chandrakant Raykar 
Juventino Deliino Rosas Espejel 
Ayan Roy-Chowdhury 
Manish Kumar Shukla 
Prithu Sinha 
Bei Wang 
Chia-Cheng Wu 
Ali Zandifar 
Xiangrong Zhou 
Lei Zong 


Steven David Frank 
Jessica Erin Hines 
Gang Hu 

Miles David Lepping 
Andre Arthur Mignault 

Family Studies 

Katlilecn Elizabeth Bateman 
Karen Anne Cooper 
Jef&ey Brown Jackson 
Sunimer Dawn Meyers 
Pamela J. Biley 
Amy Lynn Sterner-Djangali 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Anthony Colletto.Jr. 
Lisa EUzabeth Knopf 
Erica Dawn Kuligowski 
Shamim Rashid-Sumar 
Chun-U Wang 

Food Science 

Sharon G. Edelson-Manimel 
Victor B. Figallo 

Marine, Estuarine and 
Environmental Sciences 

Eytan Abraham 
Patrick Anthony Campfield 
Jessica Marie Coakley 
Cynthia J. Gitfen 
C. Stewart Harris 
Jayme Elizabeth Lohr 
Xiping Ma 
Amy Pedersen 
Frank N. Pendleton 
Carolyn Cristine Reid 
Ramy K. Serour 
Stacy Lyn Swartwood 

PaiiicLi Christine Toscliik 
Jason John Traband 

Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Allan Wayne Jaworski, Jr. 
Nobuko Koda 
Latosha Yvette Marshall 
Brett WiUiam Neuberger 
Sadia Rafique 
Makesh Subramaniam 

Mechanical Engineering 

Bruce Edward Baumgarten 
Paul Francois Casey 
Arvind Chandrasekaran 
Johnathan Stuart Coursey 
Robert Andrew Dickens 
Dennis Michael Doyle, Jr. 
Mark RusscU Edelen 
Yuki Fukuda 
Sathyanarayan Ganesan 
Lewis Elliot Gershen 
Mohanuiiadreza Gharavi 
Arindam Goswami 
Christopher Douglas Henry 
Mukul Vijay Karnik 
Eric Morgan Kommer 
Jeffrey Forrest Kramer 
Bonnie Barbara Lawford 
Satchidananda Mishra 
Hyo Suk Oh 
Jeremy Chimin On 
Subramanian Rajagopal 
Fletcher Alexi Robbins 
Lawrence John Salzano II 
Jun Shen 
Vidyasagar Shctty 
Amir H. Shoushtari 
Sanjay Tiku 




Bryan Jaye Bloomer 
Brian Joseph Guyer 
Hiroko Kato 
Chian-Yi Liu 
Gregory V. Mott 
Shuk Mei Tse 
Amy Elisabeth Wozniak 
Yuqiu Zhu 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Karen Lynn Castenson 
Mbisin Diagne 
Tonya Suzanne Mallozzi 
David Leslie Slak 

Nuclear Engineering 

Charles Ronald GreenweU 
William Joseph Keller 
Jinny Jessica McGiU 


Gary W. Pennington 
John Robert Pretz 
Michael Christopher Ricci 
Andrew James Skinner 

Reliability Engineering 

Erin Christine Mack 
Jin Qin 
Wei Zhang 

Survey Methodology 

Stacey Lynn Bielick 
Anthony S.Whyde 

Sustainable Development 
and Conservation Biology 

Rina Laurie Aviram 
Marcela A. Caro 

Jennifer Obadia 
Mary Keren Parker 
David Enmianuel Ruppert 
Amy Marie Villamagna 

Systems Engineering 

Mingjia Dai 
Flavia Isabela Doboga 
Momodu Idris Fofana 
Deep S. Saraf 


Nalini Bharatula 

Sergi BUetsky 

Airin Daniel Cherian 

Aneetha Gopalan 

Rohan Ramesh Jasani 

Arvind Karunanidhi 

Shinwoong Lim 

Leila Malek 

Arun Benjamin Mathew 

Wayne Ritesh Menezes 

Pragya Mirza 

Lakshminarasim Molaga Sanjeevi 

Kurleigh Philip Prescod 
Rupa Ravindran 
Shu Shen 
Chialing Tsui 
Lixin Zhang 

Graduate Certificates 

Women's Studies 

Tammy Lynette Sanders 


Manav Kher 

Advance Graduate Specialist 

Aimee M. Kandelman 


_^ Sttmma cum iMudc f Magna ctim Ltiiide * mm Laticie 


A.James Clark School 
of Engineering 

Bachelor of Science 

Aerospace Engineering 

•Raphael Thomas Austin 

Fernando Fernandes 

Sandra Ghattas 

Peter Michael Hughes 

Alexandra BUss Langley 

Mehdi Christopher Nematollahi 

Eric S. Samson 

Nuttree Virojjanapirom 

Biological Resources 

Lydia Armour Miller 
Mark Adam Patrick 
Stephanie Jan Phelps 
Lisa Patricia Scott 

Chemical Engineering 

Laelaye Bekele Shimeles 

Kinday K.Toto 

Amy Louise Wingfield 

Civil Engineering 

Adebimpe Maureen Adekanmbi 

Kerem Atalay 

I )amel Everett Baer 

Alex Emerito Bernal 

Michelle Jindra Everett 

Nicholas Zachary Farver 

Amanda Ann Gable 

Taniara Renee Good 

Sean Michael Goncalves Guerra 

Charles Albert Harper IV 

JBritta Maria Hertling 

Michael Joseph Hudak 

Michael Henry Izzo 

•Dawn Elaine Klinesmith 

Les Seth Komar 
Steven Perry Laiidenslager II 
•Emilio Anton Markin 
Jonathan Patrick Markland 
Melanie Nichole Mattoon 
Gail Colleen Myers 
Sarah Jane Napier 
Stephen Burdette Powell. Jr. 
Manuel De Jesus Prudencio 
Kevin Francis Rebholz 
Lauren Elizabeth Schneider 
Ville O.Vamio 

Computer Engineering 

Felix Kwaku Adusei 

Zain Ahmed 

Derek Hans Blume 

Baron Chan 

Deborah Dinhwei Chang 

Alan Shee-Che Chou 

Paul Stanley Donohue 

Jacob Robert Dowd Lebow 

Daniel Allan Lundahl Dutrow 

Ejike Andrew Emeka-Ugwuh 

Temitayo Oluwatoyin Fagbami 

Gregory Stephen Favinger 

Craig Alan Floyd 

Abhishek Goel 

Vimal Balaji Gopal 

Richard Devendra Gopaul 

Christopher John Graye 

William Richard Hansell 111 

*Salman Reyaz Haq 

Jason Marc Heffernan 

Bibu Johny 

Peguy Vanessa Kamdem 

f Patricia Jean Kirsch 

Hok-Kee Kwan 

Damon Geof&ey Lamb 

Roberto Carlos Lara 

Joseph Paul Lawrence 

Mei Lee 

Leslie R. Ludington 
Kathleen Jayne Mil 
Anthony Walter Moore 
Rashad Mikal Murray 
Elizabeth Noel Muzio 
Thien Huu Ngo 
Han Ba Ngoc Nguyen 
Yogeeta Rajendrababu Purohit 
Joshua Thomas Reichert 
Peter Arthur Schoenbrodt 
Matthew Adam Silverman 
William Tung 
Kaiishik Veeraraghavan 
Amit Vij 

Electrical Engineering 

Zain Pheroze Bharucha 
Ian Barnett Brooks 
Peter Bernard Celeste 
Jong S. Cheong 
Eric Kuan-Chung Chiu 
Wang-Wen Vincent Chiu 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Bocar Cisse 
Adrian Antonio Cottm 
Shimin Day 
Swagata De 
Sabrina Nicole Dobbs 
Alison Marie Finn 
Russell Joseph Glenn 
Joel Ener Gonzalez 
Mamadou Lamine Goudiaby 
Jennifer Lynne Green 
Dennis Paul Hale.Jr 
John Raymond Hayes 
Mark Hong 

Duncan McDuffie Kahle 
Su H. Kim 

Bardwell Emerson Kimball 
Cori Dru King 

Nacer Laatabi 

Jarrctt Kevin Larrow 

•Jaeff JaeHyuk Lee 

Steven Matthew Lewis 

Chungsoo Lim 

Furia Thomas Masawe 

Mulugeta Amsalu Mekuanint 

Ronald E-Kai Ng 

Tuan Kim Nguyen-Viet 

Njau Njuguna 

Travis John Polletto 

Nathan Daniel Ricklin 

•Nicholas Anthony Scott 

Seth Jacob Seidman 

Aron M. Seiler 

Sarah Sunga Shin 

Kunal Singh 

Joshua Joseph SkiUman 

Carlton Montgomery Snow HI 

Hasitha Lassana Somaweera 

Pietro Anthony Sparacino 

David John Starsoneck 

*loana Stoica 

*Tommy Che Ping Tso 

Firew Denku Waktole 

Carl J.Wright 111 

Piseyroth You 

Elena Zaitsev 


David Joseph FitzGerald 
Benjamin Karmiol 
Gary Alan Swedcr 

Fire Protection Engineering 

Katherine L. Canepa-Stewart 
Diana Elizabeth Hugue 
Stephen Ira Newton Kerber 
Donald Wayne Schildt.Jr. 

$ Summa cum Laude f Majina cum Ldude 

r Laudc 



Materials Science 
and Engineering 

Shawna Lynn Dean 
*Kunal Harish Thaker 

Mechanical Engineering 

Seth Philip Adams 
Jaime Alberto Aleman 
Nima Ashkeboussi 
Jose Manuel Botja 
James Michael Breger.Jr. 
Matthew Stephen Brew 
Teresa Carol Broadnax 
Lawrence Matthew Buder 
Jusrin Michael Caruana 
Bonnie Sue Carr 
Anthony Christopher Ebaugh 
Douglas Kristin Edwards 
Brian Michael Epstein 
Bryan E. Fernandez 
Timothy Richard Frame 
Casey C. Fuller 
Michael Steven Furst 
Carlos Eduardo Garcia 
David James GiUooly 
Matthew Michael Glanzer 
EUsabeth Susanne Goldwasser 
Brian Michael GrifEn 
Jeffrey Brian Hertz 
Nathan Michael Hlx 
SonyaY. Hopson 
Gerad D. House 
Charles WilUam Howe 
Michael Isaac Huarca 
Kush Ram Javia 
James PhiUip Kalinger 
SachinVijay Karkhanis 
Christina Minkyong Kim 
Marian Soonyung Kim 
John Marcel Le Cren 
Chien Chun Jimmy Lin 

Jonas Minh Ljung 
Michelle Jones Machado 
Michael Edward McCarthy 
Jason Michaels McGill 
Peton Anthony McKeixzie 
Jason Seth Meyers 
Jason Ehot Mindhn 
David Christopher Morgan 
Matthew Mason Morgan 
Danuphon Muttamara 
Vincent Phuc Nguyen 
William Peter O'Brien III 
Steven Robert O'Hara 
Ayodeji Tokunbo Ojofeitimi 
Marc Panaccione 
Jason Winter Paugh 
Vance Andrew Petrella 
Christopher Alfred PettoceUi 
Roger William Pisha II 
Michael Francis Quirus 
Delaney Ruth Riehl 
Jeflrey Daniel Rosenzweig 
Samuel G. Serbi 
Fathiina Zahra Shafi 
Gregory James Stroyen.Jr. 
Michael James Summers 
William Charles Swain 
Michelle Reyes Tamoria 
Saliou B.TeUy 
Brian Thomas Thrift 
Jason LedyardVaughan Dun-Yee 
Dany Wong 
Jeffiey Michael Wool 
Reinaldo HajimeYano 

College of Agriculture 
and Natural Resources 

Bachelor of 
Landscape Architecture 

Mario Luigi Arena 
Brian Christopher Gillette 
Adam George Linton 
David Boynton Means 
Juliet Dobinson Strouse 
Timothy Paul Wilson 

Bachelor of Science 

Agricultural and 
Resource Economics 

Rica Celest Banfield 
Jason Lamar Brunn 
Robert Everett Condon 
Andrea' B'nai Wimbish 

Animal Sciences 

Diane L. Becker 
Angela Marie Maul 
Lauren Juliana Montag 
Temitope Oluwayemisi Rowaiye 

Biological Resources 

Nicole Marie Li 

Crop Science 

Matthew Corey Spies 


f Ann Rochelle Bloom 
Janny Kyunghae Cho 

2nd Degree: Biohigkal Sciences 
Shannon Marie Meadows 
Benjamin Read 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Meggan Rebecca Cote 
Sara Rebecca GemmiU 
Jennifer Lacey Hicks 
Kelly AHeen Krelove 
Joseph Alan Levinson 
S. Rachel Ogle 


Benjanun David Mentzer 

Natural Resource Sciences 

Solomon Rashii Foster 
Lisa C. Morgan 
Sebastiano Sergi 
Lydia Wheaton Slater Smith 
Jason Allen Snyder 
EUery Ala Vodraska 

Natural Resources 

Christopher Paul Mason 
Rina Jane Partridge 
Kristen Gayle Sharp 
Kevin WiUiaiii Smith 

Nutritional Science 

Edita Veronica Tituana 

2nd Major: Biological Sciences 

College of Arts 
and Humanities 

Bachelor of Arts 

American Studies 

Bradford R. Arbige 
Shannon Mar^- Darrow 
Natalie Helene Langford 
Jo Ann L. Nasser 


§ Summa cum Laitde "f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Quincy Winston Roberts 
Nicholas Russomano 

Art History 

Adam Garrett Butler 
Allison Lynette Davis 
Sara A. Frazier 
Reagan Michele Genot 

2nd Major: History 
Grace Sophia Achas Igot 
Dinyell Nicole Jenkins 
tAngela Geraldine Wilkinson 


Ying Guo 

Benjamin Andrew Helmen 

Classical Languages 
and Literatures 

Brian Wesley Pruett 
2nd Major: Philosophy 


Taryn Elisabeth Ahnert 
Amanda K. AUendorfer 
Amalia Antipas 
Ugur Aybar 
Carol Colleen Bailey 

2nd Xlajor: Sociology 
Richard David BashkofF 
Shanajoan Baum 
Sherry Leigh Blackmon 
Kristin Lacey Bowhng 
Kenisha Ayema Boynes 
Nicole Dorothy Bright 
Amanda Virginia Brinsfield 
Kristy' Olivia Buppert 
Sean Melvin Burns 
Dawn Marie Christensen 
Mary Katharine Cwick 
Theresa Marie Darnels 

James Raymond Daue 
Lindsay Ehzabeth Davey 
Brooke Allison Davis 
Eric LaBaron Dumas 
Ivy Sika Dunyoh 
Rakhya Yasmeen El-Amin 
John Eugene Flannery 
Raasan D. Fuller 
Alva Chimele George 
Shannon Kelly Gould 
Estie Nicole Gross 
§Alison Leigh Harris 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Tela Nicole Harris 
Elizabeth A. Ini 
Farahnaz Khushro Irani 
Linda S.Jaber 
Lauren Deborah Jacobs 
Ariane Carleen Jones 
Jana Jean-Terrez Jones 
Michael Gordon Kahn 
Eun Ah Kim 
Michael J. Kim 
Courtney Janine Kirk 
Miriam Kirschenbaum 
Chayeon Koo 
Kristos William Kowgios 
James Edward Lewis, Jr. 
Gregory Ryan Lilly 
Stephanie Tan Louie 

2nd Major: Chinese 
Mark David Lowenstein 
Mark Patrick Lutz 
Brian Perry Mandel 
Maria Eugenia Martinez 
MeUssa Elaine McCubbin 
Jeffrey Paul Melia 
Christian R, Mcnjivar 
John S. Mohcyer 
Layla Mokabber 
Jamie Lynn Moore 

Sarah Cameron Morris 

Keith L. Myers 

John Henry Nolan IV 

Roslyii C. Pachoca 

Daphne Christina Papanicolaou 

ElfBe Ann Torres Perez 

Jocelyn D. Perez 

Shannon Gaye Petty 

Jordan Scth Rabin 

Niroshan Christoper Rajaratnam 

Laura AJmirez Ramirez 

Bridget McHale Reed 

Joey Antonette Reedy 

Emil Seth Obordo Reynolds 

Nicole Ehzabeth Rock 

Shenel Renee Rodgers 

Jessica Violet Rogers 

Carly Ehzabeth Rotramel 

Ryan Allen Sakamoto 

Rachel Anne Scheuer 

Andrew Smith, Jr. 

Gregory Matthew Smith 

Scott R. Snuth 

Andrew Alfred Steinberg 

Ryan D. Stern 

Suzannah Frances Stolba 

Sara Kathryn Sweikar 

Bradley Adam Tomaski 

Meaghan Brianne Tyndale 

Liana Alexandra Vassila 

Ritu Virmani 

Natasha L.Walker 

2nd Major: Tlieatre 
Elizabeth Shields Walsh 
Philip Edwin Wentt. Jr. 
Lisette Marie Werbowetzki 
Ruthie Marie West 
Matthew Glenn Wilcox 
Julia Lillian Williams 
Tiffanv Sabreen Williams 

Lauren Anne Wysong 
Amad Zambrana 


Irene Olufunke Adepoju 
Ronya-Lee LaVaune Anderson 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Shannon Marie Brauner 
Jennifer Elizabeth Hart 
Gail Gabrielle Korb 
Yeu-Jung Lee 
Mirela Marmara 
Michelle Lynn Marshall 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Michele Lynn Rose Raine 
Amy Lynn Tehovnik 
Eucrita Darcia WUhs 

English Language 
and Literature 

Julienne Mika Ackerman 

Michael Antonio Alfaro 

f Rian Jenna Almon 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Ronya-Lee LaVaune Anderson 
2nd Degree: Dance 

Nathaniel Thaddeus Bautro 

Ross Andrew Barnes Bishton 

§Candice Ehzabeth Boteler 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
English Language Arts 

Hillary Carissa Carney 

Daniel Ming Chang 

Chanelle Nicole Cohen 

2nd Degree: Individual Studies 

Brian Michael Crocitto 

Lindsay Leigh Cromarty 

Henrique Dion D'Aquino 

$ Summa cum Laiide f Magna mm Laude * atm Laiide 



Sarah Lucile Damnieyer 

2iid Degree: Seccmdary Education- 
English Language Arts 

Zimri Alxdn Diaz 

Todd Michael Dumaresq 

Jennifer Marie Eaton 

Stephanie Michelle Edwards 

Megan Lindsey Flavin 

Catrina Monique Foley 

Alecia Brigh Frisby 

fDavid Brett Goldberg 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
English Language Arts 

'Ronald Kristopher Haas 
2nd Degree: Philosophy 

Sharon Claire Herschler 

jCarl Evan Hultgren 

Shazia Hussain 

Katherine Marie Jenkins 

Zacharv' Loren Jones 

Erin Grace Kilduff 

Jason Andrew Lasky 

Valerie Nicole Lawrence 

John Robert Lee 

Sylvia H. Lee 

Edward Christopher Lewis-Smith 

Melanie Elizabeth Mallett 

Lisa Beth MUiman 

2nd Major: Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 

Melissa Nasabzadeh 

FeUsa Inez Nobles 

•Erica Nicole Oleszczuk 
2nd Degree: Philosophy 

•Alexander Yule Patton 

Danielle Benita Reid 

Kerry Elaine Reilly 

2nd Major: Secondary' Education- 
English Language Arts 

Elizabeth Duncan Reitzig 

Kenya Ruth Victoria Rhodes 

Kenesha Nicole Robinson 
Genevieve Edythe Schrier 
Nichole Anne Shiunan 
Jessica Layne Shupik 
Kameron D. Simmons 
Zachary George Skola 
Vakil Inayat Smallen 
Bo-Me Suh 
Heather Layne Tr^'on 
Tvjen Lan Tsai 

2nd Degree: Biochemistry 
Marcella Jaime Vergillo 
Seth EvanVinitsky 
Benjamin Casey York 

French Language 
and Literature 

Nora Bridget Flynn 
Pascal Cey Gamy- 
Brook Parr Jefferson 
Eveline Rose Ngo-Mbog-Nonga 
Kristin E. Rusinko 
Shuk-Yee Shirley Sheung 
2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Sonya EUzabeth Shultz 
Zoe Windham Hunter Travers 

German Language 
and Literature 

Carrie Michele Arnold 
Irene Ursula De Han 


Michael Preston Angleberger 
David WiUiam Barnhart 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Brenden James Bosmans 
Mark Stanley Cohen 
Steven Jason Colmus 
•Patrick Michael Crawford 

Gloria Alexandra Darhngton 

2nd Degree: Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

RusseD Milton Davidson 

Jamie Michele Feldman 
2nd Degree: Philosophy 

Courtney Kathleen Franck 

DanYigal Fulop 

Jessamyn Renee Goshorn 

Brian Eugene Gunn 

Edward Wayne Haberman 
2nd Degree: Government 
and Politics 

"t'Lecitia Barbara Carohne HaU 

David Roben Hanson 

Matthew Robert Hartman 

Gordon Ohver Hazzard 

2nd Major: Communication 

Kenji Hirai 

Matthew Alan Hottenstein 

fAdam Douglas Hull 

2nd Degree: Government 
and Politics 

Kristopher Andre Jeffers 

Allan J. Kosiner 

Adam Lubin Littman 

Meredith McAlister 

Stephen Robert Miller 

Jason Kalanikumaikikie Musser 

Bao Hoai Nguyen 

Steven Marshall Oursler 

Elior Bat-Dor Parness 

Sonni Pyles III 

Carrie EHzabeth Reinhardt 

Katherine Aleda Robuck 

Benjamin Arthur Rohan 

Nathaniel Haynes RuUman 

Joseph Nicholas SangiUo 

Frank Emetic Scimecca 

Michael Isaac Singerman 

Esteffanny L. Smith 

Eric WiUiam Stehmer 
Eric Jamison Stitely 
Jarlath M.Treacy 
Brian AnHao Tsou 
Frederick Vincent Warmer 
Claire Elizabeth Wolf 

Italian Language 
and Literature 

Ellen Brooke Reynolds 
MeHssa Hope Sahlin 

2nd Degree: Anthropology 


Amin Azmoudeh 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Dong Hun Chang 
Elizabeth Michelle Ellis 
Jocelyn D. Talley 

2nd Degree: Economics 

Jewish Studies 

Yisrael Moshe Gladstem 
Joanna Elaine Katz 
Michelle Judith Kay 
Sarah Michelle Lanse 
2nd Degree: Journalism 


Sheri Lynn Clutz 

Lili Shih 

Luwnto Lundi Tardia 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Maria Victoria Go Tupal 

Music-Liberal Arts Program 

Chia-Iing Chao 


Santiago Berdichevsky 
Laura Wallace Berry 


^ Summa cum Ljjude f Ma^na cum Laude • cum iMude 


Amanda Patricia de Calder=n 
Jamie Michele Feldnian 

2nd Degree: History 
♦Ronald Kristopher Haas 

2nd Dej^ree: Huj^lish Language 

and Literature 
David Jacob Katz 
Christopher James Luther 

2nd Degree: Russian Language 

and Literature 
Adriane Colleen McCaSrey 
Matthew William Millman 
Brian Keith O'Neale 
•Erica Nicole Oleszczuk 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Ahmand Alfred Page 
Kunal Pasricha 
Jeffrey Mark Schatten 
Ariel David Stern 
•Matthew William Vogenitz 

2nd Degree: General Business 

Romance Languages 

•Robert Bruce Carter 
Elsa L. Clausen 
Allison Marie Schenker 

2nd Major: TIteatre 
Debbie Gabrielle Warren 
Allison Michelle Owen West 

Russian Language 
and Literature 

Christopher James Luther 
2nd Degree: Philosophy 
tjuliana Schwitzke O'Neill 
Sarah Florence Scott 

Spanish Language 
and Literature 

Merly Virginia Acosta 
•Cristina Judith Daley 
Patricia De Lesn 
Michelle Rose Edelen 
Amy Christine Friend 
Jose Antonio Frontanes 
Rosa Alicia Fuentes-Servellon 
Jamie Ann Peters 
Cory Travis Robinson 
Paola Solange Roos Castillo 
Fernando Rodrigo Salazar 
Gerald Remberto Sejas 
Camille Martine Smith 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
tShirley May Steinbach 

2nd Degree: Economics 
CatrinaY.D. Sumter 

Studio Art 

Carisa Marie Andrews 

2nd Major: Sociology 
Myung Hwa Christina Bender 
Jennifer S. Brewer 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Marina Sefcik Callahan 
Robert Hays Campbell 
Chantay Warlene Carter 
Jocelyn Hoi Wing Chan 
Matthew Richmond Clark 
Regan Ehzabeth Cox 
Marika Donna Cutler 
Julie Anne Davidson 
Sarah Nicole Desiderio 
Ephrem Mekonnen Girma 
Grace Wanyu Hao 
John Gilbert Johnson, Jr. 
Amy Beth Kaplan 
Kris L. Kellenberger 

Faizah Khan 
Paul Sung Keun Kim 
Rigina Geemin Kini 
Michael Paul LaMonica 
Jin-Nefer Mane Lee 
Gobezie Lemma 
Christopher David Mararac 
Sara Nye Mitchell 
fMahastiYazdi Mudd 
Alua Talgatovna Muminova- 

Benjamin David Nolan 
Michelle Marie Ondrus 

2nd Major: Art History 
Kerin Winship Orr 
Yaffa Sarit Rasowsky 
Jill Alhson Rivetti 
James Anthony Sbarra 
Shuk-Yee Shirley Sheung 

2nd Degree: French Language 

and Literature 
Heather Marie Stanley 
Katherine A.Tulloss 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Ehzabeth Leigh Webster 
Jalonda Alisha Webster 
Rachael Rebecca Yost 


Dominic Antonio D'Andrea 
Megan Elizabeth McGill 
Robyn Lynn Meyer 
Sarah Lovelace Smith 

Women's Studies 

Swati Bose 

Kristin Ann Franke 
Julie Ann Jordan 
Rachel Nicole Thomas 
Duy-Khuong NgocVan 
Shana Ann Wyman 

Bachelor of Music 

*Mollie Rebecca Belcher 
RusseU Men Bly 
Robert Scott Carr 
Martin Isaac Grossman 
Rebecca Ruth Lemus 
Stephanie Schmitz 
Daria M.Volchok 

College of Behavioral 
and Social Sciences 

Bachelor of Arts 

African American Studies 

Emanuel Denard Briggs 
LaToya Starr Foye 
Dionne Lorraine Jackson 
Kimisha Malique Lowery-Scott 
Samantha Patrice Taylor 
Herbie R.Walker 
Ayah Jemila Wilson 


Luis Fernando Aparicio 

Emily Jeanne Brown 

Luis Joseph Castro 

Alexa Carli Christiansen 

•Martin Ronald Cota 

Christopher Thomas Cusic 

Maria Gabriela Duran 

MeUssa Nicole Gribble 

•Charlotte Comprix King 

Cody M. Lee 

•Bianca Maria Lipscomb 

Mauricio Feliciano Lopez Barreto 

Kyra Marie Mumbauer 

Linton Ross 

Milagros Angelica Ruiz 

$ Summa mm Laudt f Xtagna cum Laude • aim Laudt 



Melissa Hope Sahlin 

2tid Degree: Iralian Language 

and Literature 
Gurneet Sidana 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Colman Michael Wolfson 

Criminology and 
Criminal Justice 

Bukhan Khoniieni Abdulbarr 
Aland Shandir Acuna 
Janice Marie Ahlquist 
f Victoria Lynn Albright 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Leroy Linwood Ambush III 
Matthew Laurence Anderson 
Mark Alexandre Araujo 
Steven R. Arndt 
Stephanie Lynn Bason 
Brenda Vanessa Billoch-Rivera 
Jacqueline V. Blandon 
Brian Joseph Blank 
Michael Anthony Brady II 
Christopher Mikhael Briner 
James Adriel Brown 
Evette Latrelle Br>an 
Kyle S. Buckalew 
Dana Michelle Buinickas 
Arlene Cabrera 
Sven Bengt Carlson, Jr. 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Daniel Craig Carpenter 
fAllison Casal 
Teresa Shuen Chang 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Eun Song Chun 
Cameron Thomas Coiner 
JermaineVon Noel Davis 
Fiona Karen DeFreitas 
Andrew David Diamond 
James Edward Doyle 

David Leonardnaise Eley 
Kevin Shawn Eh, Sr. 
Orlando Antone-Cordell Evans 
Amy Lynn Filesi 
Laura Lee Fosler 
Michael Jason Fricker 
Joseph Lee Fugitt 
Julie Kathleen Glasgow- 
Otto Raul Gonzalez 
Akiesha Crystal Gray 
Robert Luis Gregory 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Ryan Michael Gregory 
Henry Gudelsky Gudelsky 
Tiffany Dawn Guillory 
Lynda Hammouda 
Latrez Harrison 
Kenneth Harold Hausman.Jr. 
Hanz\- J. Herrera 
Michele Ly:m Herrera 
Michael William Howley 
Brian Joseph Huggins 
Bo-Yun Hwang 
Brian David Uowite 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Jenifer Lynn Johnson 
Raymond Phillip Kelser 
Jason M. Koepke 
Alexandra Helen Koustenis 
Gretchen L^Tin Kowalick 
Kimberly Erin Larson 
Brian D. Lin 
Jennifer NayeUi Lopez 
Samuel Gavin L^Tin 
Henry Andrew Mack III 
Kristin Anne Manghtz 
Laurs' Estefany Marin 
Derick Francis Martin 
Betsy Mate Proctor 
Andrew Gerald Mathers 

Lauren Marie McCarthy 

2nd Major: Psychology 
Kimberly Ann McGinniss 
Robert James McLaughlin. Jr 
Patrick James McNaboe 
Richard Aloysius Mead 
Jamie Leith Michaud 
Angela Theresa Moore 
Jonathan Allan Moore 
Ryan Christopher Moran 
MoUie Jean Murphy 
Michele Denise Muse 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Ryan Scott Naegele 
Yosef Reda Negasi 
Samuel Gabriel Negron 
Lori Nicole Nichols 
Ucheoma Ifeanyichukwu Otigbuo 
Ricky Damond Parker 
Selwyn Edmond Pianim 
Michael Scott Rapiejko 
Britta Lashawn Reid 
Kevin Patrick Reynolds 
Kenn Andrew Riccini 
Christopher Thomas Rushing 
Shadan Sadeghi 
Diron Lloyd Sanford 
Aruke Olu Ranti Sasona 
Mark Stephen Savage 
Jennifer Ann Seyfried 
Mace M. Shadid 
Michael Lee Shier 
Mark Adrian Malazarte Sinkiat 
Matthew Gerald Smith 
WiUie Thomas Stover 
Avis Monica Stringer 
Jared Dean Stuart 
Leonard Herschel Stumer 
Kwang Soo Suh 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Matthew Ross Swope 

PaNTnan Tehrani 
John George Tsampos 
Jessica Elizabeth Turro 
Nancy Christine Waskewich 
Jessica Lauren Weber 
♦Dennis Edward Westman 
David Charles Williams 
Travis McPherson WiUiams 
Christopher Franklin Wilson 
Erica Jamell Wilson 
Krista Mae Woodard 
Shing Chi Yuen 


Nermin Abdelkarim Abdalla 
Manjot Palsingh Anand 
Joshua David Audi 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Kilamba N. Augusto 

2nd Major: Government 

and PoUtics 
Darius Tobin Bailey 
Kristen Sung Aee Bang 
Justin Andrew Bell 
Marie Diatthy Belony 
Adam Claggett Brown 
Stefany F. Bruce 
Benjamin Mitchell Bush 
§Maria Angela Patricia Bautista 

Marc Ian Caplan 
Sven Bengt Carlson, Jr. 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Seung Min Chung 
Benajmin Cress Corlett 
David Warren Corum.Jr 
Xiaoxiao Cui 
Anjana Chandrakant Desai 
Michael Robert DeSimone 


! Summa nnn Latide f Magna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Anthony Michael DiSabatino 
Kai Duan 

Dujsai Duangudom 
Cyriacjohn Edappully 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Bret Kimbrough Edmonds 
Ubong Efremlon Frank Ekpo 
Shervin Farahi Manesh 
Michael Patrick FitzGerald 
Alex J. Fredericks 
Angela Lee French 

2nd Major: Communication 
Joshua Phillip Friedman 
Scott William Goodman 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Alexander Anssor Granado 
David William Groseclose 
Yonathan Hailemichael 
Andrew Lee Henley 
Andrew Stephen Hennessy 
Angelo Joaquin Herrera 
Daniel Blake Hill 
Jeffi-ey William Ho 
Jonathan Herbert Hoffinan 
Robert Thomas Homans 
Kris Ungki Hong 
Steven Michael Hood 
Matthew John Hudson 
James Drew Hurley 
Sunied Ibrahim 
Padmal LJayaratna 
Patrick Jee 
Ameet Singh Johal 
Hnin Nu Khaing 
Noor Mahmud Khan 
Brian Jeong Hoon Kmi 
Timothy Jeehoon Kim 
Peter T. Koo 
Kaushik Bharat Lakhlam 

•Jason Ryan LaFond 

2nd Major: Government 

and Politics 
Eddie Quang Le 
Brian Joseph Lederer 
Chi Hang Leung 
Christopher Lin 
Matthew Wayne Luikenhoker 
Jamie R. Liu 
Shannon Bridget Lynch 
Shobha Mahabir 
Thomas Mathew Mazerski 
Timothy William McHugh 
Keith Patrick McMullen 
Carla Elaine Marie Miles 
Alexander Frederick Miller 
Brandon Charles Miller 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Patrick Karl Moehlen 

2nd Degree: Chemistry 
Jason Ahmad Moore 
Luis-Fehpe Mormigo 

2nd Degree: Mathematia 
Alexis Elizabeth Moynahan 
Michele Demse Muse 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Farhad Naghash 
Onochie Peter Onwuemene.Jr. 
Patrick Clayton Ortman.Jr. 
Daniel Kent Otakie 
Claudia Beatriz Peralta 
Ajani Thomas Pierce 
Neema Puri 

Mark Edward Quebedeaux 
Andrea D. Ransmeier 
EUzabeth Ann Reda 
Dustin Kirk Reifke 
Bradford Charles Rhines 
Alvaro Hernan Rincon-Camacho 

Dawn M. Roberto 
Jordan Michael Russell 
Ebony Saharah Sails 

2nd Degree: Goi'ernment 

and Politics 
Ethan Samuel Sapperstein 
Joseph Andrew Saulen 
Madhuri Sharma 
Abear Zaghlool Snober 
Barbara Louise Spoomre 
Aaron Bryant StefFensmeier 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
fShirley May Steinbach 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Michael Walter Strosnider 
Jocelyn D.Talley 

2nd Degree: Japanese 
Vivek Jagdish Thaker 
Blaine Theodros 
Jeremiah Lundy Thomas 
Sevan Topjian 
Brett M.Torgan 
Aaron T. Troup 
Don Huu Vuong 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Mashe! Wakil 
•Ping Wang 

2nd Degree: Computer Scierue 
Jeffrey Wong 
Xinghai Wu 
Paul DaewonYun 
Vincent DePaul Zeller.Jr. 

Government and Politics 

Olufemi Babatunde Abayomi-Paul 
Phillip Nicholas Alexander 
Richard C.Ashbaugh III 
Ellen Irene Bakke 

Ana Sofia Barrenechea 

2nd Major: Anthropology 
Shehzad Bashir 
Bryan K. Bast 
Melinda Brooke Berger 
Eric M. Bielitz 
Laura Elizabeth Braden 
Rebekah Randolph Brown 
Matthew William Byrd 
John Kevin Callahan II 
Mehssa Kristine Campbell 
Andrew William Capelle 
Aaron Michael Churchill 

2nd Major: History 
Christopher Michael Conwell 
Armand John de Rosset 
Brandi L. Desautels 
Michelle Elaine DeGrange 
Vincena Mercedes Dickerson 
Lindsay Brooke Dunn 
Linder Easaw 
Danielle Marie Emche 
•Ohad Eylon 
Njock Ayuk Eyong 
Jonathan Henley Ferguson 
Michael Martin Fiorita 
•Jeffrey Kain Fretwell 
Daniel Justin Friedman 
fErin Martha Galloway 
f Dina Goldentayer 
Lauren Suzanne Gray 
Edward Wayne Haberman 

2nd Degree: History 
Sarah Rebecca Hall 
Timothy James Hammond 
Kiyon Terrell Harley 
Christopher Sean Hinsvark 
fAdam Douglas Hull 

2nd Degree: History 
Jodee Marie Hutton 
Mahdieh Javaheri 

<( Summa turn Ltiudc ^ .Magna cum Laudc * cum Laude 



Gregory Bryan Jennings 
Garrett Scott Kamen 
Christopher Alexander Kim 
Sohyun Esther Kim 
Eli Kogan 

Rory Reyhan Layne 
Andrew Roth Lockman 
Christopher David Mann 
David Charles Mekeel 
Ryan Richard Miller 
Uzoamaka Maureen Moghalu 
Siba Mohammed 
Sean Kevin Monahan 
Marcela Catahna Montes 
MaximiUan Musil 
fAdam Zlotin Nathanson 
Anitah Theresa Nichols 
Pa Ra Noh 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Laura Joy Novello 
Edward William Nyack 
Ifeoma Obele 

Thoerrin Z-A M Oldenbourg 
Troy Alan Parish 
Michael Gorman Parks 
Prema P. Parmar 
Mark Alan Piersall 
Erik Allen Pihtt 
Sanam Piramoun 
Chad A. Rivera 
Dana Cher^'l Rothstein 
Alexander John Rottier 
Ebony Saharah Sails 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Daniel Stephen Selsky 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Rachel Claire Simmons 
f Ahmia Kimberly Smith 
Mia Katrina Staton 
Jason Ryan Stewart 
Sharon Elizabeth Stokely 
Nidia Patricia Suazo 

Christina Margaret Svolopoulos 

2nd Degree: Journalism 
Betel Tekeste 
Norma D.Trejo 
Calvin Lamont Tyson 
Christopher James Vallone 
Jose Antonio ViUalobos Tello 
Donald Richard White 
Eugene Timothy Williams 
Radoslaw Piotr Wolosiuk 
Drew Matthew Zambrotta 

Hearing and Speech Sciences 

•Maureen May D'Antuono 
Takeisha Monique Everett 
Krista J. Heinlen 
Heather Dawn Lunsford 
Jennilee Owens 
Sandra Ehzabeth Roberts 


Jason Eugene Amsler 
Albena Evgenieva Anguelova 
Shane Matthew Biffar 
Vernessa Cabrahs-Stacks 
Ahcia Rebecca Cohen 
Karen Marie Conner 
§Kelly Nicole DriscoU 
Karen Ann Fenner 
Nathaniel Isaac Fink 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Justin Earl Fry 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Gregory Edgar Fuchs 
Shanie Margalit Gal-Edd 
Robert Luis Gregory 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Kimberly Margaret HiU 
Sorin Norman Holland IV 
Marissa Lynn Houser 

Allison Elizabeth Jarvis 
Nadeeka A. Jayatilake 
Daniel Marcus Kim 
Julie Ann Kraff 
*Mariko Kumagai 
Jennifer Lynn Lacey 
Rebecca Ashley Lef&on 
Stephanie Anne Manuel 
Kerry Leigh McClellan 
Joshua B Mechanic 
Lauren Liberman Messing 
Jordan Morris 
Colleena Louise Murphy 
Chnstma Lynn Murray 
Carla Cecilia Naupari 
Margarita Eteokhs Orfanos 
Lismane Ortiz 
Damani Linwood Orton 
Christopher John Palermo 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Amanda Melisa Rios 

2nd Major: Sociology 
•Elizabeth Margaret Robinson 
f Kristen Noland Rygg 
Audra May Sparagana 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Albert Gerald Stokes 
Jasmina Nazemian Tabrizi 
Sara Beth Thomas 
MeUssa A. TortorieUo 
Nusaibah Ssenyomo Wannyana 
Brittany Leigh Zarbough 


Iniobong Carlton Akpan 
Leanne Sara Baumann 
Christopher Conrad Berry 
Thomas Alan Boger 
Laura Catherine BoizeUe 
Nicholas Edward Borum 

fKristin Lynn Bricker 

2nd Major: Women 's Studies 

Kevin Patrick Byrnes 

Erin Christine Connolly 

Chet A. Curry 

Alexander Michael Dunham 

Tamara Anika Dunlap 

Juh Ann Eicher 

Tobiah Grabia 

Tynishia Deanne Henderson 

Margaret Lee Hyland 

§Minii Thu T Khuc 

Sherri Denise King 

Sylvia Lee Lantang 

Alice Lane Lloyd 

Kimberly Rae Lovett 

Rosehto A. Loyson 

Nicholas Justice Mowbray 

Phi Ngoc Nguyen 

Victoria Irene Piperni 

Agata Julia Prejs 

Holly Lyim Rudigier 

Penny Lee Russell 

2nd Major: English Language 
and Literature 

Nida Sahr 

Orlan Crisostomo Santos 

Patrick Eugene Smith 

John W Thompson 

Kelly Lynn Uhas 

David Yoon 

Bachelor of Science 

Environmental Science 
and Policy 

•Heather Renee Edmonds 
Brian Donald Kateley 
Khoa Minh Le 
Sean Michael Ledwin 


§ St4mma cum Laude f Magna aim Laudc * ciint Ijiudc 



♦Justin Chanioy Goldstein 

2nd Major: 

Geography- Carlography 
Brian P. Graper 
Gregory Gude 
Samuel Robert Herring IV 
Christina Nicole James 

2nd Major: 

Patryk Tadeusz Koj 
Pamela Cardenas Kremsberger 
Binesh Man Mahaijan 
Marlene Mann 
Rahil Nawaz II 
Craig Alan Ostovitz 
Michael John Schowalter.Jr. 
Eunice Yoonah Shin 
Christopher Alan Soule 


Bradley Michael Alldredge 
KeUcy Christine Allen 
Fabiola Cadet 

Elizabeth Thayer Chadwick 
Ebony Nia-Kenyatta Dashiell 
Anna Catherine Doerflinger 

2nd Major: Studio Art 
Adriana Marie Falco 
Julie Renee Groves 

2nd Major: Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 
Jennifer Nicole Jones 

Nava Shoshana Kowitt 

Suzanne Whitney Lebida 

•Aikatenni Lefthenoti 

•Puja Matta 

2nd Degree: Injormation Systems 

Robert Bauer Rowsome 

Erica L. Salewski 

•Michael Joseph Santiago 

Faith Marie Shama 
Lauren Brooke Stephenson 
Meredith Ann Sweet 
Brandy Nicole Ordone Tinkler 
Kathenne A.Tulloss 

2nd Degree: Studio Art 
Patricia Marie Yunger 

College of Computer, 
Mathematical and 
Physical Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


f Robyn Ellyn Sanderson 
2nd Degree: Physics 

Computer Science 

Dema Gaith Abdo 
Jason D. Allen 
Saud M. Almandil 

2nd Major: Economics 
Warren Scott Amon 

2nd Major: Economics 
Lisa Marie Andersen 
Michael Antonov 

Nicanor Cezar Dacono Aquino IV 
*Amin Azmoudeh 

2nd Degree: Japanese 
James Robert Bays 
Bradley Wade Beckman 
Eric Preston Bochm 
Joseph Walter Bolly 
Justin WiUiam Boss 
Alexander Lee Boyd 
Craig Thomas Bricker 
Hemant Chakravarthi 
Christopher P. Chiu 
Michelle MiKyung Choi 
YongJ. Chong 

Wendy Chou 

2nd Major: Mathematics 
Anthony Moon Chow 
Ian Chu 

Christian Craig Conti-Vock 
Paolo Cabanero Del Mundo 
Lev A. Demidov 
Shawn Dhawan 
Jason Divock 
Dominque Artura Douglas 
Melvin Clyde Eley III 
Joseph Henry Engel 
Andrew Eugene Fister III 

2nd Major: Linguistics 
Nicholas Thomas Garufi 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Benjanun J. Greenfeld 
Hilena Hailu 
Corey A. Herbert 
Cliristopher Adam Horn 
Marc Christopher Huete 
Nora Fatima Husain 
Richard Im 

Syed Khurram Jahangir 

2nd Major: Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 

Laytoii Edwin Johnson 

Amar Arun Kalelkar 

Roman Petrovich Kastin 
Jay Ung Kim 
Jenny Kim 

Sung Chin Kim 

Ricky ShungYen Koo 

Samuel Thomas Krehnbrink 

Thomas Paul Krug 

Serey Lay 

Devmann Lee 

Matthew Timothy Lew 

Nan Li 

Eric Scott Lightman 

David Poole Lund 
David Benjamin Mainian 
Gregory Habegger Martin 
Adam James Mencarini 
Justin Adam Miller 
IgorV. Minin 
Jonathan Martin Molk 
Ali M. Moosvi 
Sam Nazarian 
Mai Julie Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Minh-Chau Le Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Biological Sciences 
Leonid Valentinovich Nikolayev 
Kolawole Oluwatunbi 
David Jun Pil Oh 
Won Sun Ouh 
Sahan Palihakkara 
Garvi Devendra Pandya 
Johnny Dong Park 
Steven Ryan Pont 
Peter Daniel Porter 
PhUip King Redmond 
Jeremy Russell Rickard 
Michael James Riley 
Rasheedat O. Saheed 
Christopher Brian Schneck 
Michael John Sermeca 
Paul Richard Seymer 
Mikhail Leonidovich Shenderey 

2nd Major: Management Scietue 

and Statistics 
Richa Singh 
Camille Martine Smith 

2nd Degree: Spanish Language 

and Uterature 
Varuna Tharanga Somaweera 
Olubukola Olubusayo Somide 
Justin Ross Stabler 

$ Summa aim Laude "f Magna mm Laude * cum luitide 



Aaron Bryant Steffensmeier 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Colin Wesley Stevenson 

2nd Major: Economics 
Adam Sulmicki 
David Talan 

2rid Major: Psychology 
David Austin Tang 
Luwito Lundi Tardia 

2nd Degree: Linguistics 
Khanh Q.Truong 
Wing Chi Tsang 
Soe Linn Tun 
Isonguyo Patrick Udoka 
Leonid A.Velikovich 
fjohn Robert Wallace 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Danny Yu Chun Wang 
Lucy Qbdn Wang 
♦Ping Wang 

2nd Degree: Economics 
James Patrick White, Jr. 
Brian Clair Wilhammee 
Ian Benjamin Williams 
Ransee Peshala Wimalasena 
Mei Yang 
Andrew C.Yao 
Amy Ching Mai Yip 

2nd Major: Communication 
Harry C.Yuen 
Wei Kai Zhang 


Lori Ann Smith-Hall 
Ruth Frost Thompson 


James Taylor Annable 
Laliev Ben-Avraham 
Arshia Ansar Burney 
2nd Major: Economics 

Patricia Castellanos 

2nd Degree: Chemistr)' 
Wang- Wen Vincent Chiu 

2nd Degree: Electrical Engineering 
fAdam Douglas Hull 

2nd Degree: History 
Lacey Lorraine Knauer 
James Wilbur Lancaster III 
Michelle Annabell Lane Harriger 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Education- Mathematics 
•Bethany Diane Miskelly 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

Kenneth Richard Moore 

2nd Major: Japanese 
Luis-FeUpe Morinigo 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Assen Achu Ng\ve 
Andrew Julian Papier 
Amy Susan Truckeruniller 

2nd Degree: Secondary 

fJohn Robert Wallace 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 

Physical Sciences 

Robert Stewart Coates.Jr. 
Sharon Michelle Herbst 


Rachel Marie Headley 
Christopher Phihp Hill 
Jonathan V. Irwin 
William Terrill Parsons 
"fRobyn Ellyn Sanderson 

2nd Degree: Astronomy 
Alexey D.Toptygin 

2nd Major: Mathematics 

College of Education 

Bachelor of Arts 

Art Education 

Deanna Maekopo 
Katja Noelting 
Lindsey Nicole Stone 

Secondary Education- 
English Language Arts 

§Candice Ehzabeth Boteler 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Sarah LucUe Damnieyer 

2nd Degree: 

English Language and Literature 
tDavid Brett Goldberg 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Juha Katherine Herbert 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
LesUe D. Mensah-Laryea 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Cristine Marie Watson 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 
Lisa Marie Wilhehn 

2nd Major: English Language 

and Literature 

Secondary Education- 
Theatre and EngUsh 

Jessica Mane Ramere 

Secondary Education- 

Joshua Eh Cohen 
Bethany Diane Miskelly 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Kristen M. Range 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

David Patrick Block 
Taneka Sharonce Brown 
Gloria Alexandra Darlington 

2nd Degree: History 
Ehzabeth Virginia Kenny 
Jordan Wells Thomas 

Secondary Education- 
Speech and English 

Christopher Albert Wacha 

Bachelor of Science 

Art Education 

Margaret Munro Schwartz 

Early Childhood Education 

Nour Ibrahim Abu-Ragheb 
Soraya Mary Aniba 
Elizabeth Renee Bortmes 
§Erin Cathleen Brecht 
Tara LaShan Brown 
Tashana Renee Bruce 
Maria Teresa Burroughs 
•Kimberly Anne CahiU 
Maria Ines DeVillena 
Irene Dionisopoulos 
Amanda ArdeUe Donohue 
Marion Michelle EUis 
Ehsa Ann Fiorentini 
Noeha Cristina Garcia Mariani 
fStephanie Ann SanMarco Gross 
Kimberly Ehzabeth Hall 


5 Summa atm Latide ^ Magna mm Laude * cum Laude 


Teresa Marietta Holler 
Joy A. Huggins 
Bethany Grace Jones 
Hyun Kim 

Kathenne Elizabeth Kirkley 
Hannah Rebecca Klensin 
Amy Kirsten Lussen 
Bridget Elizabeth Mallon 
•Kelly Nicole Martin 
Kristin Elaine Mazyck 
Layda Morales 
Vanessa Theresa Nino 
Cecilia Raquel Aquino Ramos 
Kimaron Gloria Reid 
Ruthe Ehzabeth Saucedo 
Jennifer Woodbury Shaffer 
Michelle Claire Sullivan 
Lisa Rae Trupo 
Kathryn Lauren Uhlig 
Tenishia Renea Whren 

Elementary Education 

Joanne Mane Baker 
Ashley Lauren Barulli 
Ruth Joyce Nrangoh Bidi 
Catherine Murphy Bush 
Katherine Rose Casares 
Clarence Chuang-Yue Chiu 
Jason Lauer Clarkson 
Erin Dean Clasper 
Carise Michel Conner 
Rebecca Brooke Corby 
Jaclyn Michelle Coulter 
Christine Alison Duff 
Christina Lynn Duffy' 
Jennifer Anne EUiott 
Erin Leanna Emerson 
Carol Fernandez 
Jennifer Erin Gerrity 
Lindsay Renee Gorman 
Evin Michael Gossiii 

Kimberlyjo Graves 
•Batya Leah Greengart 
Jessica Rose Gross 
Jean Elizabeth Hatfield 
Ciara Larae Hope 
Mary Christina Hough 
Kelly Robert Jeffers 
Georgia Niki Kalargyros 
Trina Katie Colahan Kruse 
Abraham Alexander Labrador 
Jessica Dawn Landolt 
Ann Patricia McGuire 
Stacie Lynn Mirkin 
Sheri Lauren Mislavsky 
Robert Mathews Mitchell 
Jennifer Lynn Norris 
Erin Maureen Oland 
Jeanine Marie Parker 
Michelle Pasternak 
Laura Anne Paturynski 
tCarol Ann Pinto 
Kevin David Roberts 
Jennifer Melissa Rogers 
Shoshanna Deborah Rubinstein 
Kari Maria Ruggles 
Simarjeet Kaur Sandhu 
Laura Marie Simone 
JoAnn Stjohn 
Cathy Leigh Stoltz 
Jennifer Anne Stotler 
Susan Ehzabeth Taylor 
Ehzabeth Campbell Terrill 
Lora A. Wallenstein 
Heather Jenee Ware 
Angela Michele Weisman 
Paige Dianne Wendorf 

Secondary Education- 

Michelle Annabell Lane Harriger 
2>id Decree: Mathematics 

Amy Susan Truckenmiller 
2nd Degree: Mathematics 

Secondary Education-Science 

Duaa M. Haggag 

2nd Major: Chemistry 

Secondary Education- 
Social Studies 

Kristen Michele Harris 

Paul Lawrence Irvin 

Tia Monique Washington 

Special Education 

Nicholas Paul Cilento 

College of Health and 
Human Performance 

Bachelor of Science 

Community Health 

Joy Sonovia Allen 
Ayesha Anwar 
Sara Kathryn Ben 
Tia Sherilla Carter 
Helen Chan 

f Monica Danielle Chetelat 
Jessica Gayle Galipeau 
Yevgeniya Gora 
Shelly-Ann Elizabeth Grant 
Sheri Lynn Graser 
Michelle Denise Johnson 
Sheneika Nicole Lawson 
TeRon Rynell Powell 
Erica Renee Robinson 
Lauren Lee Rudder 

Cynthia Lea Sinex 
Jorge Ranferi Urrutia.Jr. 

Family Studies 

Phoebe Jae Lee Alfelor 
Salvatore John Aragona 
Brandy Richelle BlackweU 
Jayna Mahesh Brahmbhatt 
Erika Monique Braswell 
Marcus Roland Brown 
Evers Allen Burns 
Sharon Renee Divens 
Michael Anthony Espinoza 
Bernard Enrico Fiddler 
Jill Fisher 

Natahe Ahce Garnand 
Terri Patrice Gay 
Aileen Chartrice Hoyle 
Catherine Adele Kozub 
Jennifer Tremaine Layton 
Chereen I. Leid 
Stephanie Lynn Lima 
Jerihn Bernice Mesa 
•Kristine Ann Miller 
Carissa Renee Minehan 
Joseph Anthony Nicholas 
Jennifer Lynn Rhines 
fEmma Lou Ridgway 
Megan Noel Rossini 
Janel Asheley Southerland 
Jafar Siddiq Wilhams 
Madieu Williams 

Kinesiological Science 

•Laura Anne Barone 

Tyler Nathaniel Barnes Bishton 

Alex Todd Blazek 

Carey Lee Brennan 

Matthew Robert Burbach 

Nicolas Charles Condrey 

•Blaize J.R. Connelly-Duggan 

$ Summa cum Laude f Magna cum Laude * cum Lnudc 



Matthew Allen Daddio 
Jef&ey Andrew David 
fEUzabeth Marie FederUne 
•Jean Marie Noelle Fitzmaurice 
Martha Suzanne HiUer 
Do Hoang 

Daniel Vincent Holton,Jr. 
Leemu Alexane Jackson 
Kelly Renee Jones 
Shelby Edward Jupiter 
Angelos Daniel Kolazas 
fjanese Marie Lewis-Blanc 
Eric C. Lin 

Michael Steven Lominac 
Allison Elizabeth Mahlstedt 
Joseph Anthony Matera,Jr. 
Rana Parvizian 
Charles O. Sanchis 
Christopher John Schmidt 

2rid Major: Psychology 
Voaranee Merdhysia Soeprapto 
Dale Robert Stolzenburg 
Marche" Louise Strickland 

2nd Major: Family Studies 
Matthew Adam Vereb 

College of 
Life Sciences 

Bachelor of Science 


Zainab Ameri 
Kyle William Beard 
Daniel J. Coady 
Tochi Pascal Emenuga 
Mani Dana Kahn 
Sarah Michelle McClellan 
Gwladys Mbiada Nana 
Akisha Michelle Price 
Yousef Samir Suleiman 

Tyjen Lan Tsai 

2nd Degree: English Language 

and Literature 
Benjamin Frederick Von 

Biological Sciences 

Megan Marie Achstetter 
•Amanda Doreen Ackerman 
Daniel Joseph Adams 
Matthew Gerard Adams 
Cecelia Anderson 
Linda Beatrice Argentiero 
Jason Andrew Bailey 
Kate Efiia Gyesiwa Barnes 
David Vance Barse 
Nicholas Randolph Beavers 
Bridgett A. Bobowiec 
Mary EUen Louise Bocchichio 
•Gregory Solares Brown, Jr. 
Meghan Elizabeth Healy Burke 
Bethany Marie Burton 
Laura Marie Caruiey 
Brett Robert Carter 
DUjon Singh Chahal 
§Jagman Singh Chahal 
Teresa Shuen Chang 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Janny Kyunghae Cho 

2nd Degree: Dietetics 
Anya Cherylle Cintron 
Francesca Marie Conticchio 
Kieran Moire Coughhn 
Kimberly Ann Dixon 
Vikram Jason Doraiswamy 
Deborah Jean Dressier 
Nadia Gemma Galilea Duran 
Brian Jonathan DuChez 
Howard Jason Eisenbrock 
David Zachary Ephraim 

Adaobi Judith Ezeigwe 
Steven Vance Fox 
Alexander Todorov Gabrovsky 
Muniratu Apeke Green 
Sean Chhoeun Han 
Jimmahne J. Hardy 
Mark Daniel Hatcher 
Yamileth Andrea Herrera 
Matthew Dwaine Hillegass 
Ahcia EUzabeth Holder 
KhariaJe'Nai Holmes 
Tanima Hoque 
Jonathan Andrew HubbeU 
Mika Joyce Hunter 
Crystal Jean-Louis 
Brittney Marie Jenkins 
Frankhn Theodore Johnson II 
Michael Ian Johnstone 
Kum-Ja Jun 

2nd Major: Art History 
Steven Joseph Kern 
Anthony Lee Keyes 
Melissa Sun Kim 
Jennifer S. Li 
•Victoria Ann LiUing 
Angehca Thabuis-Louise Lirette 
Gillian Kaye Lowe 
Richard Anthony Lyght 
KeUi Mauzy 

Auja Luvonne McDougale 
Natalie Joy Moser 
Minh-Chau Le Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Linda Chung Eun Park 
Erin Scott Payne 
Michael Gregory Prada 
§Vikram Prasanna 
•Michael Alan Rak 
Laura Lyim Reed 
Gail S. Rojas 
Soorena Sadri 

Parveen Singh Sawhney 
Sean Byrne Skmker 
Kimberly Avery Smith 
fRobert Michael Stuntz 
Kwaiig Soo Suh 

2nd Degree: Criminology 
and Criminal Justice 
Michael Carroll Ter Avest 
Grace Thammasuvimol 
2nd Degree: Finance 
Alayne Tichy Thomas 
•Katherine Marie Tolley 
David Brookhim Turk 
MarielValdez Dawson 
Bao GiaVo 

Edward Byron Waddy Jr. 
Brenda FayeWebb 
Zieta Marie Wiggins 
Vahid Yahoodain 
James XinyuYu 
Josette J. ZeUah 


Patricia Castellanos 

2nd Degree: Mathematics 
Matthew Aaron Eisgrau 

2nd Major: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Cory Everett Fominaya 
Beverly Marie Harris 
Jo Annah Gambrell Jensen 
Patrick Karl Moehlen 

2nd Degree: Economics 
Justin Richard Nero 
Danielle Dionne Sullivan 
Sandrine I.Tchinda 


§ Summti cum Laude \ Xlagna cum Laude * cum Laude 


Environmental Science 
and Policy 

Andrea Liis Gawrylewski 
Gregory Evan Kane 
Priscilla Ann Ward 


Christina Marie Henderson 
Nadege Maeva Kamokwe 
Michael Jccvvai Vincent Lui 
Kenneth Ndidi Okogi 
Victoria Ann Rozanski 
Patricia E.Van Ryckeghem 
Christopher Men Tching 

Liang Wei 
Monica Elizabeth Zimmerman 

Philip Merrill 
College of Journalisiti 

Bachelor of Arts 


•Nora Fatiina Achrati 
David Edward Anderson 
Stephatiie Arvella Bing 

2nd Xiajcr: English LMiigiiage 

and Literature 
Ericka Paul Boston 
Kristin Marie Breen 
Dianno M. Cherry 
Felicia Michelle Curry 
Sarah Gowayed 
Nikkia Otaiya Hansberry 
Etan Michael Horowitz 
Jamie Annette Houston 
Amanda Marie Johnson 
Jamie Lynne Kennedy 

2tid Major: Eni^lish LMtigtiage 

and Literature 

Sarah Michelle Lanse 

2nd Degree: Jeivish Studies 

Maria Cristina Marcantonio 

Sean Martin McDonald 

♦Robin Jill Monheit 

Cristiane D. Nascimento 

Adam Carroll O'Neill 

January Wilson Payne 

Andrew Jay Salsman 

Diana Michcle Schiripa 

Brett Michael Shampaner 

Arthur J. Shih 

Christian Michael Sorge 

Darren Gerald Spinck 

Christina Margaret Svolopoulos 
2nd Degree: 
Government and Politics 

KeUy Anne Welsh 

Robert H. Smith 
School of Business 

Bachelor of Science 


Adenike Adebowale Adepoju 
Stephen King Ager 
Shimla D. Anderson 
Kyle Ian Baker 
Michael Joseph Camardi 
Shanta Cheryl Chandra 
Jennie Dang 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Eric Dombalagian 
Tynesha Chantell Douglass 
Sandra Kay Feeley 
jMayomi Gilazgi 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Grover Max Guzman 
Sherman Alphonso Harrison III 
•Erin Brooke Hennessy 
Michael K. Huang 

Narja Toni-Marie Hylton 

2nd Degree: htjormation Systems 
Theresa Ehzabeth Iglehart 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Jennil'er Lynn Johnston 
Joseph Anthony Kahaly 
♦Brett Parker LefDer 
Josie Wayne Lichliter 
Sanjay Kumar Malhotra 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Maria Ahmad Malik 

2nd Degree: Operations and 

Quality Management 
Stephanie Ann Markwardt 
Lauren Jill Misler 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Talo Salim Nance 
Oluwaseun Olusegun Ogunlana 
Oludayo Y. Onafowokan 
Angela Lyn Plato 
Paul F Reilly 
Thehna J. Ventura 
Robert Thomas Wright 
David Kenneth Zizmor 


Michael Matthew Anthony 

2nd Major: General Business 
Nadia Nikuze Bitihari 
Catherine Ray Cantave 
Laura Anne Carlson 
Alexander Gordon Carson III 
Gregory Hamlyn Chambers 
Albert Chen 

2nd Major: General Business 
Shinpeh L. Chou 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Priya Sabrina Dadlani 

2nd Xfajor: General Business 

Matthew P. DeMarsico 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Gladstone St. Auburn Etienne 
Christopher Grant Feusner 
Devin Patrick Flannery 
Patrick S. Foley 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Sneha Shirish Ganatra 
Matthew Lawrence Gartner 
"t" Wesley WiUiam Gassert 
Travis Michael Georgieff 

2nd Alajor: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Sundeep Raju Gokaraju 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Justin Jerrod HamUn 
Guy St. Clair Hammer III 
John Efrain Hernandez 
Erin Marissa Howard 
§Mariya G. Ihna 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Ronak Ratilal Kadia 
Avantika Kaur 
Jun Ki Kim 
Wonjun Kim 
Young H. Kim 
Andrew Ryan Kirk 
Elena Carolle Kondombo 
Sonal Mablc Lall 
f Simon M. Lee 
Sze Ming Lee 

2nd Major: Management 

Science and Statistics 
Cheuk Lun Li 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Xin Peter Liang 
David Paul Loeffler 

2nd Major: Economics 

^ Sumina lum Laude f XIagna cum Lttude * cuin LmuiIc 



§Emily Lubkin 
Allison Lauren Marin 
Lauren Jill Misler 

2nd Degree: Aaouiiting 
John Bradley Nations 

2nd Major: General Business 
Mai Julie Nguyen 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Irfaan Muhammad Nooruddin I 
Rohan Sean Paris 
Jung E. Park 
Kevin Thomas Pelegrin 

2nd Major: Logistics. Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Adam David Printz 
Linda Quach 
Tyrell Stanley Raynor 
"tJohn Lauren Rueger 
Amanda Masaye Sato 
Paul Martin Schiller 
John Michael Seaman 
Brian J. Seidman 
Jed Furst Seifert 
A. Jaylani A. Sharif 
Manpreet Singh 
Matthew Alan Sleeman 

2nd Major: Information Systems 
Grace Thammasuvimol 

2tid Degree: Biological Sciences 
Maria DelCarmen Valdenegro 
Kathleen Joy Wagoner 
Natahe Christina Wray 

2nd Major: Economics 
Kathryn Nicole Yorde 

General Business 

Faycal Achmoul 
Oscar Reynaldo Aguilar Vega 
Sarah Ellen Barnhart 
Michael Anthony Brock 
Alexander Charles Brook 

Olutoyin Louis Cole 
DahssaYamel Cruz 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Jennie Dang 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 
Shlomo Dostekam 
Jeffrey Stephen Dugan 
Jermifer Dawn Edens 
Brandon Jared Eisenman 
Nicholas Thomas Garufi 

2nd Degree: Computer Science 
Zachary Jacob Glaser 
Sundeep Raju Gokaraju 

2nd Degree: Finance 
WUliam Dougherty Hach 
SAlison Leigh Harris 

2nd Degree: Communication 
Brynne Alyson Hayes 

2nd Major: Economics 
Brian David Ilowite 

2nd Degree: Criminology 

and Criminal Justice 
Harvey Wayne Johnson II 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Rafiquel M. Karim 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Evangelos Nektarios Kostaris 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Adriana Lopez 

2nd Major: Economics 

Koralia M. Malecha 
Ebony Regina Mapp 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Michelle Lynn Marshall 

2nd Degree: Dance 
Meredith McDaniel 

2nd Major: Finance 

Farah Moiduddin 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 

3rd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Stephen Jonathan Moore 
Jermifer Adaobi Obiora 
Eric Rucker Puphal 

2nd Degree: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Michelle Hunter Russo 
Jessica Tamesa Shields 
Daniel Wayne Tamminga II 
Maureen Ehse Tola 

2nd Major: Spanish Language 

and Literature 
Vicky H.Turay 
Amirreza Vaziri 
f Matthew WUham Vogenitz 

2nd Degree: Philosophy 
Mark Jeffiey Wilhehn 

Human Resource 

Nadia Ramona Bakhshi 
Brian Anthony Orr 
Irma Alexander Soloviov 

Information Systems 

Christopher Daniel Ade 

2nd Degree: Operations and 

Quality Managetnent 
f Victoria Lynn Albright 

2nd Degree: Criminology and 

Criminal Justice 
Michael Yao Alipui 

2nd Major: Marketing 
Ahya Aniitra 

2nd Major: Operations and 

Quality Management 
Martm Scott Baer 

Gloria Benedict 
Armel Bokam Nkoumba 
Aisha Fatima Clarke 
DahssaYamel Cruz 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Mingrrun Deng 

2nd XIajor: Operations and 

QuaUty Management 
Yasir Ahmed Diab 
Karl Joseph Dittberner 
Shaina Chana Dymond 
Ashish Kanwal Gambhir 

2nd XIajor: Finance 
Thamara Sudarshani Gammeda 
f Mayomi GUazgi 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Diana Margaret Gomes 
Deepak Kumar Gulad 

2nd XIajor: Finance 
•Stephanie Ann Hardy 
Jessie I-Chieh Hsu 

2nd XIajor: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain XIanagement 
Chia Chen Hu 

2nd XIajor: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Narja Toni-Marie Hylton 

2nd Degree: Accotinting 
Theresa Elizabeth Iglehart 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 

2nd XIajor: Operations and 

Quality Management 
^Mariya G. Ilina 

2nd Degree: Finance 
Michael Stanley Jazwiecki 

2nd XIajor: Accounting 
f Andrew Howard Kahner 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain XIanagement 


§ Summa cum Laude \ Magna cum Laude * aim Laude 


Rafiquel M. Karim 

2nd Degree: General Business 
David Avraham Karp 
Daniel Sun Kim 
Melissa Leigh Landriau 
Jintae Lee 

2nd Major: Logislics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
•Rehman Gonzales Madraswala 
§Emily Kathr^'n Marker 
•Puja Matta 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Sabryna Nicolas 
Brian David Niper 
Nkengsa Nkobena 
Mailen Alindogan Santos 
Monica Sayal 

2nd Degree: Xlarkcting 
Michael Thomas Smith 
Gregory' R. Stiles 
Thuan Tien Tran 
Mark Andrew Tribett 
♦Matthew Allen Tribett 
Albert Kwan Hung Tseng 
Pandito Utomo 
Mariamma Varghese 
Kenneth Yang 
Brian Shiu-ManYau 

2nd Major: Accounting 

Logistics, Transportation and 
Supply Chain Management 

Mark Steven Ardila 
Maryam Sarah Bakhtiary 
Raby Diop 
Ian Warren Harris 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Wing Sze Lam 

2nd Major: Operations and 

Quahty Management 

Joseph Edward Patton 
Eric Rucker Puphal 

2nd Degree: General Business 
Wendy Page Whitcomb 
Marc David Williams 

Management Science 
and Statistics 

Kashniira Contractor 
Virginia Prudence Ephraim 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Ashish Kanwal Gambhir 

2nd Major: Finance 
Lady D'Jeanne Mangalindan 

Gregory Marc Gorin 
fDeepak Kumar Gulati 

2nd Major: Finance 
Michael Brandon Harkness 
•Sean Harris Heitt 
Jay W. Hong 
Gregory Patrick Klingler 

2nd Major: Finance 
Adam Douglas Long 
Sanjay Kumar Malhotra 

2nd Degree: Accounting 
Jamie Lyn Merkel 

2nd Degree: Marketing 
Thuan Tien Tran 


Kasandra Leigh Adams 

Aiena Akhaminova 

Jessica Lynn Amey 

Haig George Apelian 

Olubukola Shakirat Aruna 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

David Samuel Barnes 

James Robert Bergeron 

Rachael K. Brickman 

George Scott Buete 

Erik Robert Cannon 

Steven Djair Chin 

Faith Yian-Hua Chou 

§Melissa Kathleen Cosca 

Melissa Cummings 

Monday Jesuyon Elesinmogun 

Julia Valerie Feldman 

f Melissa Nancy Freedman 

2nd Xlajor: Human 

Resource Management 
Justin Earl Fry 

2nd Degree: Psychology 
Jennifer Lee Gallagher 
Jason Kurt Gudenius 
Ian Warren Harris 

2nd Degree: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
♦Rachel Kathleen Harris 
Crystal Marie Johnson 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Jessica Marie Jordan 
Urmi M.Joshi 
Avi KatzoS' 

2nd Major: General Business 
Gary W. Kistner 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Ketan Kumar 
Edward Joseph Lisle 

2nd Major: General Business 
Lillian Liu 
AlanaJiU Lo 

2nd Major: General Business 
Adam Ryan Longenecker 
Enrico Donato Mastrangelo 

2nd Major: General Business 

Neha Sunil Mehta 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transporta- 
tion and Supply Chain Management 
Leon Mensah 
Jamie Lyn Merkel 

2nd Degree: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Meghan Lea Miller 
Pa Ra Noh 

2nd Degree: Government 

and PoUlics 
Steven Michael Perlman 
Stephen Vincent Quander.Jr 
Viran Gavin Ranasinghe 
Robert Allan Jose Regino 

2nd Major: General Bt4siness 
Jennifer Tierney Riley 
Kelly Ann Robertson-Slagle 
Monica Sayal 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Erik Gurmar Schober 

2nd Major: Logistics. Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
Daniel Stephen Selsky 

2nd Degree: Government 

and Politics 
Todd D. Sheridan 

2nd Major: Management Science 

and Statistics 
Ryan Edward Silva 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 
J. Spencer Smith 

2nd Major: General Business 
Robin Lee Spahr 
Sushnia Rao Sripuram 
Dennis Eugene Sullivan 
Behnam Taherkhani 
Louis Paul Verde 

2nd Major: Logistia, Transportation 

and Supply Chain Management 

$ Summa cum luiude "f Magna cum Ljiude * cum Laudc 



Marian Sophia Wang 

2tid Major: General Busittess 

Julie Marie Wanzer 

Samuel Mark Wethje 

Kevin Michael White 

Bryan Phillip Womick 

Elsa Yat Ying Wong 

2nd Major: Logistks, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Allyson Stevens Wright 

2nd Major: Logistics, Transportation 
and Supply Chain Management 

Brian Michael Zang 

2nd Major: General Business 

Operations and 
Quality Management 

Christopher Daniel Ade 

2nd Degree: Information Systems 
Mark A. Fricchione 
Chiaowen Lo 
Maria Ahmad MaKk 

2nd Degree: Aaounting 

Undergraduate Studies 

Bachelor of Arts 

Individual Studies 

Sherri Eden Barber 

2nd Major: Tltealre 
Caroline Elizabeth Ketzler 
Brian Craig Leonard 
f Tracey Lynn McElroy 
Scott Andrew Speorl 
§Elie Meyer Teichman 

Bachelor of Science 

Individual Studies 

Julie Weichien Chang 

Chanelle Nicole Cohen 

2nd Degree: English Language 
and Literature 

Certificate Programs 

African American Studies 

Tocarah Nichole Hargrove 
Ebony Saharah Sails 
Mohamed Basiru Savage 

Latin American Studies 

Bryan E. Fernandez 
Jerihn Bernice Mesa 
Fernando Molina 
Gisela Patricia Paredes 
Cristina Rodriguez 
Esteffanny L. Smith 

Science, Technology 
and Society 

Lydia Armour Miller 

Women's Studies 

Dina Goldentayer 
Alexandra Gonzalez 

Michelle Judith Kay 
Christma Lynn Murray 

University of Maryland 



Commissioning Date 
December 20, 2003 

Samuel R. Herring 
Aaron C. Pemberton 
Kevin F. Rebholz 

The December 2003 class roster comprises degree candidates from the 
graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Maryland, 
CoUege Park. As final acdon cannot always be taken for candidates by 
the time this program is printed, the bst of candidates here is tentative 
only. The umversity reserves the right to withdraw or add names. 
Diplomas (for other than doctoral degrees) will be mailed by the 
Office of Records and Registration, 


§ Summa aim Laude f Magtia cum iMudc * aim Laude 


Bachelor's degree candidates who have qualified 
for scholarship honors upon graduation are des- 
ignated by appropriate symbols adjacent to their 
names within the alphabetical listing of colleges 
or schools, pages 26—60. 

To be ehgible for consideration for such honors a candi- 
date must meet the following general criteria: (1) have com- 
pleted at least two years of work at the University of 
Maryland (60 semester hours, 30 of which were earned at the 
College Park campus) and (2) have a scholastic average of a 
"B" (grade point average of 3.0) or higher in the University 
of Maryland work prior to the last semester of registration 
before the awarding of a degree. 

Degree candidates who have met these criteria are shown 
in the listings as qualifying, upon graduation, for the designa- 
tors Siimma mm Laiidc (if they ranked in the top 2 percent of 
the candidates in their respective colleges or schools). Magna 
cum Laude (if in the next 3 percent), or cum Laude (if in the 
next 5 percent) based on the grade pomt averages of students 
m the preceding three graduating classes of their degree- 
granting unit. 

University Honors 

Students who have earned the 
University Honors Citation may 
wear red and gold Braided cords 
over their academic gowns 

December and August 

Victoria Lynn Albright 
Beena Elizabeth Alex 
Michael Alipiii 
Amin Azmoudeh 
Daniel Everett Baer 
Jason Andrew Bailey 
Robin Woodiow Beach 
Santiago Berdichevsky 
Shane Matthew Biffar 
Rachael Kaplan Brickman 
Ian Barnett Brooks 
Tara LaShan Brown 
Natasha Lane Bruchey 
Meghan Elizabeth Healy Burke 
Arshia A. Burney 
Lawrence Matthew Butler 
Kimberly Ann Carter 
Robert Bruce Carter 
Deborah Dinhwei Chang 
Teresa Shuen Chang 
Elke Kee Chen 
Eric Kuan Chang Chiu 
Young Ho Choi 
Shee-Che Alan Chou 
Anthony Moon Chow 
Kevin Patrick Cleveland 
Patrick Michael Crawford 
Mark Andrew Custer 
Sarah Lucilc Daninieyer 
Shiniin Day 

Michelle Elaine DeGrange 
Anna Catherine Doerflinger 
Daniel Allan Dutrow 
Heather Renee Edmonds 
Gregory Stephen Favinger 
Ehzabeth Marie Federline 
Casey Charles FuUer 
Andrea Liis Gawrylewski 
Abhishek Goel 
Dina Goldentayer 
Ariel Moshe Greenberg 
Ian Warren Harris 
Rachel Kathleen Harris 
Kelly Suzanne Hayeslip 
Rachel Marie Headley 
William Russell Horst 
Diana Ehzabeth Hugue 
Adam Douglas Hull 
Brook Parr Jefferson 
Gregory Bryan Jenmngs 
Thu Thanh Khuc 
Christina Minkyong Kim 
Jenny Kim 
Patricia Jean Kirsch 
Dawn Elaine Klinesniith 
Joseph Paul Lawrence 
Minh-Chau Le Nguyen 
Jaeff J. Lee 
Mei Wah Lee 
Brett Parker LefDer 
Rebecca Ruth Lenius 
Eric Scott Lightnian 
Bianca Maria Lipscomb 
Richard Anthony Lyght 
Cristian Guillermo Maina 
Maria Ahmad Malik 
Allison Lauren Marin 
Michelle Lynn Marshall 
Gregory Habegger Martin 
Tracey Lynn McElroy 



Marcela Catalina Montes 
Luis Felipe Moriiiigo 
Mark Mulloon Moser 
Kyra M. Mumbauer 
Adam Zlotin Nathanson 
Justin Richard Nero 
Mai Julie Nguyen 
Vincent Phuc Nguyen 
Sabastian Vivek Niles 
Kevin Gregory Oxendine 
Kunal Pasricha 
Alexander Yule Patton 
Peter Porter 
Vikram Prasanna 
Daniel Chanju Ra 
Michael Alan Rak 
Michael Scott Rapiejko 
Wilham Michael Rappolt 
Joshua Thomas Reichert 
Nathan Daniel Ricklin 
Adam J. Rowe 
Robyn Ellyn Sanderson 
Patrick Moakler Schniahl 
Lauren Ehzabeth Schneider 
Peter Arthur Schoenbrodt 
Matthew Temple Shell 
Rachel Claire Simmons 
Joshua Joseph Skillman 
Michael D. Snut 
David John Starsoneck 
loana Stoica 

Matthew McArthur Stokes 
Robert Michael Stuntz 
Gary Alan Sweder 
Ehe Meyer Teichman 
Michael Carroll Ter Avest 
Kunal Harish Thaker 
Grace Thammasuvimol 
Jennifer Diane Treat 
Mark A.Tribett 

Matthew AUen Tribett 
Chad Edward Tucker 
Katherine Ariel Tulloss 
WUliam Tung 
Jorge Enrique Uquillas 
Leonid Aleksandrov Velikovich 
Kevin David Vigneault 
Vancito Alton Wallace, Jr. 
Danny Yu-Chun Wang 
Christopher Charles White 
Mehssa Ann Wimbrow 
Milton Yang 
Amy Ching Mai Yip 

Departmental Honors 


With High Honors in 


Jason Adam Volk 


Erin Deborah Gammill 
Wilham Michael Rappolt 

Electrical Engineering 

Carl Kenneth Buch 
Charles Henry Camp, Jr. 


Patrick Moakler Schmahl 

Mechanical Engineering 

Scott Edwin Hearwole 
Scott McCoy Holland 


Anaflor Gonzalez-Hart 


With High Honors in 


Robyn EUyn Sanderson 

Government and Politics 

Adam Zlotin Nathanson 

With Honors in 


Meghan Ehzabeth Healy Burke 


Laura Anne Carlson 
Andrew Howfard Kahner 
Ashish Kanwal Gambhir 

Cell Biology and 
Molecular Genetics 

Robert M. Stuntz 


Dawn Elaine Klinesmith 
Stephen Burdette Powell, Jr. 
Lauren Ehzabeth Schneider 


Alexander Yule Patton 


Michael Carroll Ter Avest 


Lisa E. Collins 

Government and Politics 

Chad A. Rivera 

Erin Martha Galloway 


Nicolas Charles Condrey 

Mechanical Engineering 

Bonnie Sue Carr 
Anthony Christopher Ebaugh 
David James Gillooly 
James Phillip Kahnger 
Christina Minkyong Kim 
Steven Robert O'Hara 
Fathima Zahra Shafi 
Jef&ey Michael Wool 


Kristin Lynn Bricker 

College Park Scholars 

Tlw College Park Stholars program 
honon each graduating citation Scholar 
with a special medallion on a gold ribbon. 


Meghan Mae Dinneen 
Edwin T. Fung 
Yuan Yuan Linda Ge 
Ian Lee Gebert 
Shan Susan Hsiung 
Shih-Hao Huang 
Michael Gerard Jones 
John Paul Kastroms III 
Lihan Cha-Chung Kim 
Mary Ehzabeth Kirkwood 
Tak Kei Lee 
Robin Fay Massie 
Karen Campbell Maurer 
Aesha Rashidah Minter 
Christopher Michael Mooney 
Neal Mundra 



Dorothy Noel 
Lance Aaron Schwarz 
Christie Ann Shahan 
Kobert M. Simon 
Brian Christopher Stotler 
Craig Michael Taflin 
J. Michael Talbott, Jr. 
Melissa A. Thompson 
Stephen Kilian Vargas 
Rebecca Jean Vincent 
Jason Adam Volk 
Chris R.Wolohan 


Adebimpe Maureen Adekanmbi 
Ronya-Lee LaVaune Anderson 
Martin Scott Baer 
Ana Sofia Barrenechea 
Richard David Bashkoff 
Candice Elizabeth Boteler 
Christopher Mikhael Briner 
Michael Aiithony Brock 
Bethany Marie Burton 
Laura Anne Carlson 
Sven Bengt Carlson, Jr. 
Justin Michael Caruana 
Jessie I-Chieh Hsu 
Aaron Michael Churchill 
Chanelle Nicole Cohen 
Nicolas Charles Condrcy 
Karen Marie Conner 
Gloria Alexandra Darlington 
Ebony Nia-Kenyatta Dashiell 
Shavvna Lynn Dean 
Matthew P. DeMarsico 
Michael Robert DeSimone 
Jason Divock 

Anthony Christopher Ebaugh 
Danielle Marie Emche 

Brian Michael Epstein 
Andrew Eugene Fister III 
Mehssa Nancy Freedman 
Daniel Justin Friedman 
Justin Earl Fry 
Ashish Kanwal Gambhir 
Jo Annah GambreU Jensen 
Sundeep Raju Gokaraju 
David Brett Goldberg 
Justin Chamoy Goldstein 
Richard Devendra Gopaul 
Sarah Gowayed 
Jennifer Lynne Green 
Henry Gudelsky Gudelsky 
Jason Kurt Gudenius 
Duaa M. Haggag 
Hilena Hailu 
Sean Chhoeun Han 
Nikkia Otaiya Hansberry 
AUson Leigh Harris 
Sharon Michelle Herbst 
Etan Michael Horowitz 
Jonathan Andrew Hubbell 
Marc Christopher Huete 
Mika Joyce Hunter 
Theresa EHzabeth Iglehart 
Allison Ehzabeth Jarvis 
Kum-Ja Jun 

Duncan McDuffie Kahle 
Mani Dana Kahn 
Amar Arun Kalclkar 
James Phillip Kalmger 
Joanna Elaine Katz 
Michelle Judith Kay 
Kris L. Kellenberger 
Elizabeth Virginia Kenny 
Caroline Elizabeth Ketzler 
Gregory Patrick Klingler 
Allan J. Kosiner 
Kcllv Ailcen Krelove 

Crystal Jean-Louis 
Lillian Liu 
Leslie R. Ludington 
David Poole Lund 
Christopher James Luther 
Samuel Gavin Lynn 
Michelle Jones Machado 
Rehman Gonzales Madraswala 
David Benjamin Maiman 
Enrico Donato Mastrangelo 
Sean Martin McDonald 
Jason Michaels McGill 
Timothy William McHugh 
Jamie Lyn Merkel 
Kristine Ann Miller 
Bethany Diane Miskelly 

Sheri Lauren Mislavsky 

Lauren Jill Misler 
Jonathan Martin Molk 

Robin Jill Monheit 
Jordan Morris 

Tuan Kim Nguyen-Viet 

Brian David Niper 

Adam Carroll O'Neill 

Erica Nicole Oleszczuk 

Ricky Damond Parker 

Michelle Pasternak 

Vance Andrew Petrella 

Erik Allen Pilitt 

Travis John PoUetto 

Michael Gregory Prada 

Eric Rucker Puphal 

Viran Gavin Ranasinghe 

Jessica Marie Raniere 

Kerry Elaine Reilly 

Delaney Ruth Riehl 

Amanda Melisa Rios 

Jill Allison Rivetti 

Dawn M. Roberto 

Kristin E. Rusinko 

Eric S. Samson 

Stephanie Ann SaiiMarco Gross 

Nicholas Anthony Scott 

Lisa Patricia Scott 

Paul Richard Seymer 

Brett Michael Shampaner 

Michael Lee Shier 

Kunal Singh 

Ahnna Kiinberly Smith 

Michael Thomas Smith 

Christopher Alan Soule 

Jason Ryan Stewart 

Lindsey Nicole Stone 

Michael Walter Strosnider 

Gregory James Stroyen,Jr. 

Kwang Soo Suh 

Michael James Sunmiers 

Maureen Elise Tola 

Katherine Marie Tolley 

David Brookhim Turk 

Ville O.Vainio 


Ellery Ala Vodraska 

Julie Marie Wanzer 

Carl J.Wright III 



The Senior Marshal Program began 1991 as 
an opportunity to acknowledge outstanding 
seniors at their commencement. The students 
selected to be marshals were nominated by 
faculty, administration and staff for their outstanding accom- 
phshments and contributions to the University of Maryland. 
We are proud to recognize these truly remarkable students. 

I J'* 


^ --^1^^^^^ 



1 jjf 




Amanda Ackerman 
Merly Acosta 
Victoria Albright 
Carrie Arnold 
Sarah Barnhart 
Ana Barrenechea 
Laura Berry 
Bethany Burton 
Deborah Chang 
Monica Chetelat 
Marika Cutler 
Ebony Dashiell 
Julie Davidson 
Erm Galloway 
Justin Goldstein 
Stephanie Gross 
Etan Horowitz 
Katherine Jenkins 
James Kahnger 
Michelle Kay 
Carohne Ketzler 

Charlotte King 
Katherine Kirkley 
Miriam Kirschenbaum 
Hamiah Klensin 
Victoria Lilling 
Kristine Miller 
Robin Monheit 
Adam Nathanson 
Erica Oleszczuk 
Jamie Peters 
Dawn Roberto 
Rasheedat Saheed 
Shuk-Yee Shirley Sheung 
Jessica Shupik 
Ahnna Smith 
JoAnn StJohn 
Ehe Teichman 
Matthew Vogenitz 
Daria Volchok 
Lora Wallenstein 
Dennis Westman 




Board of Regents 

Clifford M. KendaU. Chair 

Charles R. Larson (USN Ret.),Vice-Chair 

William T.Wood, Secretary 

Robert L. Pevenstein. Asst. Secretary 

Orlan M.Johnson, Treasurer 

Patricia S. Florestano. Asst. Treasurer 


Lewis R. Riley, ex officio 

Philip Schockley, Student Regent 

Thomas B. Finan.Jr. 

Nina Rodale Houghton 

Richard E. Hug 

Marvin Mandel 

Robert L. Mitchell 

David H. Neviiis 

A. Dwight Pettit 

James C. Rosapepe 

Joseph D.Tydings 

University System Administration 

William E. Kirwan. Chancellor 

John W. DiHon, Interim X'ice Chancellor Jor Advancement 

Irwin Goldstein, Vice Chancellor Jor Academic Affairs 

Joseph F.Vivona, Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance 


Norma Allewell, College of Life Sciences 

Judith K. Broida, Associate Provost and Dean, Office of Continuing and 
Extended Education 

Bruce W. Dearstyne, (Interim) College oj Information Studies 
Nariman Farvardin, A.James Clark School of Engineering 
Howard Frank. Rohcrt H. Smith School of Business 
Jacques Gansler, (Interim) School of Public of Affairs 
Bruce L. Gardner, College of Agriculture and Natural Resources 
Robert S. Gold, College of Health and Human Performance 
Stephen Haiperin, College if Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 
Donna B. Hamilton, Associate Provost and Dean for 
Undergraduate Studies 

James F. Hams, College of Arts and Humanities 
Steven W Hurtt, School of Architecture, Planning, and Preservation 
Thomas Kunkel, Philip Merrill College of Journalism 
Charles B. Lowry, Dean of Libraries 

Edward B. Montgomery, College of Behavioral and Social Sciences 
Edna Mora Szymanski, College of Education 

Officers of Cotnmencement 

University Marshal 
Ralph D. Bennett, Jr. 
School of Architecture 

Faculty Marshals 
Alfred C. Boyd 
Chemistry and Biochemistry 

University of Maryland Administration 

C. D. Mote, Jr., President 

WiUiam W. Desder, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost 

Linda M. Clement, Vice President for Student Affairs 

Mark D. Henderson, Interim Vice President and Chief Information Officer 

J. Dennis O'Connor, Vice President for Research and Dean oj Graduate School 

John D. Porcari, Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Brodie Remington, Vice President for University Relations 

EUin K. Scholnick 
Academic Affairs 

Student Marshal 
William J. Higgins 
College of Life Sciences 



University of Maryland College Park Foundation 
Board of Trustees 

Barry P. Gossett, Chair 

Executive Committee 
Robert A. Bedingfield 
John M. Brophy 
Jane C. Brown 
A.James Clark 

Elected Trustees 
William N. Apollony 
Harold M. Brierley 
Waldo H, Burnside 
Albert P. Carey 
J. Paul Carey 
George P. Clancy 
B. Gary Dando 
Philip B. Down 
Edward M. Downey 
Leonard J. Elmore, Esq. 
Robert Facchina 
Robert E. FischeU 
Edwin R. Fry 
Petch Gibbons 
Alma G. Gildenhorn 
Joseph B. Gildenhorn 
Ilene Knable Gotts 
Brian L. Hinman 
Wayne T. Hocknieyer 
Charles A. Irish, Sr. 
Maxine Isaacs 

Appointed Trustees 
Richard C. Brustein 
John E. Girouard 

Homirary Trustees 
Jehan Sadat 
Alfred H. Smith, Jr. 

Michael Dana 
Raymond G. LaPlaca, Esq. 
Timothy F, Maloney, Esq. 
Mark G.Turner 

Jack Kay 
Jeong H. Kim 
Christopher E. Kubasik 
John N. Lauer 
William E. Mayer 
C.Thomas McMillen 
Arthur S. Mehlman 
John Morton. Ill 
Neil Moskowitz 
Paul H. Mullan 
Emmett Paige, Jr. 
Robert P. Pincus 
Erwin S. Raffel, D.D.S. 
Brenda Brown Rever 
Philip R. Rever 
Nicholas A. Samios 
Harvey L. Sanders 
Robert B. Schaftel 
Margaret Scott SchifF 
Adrian G. Teel 
John R.Tydings 

John 1. Heise 
James L. Redifer 

Robert H. Smith 
Leo Van Munching, Jr. 

Commencement Committee 

William W Destler, Chair 

Javaune Adams-Gaston, 

Career Center 

Marva Ballard, Scheduling Office 

Diane Barlow, Information Studies 

Charles Beatty, Education 

Ralph Bennett, University Marshal 

Carlotta Botvin, Catering 

Carl BoviU, Architecture 

AI Boyd, Faculty- Marshal 

Lisa Bradley, Life Sciences 

Kathy Broady, Stamp Student Union 

Dianne Burch, University PubUcations 

Kimele Carter, Arts and Humanities 

Ritzie Coleman, Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Maureen David, Special Events 

Jessica Davies, Special Events 

John Doerr, Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Jane Fines, A.James Clark School of Engineering 

Bill Higgins, Student Marshal 

Brian Horick, Robert H. Smith School of Business 

Jeff Kniple, Individual Studies 

Stan Lohman, Book Center 

Juhe Luce, Chapel 

Joe Murray, Health and Human Performance 

JiU Nagiel, Senior Council 

Chris Nations, Athletics 

Patrick Perfetto, Conference and Visitor Services 

Ann Petrone, Architecture 

Bill Powers, Public Affairs 

Frank Quine, Phihp Merrill College of Journalism 

Vicky Reinke, Information Studies 

Alan Sactor. Environmental Safety 

Ellin Scholnick, Faculty Marshal 

Charles Stubbs, Facilities Management 

Bob Stumpff, Facilities Management 

Janice Summons, Parking 

Brooke Supple, Senior Council 

Dan Symonds, Diploma Office 



Anita Taylor. Parking 

Harry Teabout, Facilities Management 

Tina Thorburn, Health Center 

Danielle Veith. Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Larry Volz, Police Department 

John Wakefield, School of Music 

Donna Waither, Agriculture and Natural Resources 

Scott Wolpert. Computer, Mathematical and Physical Sciences 

Beth Workman, Behavioral and Social Sciences 

Department of Facilities Management's Building and 

Landscape Services 

Office of General Services/Special Services Staff 

Respoiisihlc for Srtliiii; L 'p Commenceimnt Sihs 
Leroy Blackwell Thomas Saunders 

Earl Blake Carol Shreve 

Mo Chang Bob Stumpff 

Larry Garner Charles Stubbs 

Larry JefFerson Danny Thompson 

Sherrell Purnell Kathleen Whelan 

Christopher Roberts 

Other Units responsible for (ommencement preparations 

Area Maintenance Housekeeping Services 

Carpentry Shop Landscape Services 

Electric Shop Paint Shop 

Floor Shop Sign Shop 

University of Maryland Brass Ensemble 

Dr. Milton Stevens, C^onductor 


Brandon Almagro 
Timothy Beadle 
Michael Blutinan 
Doug Burian 

Doug Fralcy 
Aaron Muller 
Michael Piccione 
Kurt Schewe 


Carlos CastrUlon 
Erica Chenoweth 
Hilary Hart 
Mark Hughes 


Adam Arnold 
Terrence Byrne 
Colleen Crafton 
Don Crafton 


Thomas Meldrum 
Steven Kemp 


Donnic Jolms 
Andrew Kreysa 
John Patton 
Ian Stuart 

Brett Miller 
Doug Quinzi 
Sally Roberts 
Rvan Walderman 

Nate Enns 
Chris Moore 
Jon Reycraft 
Kevin Rouse 



Cover Design: Mira Azarm 

Photography: ]ohn Consoli, Cynthia Mitchel, Chan Chao, Jeremy Green, 

Lisa Helfert 

Profile Writers: Monette Bailey. Desair Brown, Stacy Kaper, Dave Ottahni 

Production: Rhonda Fonte, C>Tithia Mitchel 

University Editor: Dianne Burch 

With special thanks for the behind-the-scenes help from Terri Marcos, 
Helena Simpson and Sandra Toussaint, Diploma Office; team leaders 
Diane Barrett, Lynn Hamilton, Debbie Jenkins, Toyin Oguntolu and 
Debbie Pruett, Graduate EmoUment Management Services 

Produced by the Office of University Pubhcations 
Division of University Relations 
December 2003